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Making India Work jI have salivated for Nika s story and this one delivered in a big way So many twists in the over all plot I wish I d bought this in paperback however and not on my nook only because I like to go back and read some of the side stories over before the next book begins and this one has a lot of them So fair warning But my local store didn t have the paperback and I HAD to read this ASAP This one was right up there with Burning Alive my favorite in the series I really can t say much without giving things away but I will say that anyone who loves paranormal romance that isn t reading this series is seriously missing out My favorite in the series so far I can t believe it took me so long to read this one because I love Madoc so much and have since the first time we met him He didn t let me down in this one His love for Nika was so powerful and I figured out what was stopping them from connecting almost the second it was mentioned I enjoyed Nika taking charge of her life and refusing to stop trying to help her sister There were a few deaths in this one and I m not particularly sad about them I am tore up about Grace and Torr though I can t believe the author would make us fall in love with them and then torture us this way I wonder if they will get their own book or continue to be in the background of everyone else In my opinion they re the strongest part of the series to this point I love Logan and am looking forward to his book nextit will be nice to see a whole book from a Sanguinar point of view Maura and Sybil continue to intrigue me Jackie it seems is compatible with a variety of different men which should be fun and I can t wait to see who Tori ends up with I rarely give out 5 starsSECOND HALF OF THIS BOOK EARNED THE FIVE FREAKIN STARSI was left at WOWLiving Nightmare s featured couple Madoc and Nika Madoc and Nika came into the picture a while back in book 2 and have been making appearances since then Nika was attacked as a child by Synestryns who consumed her blood and by doing so they carried a piece of her mind in each of them Needless to say Nika s mind was shattered she was traumatized and everyone thinks she s crazy I mentioned in one of my earlier reviews that I felt Nika was a very interesting character and that she was probably the sanest of them all I still feel that way Madoc who s lifemark has gone bare is having a difficult time dealing with his almost dead soul He is UBER cranky All the time He is drawn to Nika but his Luceria doesn t react to her He does want to protect her and vows to kill off as many Synestryns as possible to piece together Nika s mind He does such a goodob that in this book we find a much healthier Nika who s tired of being called crazy and is beginning to stand her ground on certain topics Needless to say the first half of the book encompasses Nika convincing Madoc that they are supposed to be life partners Madoc saying no no no Nika saying yes yes yes and finally gets the Luceria to go around her neck YAY NIKA You ll have to read to find out how that all went downTHE SECOND HALF OF THE BOOK WOWZA So much went down in the second half of the book "that I don t think I can mention it without giving away spoilers but I will definitely tryWe find out of "I don t think I can mention it without giving away spoilers but I will definitely tryWe find out of s secrets We find out why Sybil and Maura hate their mother so much and why they are stuck in 8 year old bodies We meet Tori Nika and Andra s youngest sister Tori is even acked up than any of the other women they have found An epic battle ensues between the sentinels and the synestryns inside between the Sentinels and the Synestryns inside of their central lairs where they ve been impregnating human women with Synestryn seed We meet Zillah s son and he has a big secret too Nika kicks major butt and as I have predicted all along will probably be the most powerful weapon the Sentinels will have Something major happens to two couples we know "OH and Jackie is found Yeah I say that as an after thought because she almost "and Jackie is found Yeah I say that as an after thought because she almost like one UGH I digress OH OH OH and there is this other storyline going on in the book with a human couple These were the highlights I can go into details but I really think you should find out on your own This was a pretty awesome book This author can write some pretty steamy scenes but this book didn t really have that Honestly I didn t really miss it only because there were some really interesting things going on in addition to that The author chose many story lines to go into and at one point was umping from one to another every other page or so Sometimes this can be annoying but it worked in this book There are some major cliffhangers in this book like Jackie Helen and Lexie s sister is found and it turns out she is compatible with three of the Theronai males Of course she s intrigued by the one that seems to be the least into her but we ll see how that goes in the books to come Go read this book I m dnf ing this about halfway through It s been a while since I read book 3 and I think that hurt my perception of the series Although to be honest the others were good but they weren t GREAT Madoc and Nika ust don t seem to fit together and I don t feel the chemistry that should be there Sadly I think I m going to give up this seriesUber talented author ust not for me I would recommend her Delta Force series though What an awesome read WoW it is almost hard to know where to start because there was so much info packed into this book If you haven t read any of the other books in the series you. For nine years Nika has had one goal to save her younger sister from the Synestryn who hold her captive Now the psychic bond Nika forged with her sibling is fading and time is running out But the one man who can unlock the power inside her left and neve. ,



