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Needing Nita Serve and Protect #35

Norah Wilson ¾ 3 ead

35 Starshttpwwwriverinaromanticsblogspot This was a very short "Story Filled With A Whole "filled with a whole of hotnessOne minute the saucy couple were set to have a dinner date next minutes they were playing pin the boner on the uterus and they played that game A LOT It was sizzling it was 100% horny and it was very enjoyable in that espect Well written and smooth but it was way too short for me not the boner the storyI would have loved the opportunity to fall in love with Craig slowly and in a in depth manner but it
was a great 
a great to get a feel for this author In the small amount of pages you can clearly tell that this author has talent she is hot between the pages and a great story teller I will be keeping my eye on this talented lady I was eally just looking for something mindless to ead and to start getting out of my eading slump that I m convinced started with NW shakes fist I mean seriously I have TONS of books on my Nook just batting their eyelashes at me looking like this and screaming PICK ME And yet here I sit feeling nothing Oh well Anyhow onto the eviewThis was okay The couple are cute The story and dialogue were satisfactory despite the preposterous eason they end up in bed but I digress until about 85 90% of the way in when Craig starts talking about love marriage and kids and I m all like ecord scratch HOLD UP I eally need authors to ealize that some of us are uite satisfied if a couple end up in a healthy elationship at the end of a book There s just absolutely no eason to be pushing all the marriage and baby in a carriage story Lines So Uickly And Forcefully so uickly and forcefully book lovers and eadersBRIEF SUMMARY Nita is an attorney She finds herself attracted to Det Craig but efuses to date a cop Upon hearing some bad news from her doctor Nita thought she would die After hearing the news she goes on impulse and gets Craig into her bed After the deed is finish her doctor confirms his mistakeTHOUGHTSI did not know what to expect from this story but I actually loved it The concept alone I found enjoyable however Nita and Craig s interaction eally brought a smile to my face Although Craig was or seems to be a tough cop his weakness 35 stars cute short story Listed as 35 in the Serve and Protect series by Norah Wilson Not much of a story since it s short. Attorney Nita Reynolds is hot for Det Craig Walker but he's given up asking her out She doesn't date copsuntil a doctor's call ,
But for what it is it s hot I have enjoyed eading the first couple of books in the Norah Wilson series Serve and Protect and I look forward in continuing it 45 starsSo freakin goodWould be perfect if it was a full length or at least longer storyCleverSexyLove the charactersThe author packed so much heart into this little book So impressed Wow What a little scorcher And it s free Which makes it doubly enjoyableNeeding Nita was my introduction to Norah Wilson s writing and if this is an indication of her work I think I ll have to to Norah Wilson s WRITING AND IF THIS IS AN and if this is an of her work I think I ll have to This was a eal uickie that you can knock off in an hour or so about a lawyer who believes her health and life is in jeopardy so why not do what she secretly yearns to do but has denied herself have a fling with the hot cop she s been lusting after for yearsYes the elationship and the ILYs moved a little fast but the author points out that the Hh have known each other for years even though they never dated The heroine calls up the hero for a dinner date out of the blue but then lets him know that she d like to have him for dessert andwow Smokin hot good times followHot sex scenes and likable characters with a little development this could ve been a five star ead I ll definitely look for from Norah Wilson 4 stars This is by far my favorite in the To Serve and Protect series This little novella is tucked in after book 3 Protecting Paige in the series of which I have ead all 3 books published and focuses solely on the omance and connection between the two lead protagonists with no suspense elements whatsoeverThis little number should convince
readers to give 
to give whole series a go because at the cost of epeating myself Norah has that ability to draw the eader in and inevitably deliver an unforgettable eading experienceI loved Craig as you can see from the 100% he scored in my atings He is uber sexy protective and did I mention sexaay And he whispers those dirty bits in Nita s ears when he whispered that he was so eady for Nita I just about said out loud oh baby so am I that just made me sigh all over my e eader and go all tingly which just went to show how invested I was in the characters and the storyThe connection and sensuality is just off the charts hot the characters darn endearing and the delivery plain fantasti. Akes her e examine her priorities Believing she has a brain tumor like the one that killed her father she vows to make love to. .
C that just earns this novella a place from my favorites shelvesIf you are new to Norah s writing this delicious morsel is exactly your place to start because I just know that if you are an avid omance fan like myself Needing Nita would just leave you begging for For the full score sheet eview please visit MBR s Realm of Romance uotes included below the eview Rating4755 This is a FREE novella download links on my blog This was a very nice and sweet short story about a lawyer who is told she has a brain tumor and decides to do what she considers is eckless She calls cop Craig and takes him up on his offer to go out on a date See she has this no cop dating policy because they work too close together and she wanted to protect her eputation in court and at the police department Things get heated up ather uickly and ends with a very happy ending I usually don t like suspense thrillers or contemporaries but I am trying a few just to test the waters This one didn t disappoint What drew me to it was the fact that this lady was dying and I personally know how uickly things can go from bad to eally eally bad I know what it feels like to to get as much in while you still can The writing was eally good although could have used some editing but not too bad Author did a good job of making all of the emotions thoughts and actions feel eal and she did a eally good job with the pace of the storyI m not sure yet if I would ead the other "Books But I Might Description "but I might Description Nita Reynolds doesn t date cops but when she eceives a fatal diagnosis she decides to take Det Craig Walker up on one of his many advances If she s going out she s going to do a lot living first with Detective Walker in her bedThe Good NEEDING NITA is funny and sweet and at the time of this writing totally free This is so far the first free book I ve been able to heartily ecommend Loved loved loved the situationThe Bad I kept on trying to figure out if this was truly an interracial bwwm novel or if the woman on the cover just looked brown I m still not sure Some eference to the heroine s ace would have been niceThe Naughty Erotic Explicit languageEditing issues Minor One typoPublisher self publishedLength Novella 15K wordsFinal Grade BHappy ReadingTheodora from irbookreviewscom. Craig Walker while she still has her full faculties By the time the doctor ealizes he's mixed up the scans she's in way too dee. .

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