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Unseen City eIng blessed by the perspective in the book as well Th It may be considered a humorous story but makes me consider when I think life isn t going well and who doesn t wish for it to be better that it could always be worse I remember to be thankful that I do have life goodnough to be able to help out some who really do need life to be just a little bit better The story and pictures part of the book are fine It s a great story However the book was not properly cut at the manufacturer s About inch of the top of the cover is white with random

strips rather than just the image I had to separate Art every page of the by cutting the top with a sharp knifeIt would make a poor gift presentation but I bought it for my grandkids and they won tven notice They look at the pictures not technical deficienciesI m only posting this as a heads up to anyone wanting to buy it as a gift I probably could have returned it but what s the point It could always be worse. S that are both funnier and lovelier than any this distinguished #artist has done in the past It Could Always Be Worse is a 1977 New #has done in the past It Could Always Be Worse is a 1977 New Times Book Review Notable Children's Book of the Year and Outstanding Book of the Year and a 1978 Caldecott Honor Boo.

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Good book The best kind of picture book for older children Makes them think Perfect for nursery groups Very very funny And the usual Zemach illustrations that are so Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard enriching I love this story the artwork is beautiful with the storyven beautiful It s a great reminder for young and old to be happy with where we are at in life and to not wish for or you may regret it It could always be worse is an old Yiddish folk tale marvelously re told by Margot Zemach I used to hear this tale I have a grandchild hope chest I am very selective about what goes into it This book along with I Love You Forever are the first 2 books to make the CUT I LOVED IT WITH MY I loved it with my And I Love It Into The I love it well into the This was of my favorite books as a child and it is still as funny today as it was then It Could Always be Worse is a Yiddish folktale It tells the story of a poor unfortunate hardworking man who lives in an xtremely small house with his wife and children One day unable to ta. Once upon a time a poor unfortunate man lived with his mother his wife and his six children in a one room hutBecause they were so crowded the children often fought and the man and his wife argued When the poor man was unable to stand it any longer he ran. .
Ke it any longer he visits his Rabbi and asks for his advice The Rabbi tells him to go home and bring his chickens rooster and goose inside to live with them Much hilarity nsues This charming story about being goose inside to live with them Much hilarity nsues This charming story about being for what you have and remembering that no matter how bad your situation seems it could always be worse is a delightful read The beautiful heavily detailed illustrations give the story a strong sense of time and place And if you are
to have a Grandparent with Eastern EuropeanYiddish accent to read it to you all the better Practically perfect The book is adorable the shipping was the problemit was sent in an nvelope and became bent up in shipping there should have been a stiff piece of cardboard at the least Why are there not six stars I love this book The drawings are darling and the story is good for the whole family I bought it to help one of my children stop complaining so much about how so and so has it better It turns out that I am be. To the Rabbi for helpAs he follows the Rabbi's unlikely advice the poor man's life goes from bad to worse with increasingly uproarious results In his little hut silly calamity follows foolish catastrophe all memorably depicted in full color illustration. ,
It Could Always Be Worse: A Yiddish Folk Tale (Michael Di Capua Books)

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