Living Nightmare Sentinel Wars #4Common senseI liked the ending even though it was slightly open ended and I am super excited for the next book It s about Logan a Sanguinar see review on 5 StarsThis is one of my favorite books of all time I love this series but I think that after the first three books the author really ramped it up in this oneBut to be honest I became interested in Madoc and Nika right from book twoI wanted to skip over everything to get to them There was some special kind of magic between them They both were sort of outsiders who came up on the short end of the stick most of the timeyou know tortured and yet I couldn t help rooting for them There is such a pull between them I remember in former books Nika begging for Madoc who was not trusted to be hear her and he laying his cheek on the wall in the room next to her s No Way Home just to get as close to her as possible He the only man who could touch her and got her to eatand she the only one not intimidated by his mean bully tactics She tells him to sit down and shut up when he get s out of hand And when he is trying to scare her she is like Pffftyeah what ever uote You re getting dangerously close to pissing me off He warned Her chin rose an inch You don t scare me Madoc responds No guess thatust proves how soft in the head you really are Shannon K Butcher Living Nightmare I originally read this in April of 2011 and loved it thenbut with my re read of the series I feel as though I am getting so much out of this story this timeMadoc is one of the Theronai or immortal warriors from a race of people who are protecting humans from the Synestryn or demons who wish to conuer humankind and make them their food source He is also one of the oldest who is close to losing his soul He is grumpy a bully and cantankerous Nika is the sister of another Theronai mate Andrawho shares her mind with a high functioning level of synestryn and has been dying from this connection over the last two books She spent 9 years in mental hospitals as humans tried to diagnose her problemsAlthough they have spent months drawn to each otherNika chasing Madoc and he running from herthey come together in this book and it is like fireworks when that happensThere are plot twists regarding the Sanguiniers and their Project Lullaby They continue to scare the heck out of methey are so uietly plotting and yet they are likeable and interesting Logan get s called back and we know he is the subject of the next book Oh and we find out that Nika was view spoilerright in her belief that Tori the third sister is alive and being captive in the caves with a Synestryn Lord Zillah He has in fact impregnated herto make some babies which are able to hide among humans as they look so much like them and can be trained as a minion of the Synestrynif all else fails they are food Iain is out killing these monstrosities who look like human babiesimagine doing that He is the meanest and nastiest and perfect for the Sequins and Spurs joboh and Notice how similar Project Lullaby is hide spoiler Madoc is a warrior on the brink of losing his soul Drawn inexplicably to a fragile woman who is not his mate he fights his attraction to Nika by keeping his distance and works only to save her from the demons who have haunted her mind and have left her first comatose and then for awhil Best book of the series thus far And better yet it has built expectation for future books I loved Nika even than Madoc which is saying something Nika might seem frail and in need of protection but she is a tough little woman Just the woman for Madoc I loved the symbiosis of their relationship Their relationship wasn t about one taking too much from the other but an eual exchange between them both I liked how things worked out with Madoc s lifemark and his dire situation as far as his soul I loved the fact that Nika wasn t willing to give up on him And her determination paid off beautifully for them both Nika managed to be a determined stubborn heroine without ever being annoying about it Sheust didn t give up on what was important to her and that was a good thing I was glad she powered through all those obstacles that stood between her and Madoc and finding her lost sister Tori Now you need to know I loved me some Madoc He s adorably fierce and grumpy but so marshmallow for Nika Just the way I like my heroes It should be interesting to see how Madoc progresses as A Character Since He Will Now Be Happily Bonded Looking character since he will now be Happily Bonded Looking bonded Looking forward itCan I say that the Sanguinars have me the most intrigued I love me some Tynan He is a brilliant mix of cunning beauty intelligence and manipulative nature He reminds me of an Anne Stuart hero That s a great complement I like Logan too The part near the end with the kids had me all warm and fuzzy I like the whole Sanginar angle and it makes me so eager to keep reading to see what they have up their sleevesThe secondary storylines as usual were compelling Some made me sad and some very hopeful But all curious about what happens next There is a lot of intensity anguish and suffering in these books I don t feel any sense of disconnection when I read which is a very good thing I love how Ms Butcher builds excitement for the following books without making it into annoying cliffhangers Those drive me crazy It s of an Oh can t wait for the next book rather than shaking one s fist and spewing bad language out of frustrationIt s official I ve found another addictive highly explosive paranormal series to follow Works for Nies her into the Synestryn realm his forbidden desire for her may unleash the savage monster within him But Nika's need to rescue her sister soon becomes intertwined with her passion for Madoc while the a key to victory in the war may be within her rea. ,

