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That is based upon her own internalized understanding of deep complex scientific issues and extensive experience working in the field to assist others in creating a safer environment Ms Rossol has herself made a tremendous impact during her life "In Battling This Toxic Soup This Offers "battling this toxic soup This offers and inspiration to the rest of us to coalesce and work towards similar goals rather than feel totally alone helpless and beaten by the greed of big business As Monona Rossol says We at least need to try Everyone should beaten by the greed of big business As Monona Rossol says We at least need to try Everyone should and read this book I choose to make better choices for my life and my household To do so I must educate myself and take a stand against the unscrupulous corporations who care about profits than people Unlike a lot of books on the state of our health and the toxics we are exposed to this is written by a chemist Very accessible and down to Earth she describes the chemistry behind the problems not ust that they are bad Very readable and disturbing Those of you who think the government is out there checking every last thing in your food and everything else are in for a shock Close to none of the thousands of chemicals are regulated or tested The companies that make them declare them safe and government experts who once worked for industry sign off on them Many are starting to get it and take their health in their own hands Like the author wrote virtually all big changes started in the people s hands not from the government See als. Urniture detergents paints makeup toys spray cleaners ionic air purifiers art supplies and Reveals how many eco friendly products are good for the environment but bad for your health Exposes the truth about government regulations product testing and labeling including why terms such as nontoxic which often means never tested hypoallergenic and FDA approved can be misleading Offers practical ways to reduce your exposure and protect yourself and your family If youre alarmed by the health risks of the many hazardous chemicals we encounter at home work and school dont get frightened get informed Read Pick Your Poison to learn the facts and find out what you can do about the daily onslaught of toxins that are making lab rats of us Evelop allergyThere is much crazy thing out there Great book Read it it won t hurt to educate yourself when it comes to our health and lifeBut i didn t like that she is trying to convince us you can t detoxify yourself Maybe the author should do research about this topic Our body every cell renew itself Of course you can detox your body Excellent book by a real authority on the topic Deep well of knowledge It opens your eyes and makes you think Because I Have Small I have small I ve had concerns about household air and water uality This book sheds light on the political process that makes it possible to have toxic chemicals so widely available in our air water and household cleaning productsWe ve seen our whole lives how industry dollars fund a constant drive to press their rights at the expense of the health of the consumer But there s little monetary gain to be had in challenging their claims to try and prote Pick Your Poison is a remarkable fascinating and sobering read It offers invaluable information for the full spectrum of readers from layperson to the scientific expert It is a must read for People Seeking Edification On The seeking edification on the of toxic chemicals and substances to themselves and their precious children s bodies It also offers reasonable suggestions on how to proactively tackle and manage this overwhelming scenario Monona Rossol brilliantly presents a vast array of complicated subjects in a clear understandable fashion. Tly at the companies and executives making millions vast array of complicated subjects in a clear understandable fashion. Tly at the companies and executives making millions dollars by polluting our environment and introducing toxic chemicals into our bodies She chronicles how everyday toxins get into our bodies and accumulate over time and provides us with inspiration to make changes at the checkout lines She also explains that Americans are not nearly as well protected by our government as we might think we are Unlike the European Union the United States allows chemical companies to produce toxins for use in US consumer products with little to no oversight While her tone is wry and entertaining shes also well informed and her fact filled treatise makes for absolutely terrifying reading Includes surprising explanations about the chemicals in This book was entertaining and informative It arrived promptly as expected I had no problems I often order books on line and have been satisfied I ve read many books about chemicals in products because I m concerned about environment and our health I found new information in this book for example did you know this book For example did you know citrus oil which I like to add in my homemade cleaning spray can actually be toxic because citrus oil react with ozone air pollutant Cleaning with citrus or pine oil increase formaldehyde levels in your home Wow no wonder my cat hates when I use spray with citrus oil in the houseI also like how Monona points out that art materials are toxic I like that she stated again that there is no safe carcinogen level So every time I look up a product on ewgcom and see that it has even a little cancer concern I RECONSIDER PURCHASING THE PRODUCT BECAUSE THINKING OH WELL IT purchasing the product because thinking oh well it a very little concern so we ll be fine is not ok It takes only a single molecule of a carcinogen in the right person in the right place in a cell to change the cell s genetic blueprint DNA and reprogram it as a cancer cellI also had no idea that some of the products on the market that are labeled all natural nontoxic or hyper allergenic could be a scam Nontoxic may mean no IMMEDIATE hazard but it doesn t mean it s actually safe or not toxic Hyper allergenic is when there is no enough evidence and study to call it allergy causing so doesn t really mean YOU won t How the chemicals in everyday products are killing us and what the government is not doing about it Did you know that nontoxic usually means never tested Or that many green cleaners are good for the environment but terrible for you Chemist and activist Monona Rossol goes from under your sink to the halls of the powerful tracing Americas love affair with chemicals that kill explaining how much worse the problem has gotten in the last decade Shocking and appalling and completely reckless thats how she describes the current prevalence of harmful chemicals in our everyday lives Scientists have started linking our increased rates of cancer autism obesity and asthma among others to chemical exposure and Rossol points the finger direc.

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Pick Your Poison: How Our Mad Dash to Chemical Utopia is Making Lab Rats of Us All

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