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Ne of Herr Klemp s egregious suits and "stalked the discos and nightclubs along sheinkin street " the discos and nightclubs along Sheinkin Street Tel Aviv Herr Klemp was all that he and by extension Mario Delvecchio was not a louacious bore a womanizer a man that he and by extension Mario Delvecchio was not a louacious bore a womanizer a man liked expensive drink and techno music He loathed Herr Klemp yet at the same time welcomed him for Gabriel never felt truly safe unless wearing the skin of another manGabriel Allon is in Venice working as art estorer Mario Delvecchio and living with Chiara daughter of the chief Rabbi when the Israeli Embassy in Rome is the target of a car bomb followed by gunmen firing on those attempting to escape When Italian authorities track the perpetrators to an abandoned apartment in Milan they find there an encrypted CD which they hand over to Tel Aviv Decoded it holds a dossier on Gabriel with photos of him and Chiara in Venice The pair are ecalled to Israel and under the watchful eye of former spy *chief Ari Shamron Gabriel assembles a team to hunt the mastermind *Ari Shamron Gabriel assembles a team to hunt the mastermind the Rome attack and it is Dina who suggests a link to the Black September terrorist group Gabriel goes undercover as a German businessman to follow up a lead in CairoOn one level author Daniel Silva produces a thriller as two men stalk each other in a cat and mouse game of the highest stakes Gabriel the eluctant assassin in the service of his country is ably supported by his team his adversary al Kalifa a man paranoid of betrayal clinically uses and disposes of anyone to further his cause At another level and in long passages we learn the history of the establishment of the State of Israel and the conflict that arose in Western Galilee from both the Jewish and Palestinian perspectiveThere are The Kaya-Girl references to earlier books in the series with London art dealer Julian Isherwood and agi. Ips away his secrets lays bare his history Hastilyecalled home to Israel drawn once into the heart of a service he had once forsaken Gabriel Allon finds himself stalking an elusive master terrorist across a landscape drenched in generations of blood along a trail that keeps turning in upon itself until finally he can no lo. Ng Israeli academic and spy Eli Lavon playing minor oles but this one can be Omnibus Films read as a stand alone We have prayed for impossible things Peace without justice forgiveness withoutestitution love without sacrifice In Prince of Fire the 5th novel in the Gabriel *Allon series you can tell that the author Daniel Silva has had it with Palestinian terrorism He broaches *series you can tell that the author Daniel Silva has had it with Palestinian terrorism He broaches topic in a very different manner than he did in the first novel in the seriesIn this text Silva unflinchingly depicts Yasir Arafat for what he wasa two bit terrorist whose goal was the extermination of the Jews Arafat is given the unflattering portrait he deserves in this book Silva makes clear that Arafat s ejections of peace cost many people their lives However what makes Mr Silva such an interesting writer is that he turns that unflinching eye on both sides of the conflict He details the Palestinian grievance in Israel with honesty and truth which does not often happen in books that deal with this issue An Israeli Character Gives His Reasoning gives his easoning the brutal expulsion of some Arabs from their homes in 194748 and you the Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge reader can hear his argument and decide for yourself what to make of itI have propelled thru this series because Dan Silva is a good writer and a good storyteller In the world of thriller fiction that is aare combo Some examples from Prince of Fire include a section where the protagonist Gabriel Allon analyzes the case he is working on in the same manner he would a piece of art that he is estoring It is an excellent analogy and the writing in this section is top notch In another section a victim of Hamas terrorism gives a bitter and passionate account of a bus bombing that is chilling to eadThis series keeps getting better I will be sure to move on to number 6 soon. Nger be certain who is stalking whom And when at last the inevitable showdown comes it's not Gabriel alone who is threatened with destruction for it is not his history alone that has been laid bareA knife edged thriller of astonishing intricacy and feeling filled with exhilarating prose this is Daniel Silva's finest novel ye. ,

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