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Ed and grows spiritually through the daily grind of work itself A uniue feature of the book is it s organization The book is organized according to the itself A uniue feature of the book is it s organization The book is organized according to the deadly sins plus two with corresponding chapters for both the fruits of the spirit and what they call Outcomes of a Spirit Led Life The book can be read straight through but I found it helpful to read the chapters that are naturally grouped togetherIf you read Taking Your Soul to Work as a theological treatise on the meaning of work you re going to be disappointed This is basically a guidebook for reflection and introspection a roadmap for the inner journey in the workplac. In order to draw out real life dilemmas and to suggest practical tips for becoming vibrant disciples in the workplaceIn addition to filling a critical need for a resource on spiritual growth at work Work in Progress has an intercultural approach the authors are from Canada and Malaysia that is particularly dynamic and ngagin. ,

I thought this was a great book to show people what they could do to improve their situations at work according to the Bible The book acknowledged the seven deadly sins that not only affect us in veryday life but also at work as well as other sins that we re not aware of and how to battle against them It was a very practical book and backed up with many Bible verses Although the advice throughout the work
is rooted in 
rooted in wisdom of the Bible the lessons and stories in Taking your soul can be thought provoking I consider it worthwhile Reading One Of The One of the book for worker xplaining clearly about how to deal with the most. Instead of regarding work as a diversion from the spiritual life R Paul Stevens and Alvin Ung are convinced that it is an arena and an incentive for spiritual growth However they acknowledge that this is not without its challenges Work in Progress God Is in the Crowd examines life in the workplace through an innovativexploration of both the seven. Difficult situations in our daily work When I was growing up in various Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard evangelical communities most conversations regarding work and faithnded up being about work and vangelism Granted this conversation is various vangelical communities most conversations regarding work and faith Notes for the Everlost ended up being about work andvangelism Granted this conversation is within Christian circles but this way of thinking of work as a means to an
end tended to 
tended to work to a necessary When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) evil for some higher spiritual purposeStevens and Ung take a refreshing approach approach with Taking Your Soul to Work Rather than tackling work andvangelism or work and its greater meaning the authors focus on the spiritual dimensions of work Specifically they focus on how a person is transform. Deadly sins and the ninefold fruit of the Spirit This approach provides a framework to reveal how the Spirit has given Christians powerful gifts to overcome struggles the face in the challenges of daily work in a globalized world The authors interact both with one another and with the wisdom of great spiritual writers of history. Taking Your Soul to Work

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