Might be lost At the heart of the story is the romance of Nika and Madoc SB also set us up with several couples over the next several books but I feel like she may be moving away slightly from the Sentinels to bring some variety to the line ust my guess based on what I read Madoc is angry and getting angrier by the moment His last leaf once the last leaf is gone Sentinels lose their soul is almost gone and the pain in unrelenting So why won t this crazy white haired chic Nika leave him the hell alone and let him do what he does best make his whores happy and kill the Synestryn However Nika is determined to get through to Madoc for she is whole in mind and in spirit and it is time to take the big Sentinel down with her warmth and love Ok well that is how it would go down in her head but I am afraid it became a lot complicated then that We have been teased with Nika and Madoc s connection from like the second book and we still had to work for it Not only is she trying to get Modac s hard headed butt into bed she is also trying to figure out away to save her sister Tori from the Synestryn We also have brief glimpses of past couples We also have plots being hatched by the Sanguinar called Project Lullabye Are they creating a source of food supply using human women as their incubators Or something sinister than that There are probably some scenes that will touch on some hot button issues or at least one potentially forced sex scene that might make some wince There is also violence and nasties that creep around in the nightCuriously enough sex was a small part of this book then usual because the story line itself really carried the book You were forced to pay attention in order to keep the threads of who was doing what to whom I really enjoyed the book I guess I must have since I managed to read it in 4 hours I read the excerpt from the next book and I want to read it NOW After the disappointment of the previous installment this book was fantasticNika although not physically strong is strong in character Madoc although physically strong is dying Together they are each others salvation I much preferred Nika in this book to previous heroines because she wasn t thrust into a world she didn t understand or want Her outlook towards her situation was much believable than the girls who came before her The story flowed nicely although I still have many unanswered uestionsI dinged one star for writing style I hate that the author switches to a different scene once you reach a climatic point Makes me skim the scene until we return to the other characters Great installment can t wait to read the next book I don t want to go into too much detail on this review for a couple reasons Mostly because I received it as an ARC and since it s a new release I ll try not to put spoilers in my reviewSoothat being said I really had a hard time putting this book downIt was am packed with a ton of action It began with Nika trying to dig up the bones of her sister Tori Tori was taken by the s gath demons the night Nika was infected by the demons Nika has a tenuous telepathic connection with her younger sister but since she s still weak and since since she s still weak and since mind is shared by the s gath demons who ingested her blood her mind talents are potentially strong but not uite strong enough to help her sister or to stay out of the s gath minds They can call her and use her intelligence to help them hunt Madoc grabs her and saves her from freezing her butt off and she in turn helps him out I won t tell how he he evil laughMadoc has been avoiding Nika but he s been trying "TO DO 2 THINGS 1 DESTROY AS MANY OF "do 2 things 1 destroy as many of demons as he can to give Nika slivers of her mind back And 2 his last leaf has fallen from his tree and his soul will die soon so he s trying to hide that He s had a few leaves tattooed back on his bare tree and he has a magical ring that will slow the descent of his last leafWell I won t spoil what else that ring is doing to Madoc but it s great when Nika takes it off himI m really super intrigued as to what will happen with a bunch of the characters we ve been introduced to and I was so surprised at what Gilda did she did a lot of things that even in theory weren t good ideas Wow for being a leader she s got some dark secrets The lifting of the vow so her daughters will grow up was well done and sad at the same time I wonder what will happen with Maura and SibylI got irritated a lot with the shifting points of view it got annoying to get every single character s pov Andra and Paul s little bit was unnecessary it could have been done differently but it was nice to see previous characters I got incredibly intrigued at what the Sanguinar vampires are doing by playing matchmaker with people who are compatible enough to have a baby of the Sentinel s kind From what I can gather the Sanguinar are slowly starving to death I m not sure why they don t take human blood but they are hungry constantly weak and when they do get Theronai blood they are powerfulMoving on Nika and Madoc are a great pair and I loved watching Nika pursue him I ust wanted to smack Madoc in the back of the head for ignoring the obvious But I hated how they were for the second half of the book They weren t as close as I d hoped and Nika became fixated on saving Tori I get that she had been already and that it needed to be done but she wasn t strong enough nor was she thinking with her head It drove me nuts I hate seeing characters ignore. R returned leaving Nika alone to rescue a sister everyone else believes is deadMadoc swore to himself he would never enter Dabyr again For his soul is nearly dead and he fears what he might do to those he's sworn to protect especially Nika If he accompa. .

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