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DeathlessReature I am selfish and cruel and extremely unreasonable But I am your servant When you starve I will Another Day of Life feed you when you are sick I will tend you I crawl at youreet What Would You Like? for before your love your kisses I am debased For you alone I will be weak I ve actually memorized that uote wordor word That s how much of an impression it left on me Marya was not left untouched by Koshcei however Her innocence slowly left her because to be Koschei s wife she needed to be just a little bit cold and ruthless Half her heart human half her heart demon But marriage is war and you do what you must to survive because only one of you will In Part 3 Ivan is introduced This is the moment Marya and I dreaded as we both grew and attacked to Koschei Our hearts were torn The original Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, folklore relied on the goodness of Ivan and the evilness of Koschei Falling in love with him changed everything at the very least it changed how weelt They weren t perfect Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, farrom it actually Koschei and Marya s love could be selfish and mean and destructive But they were magnets Friend Foe forever pulling each other closer and closer to one another It s impossible not toeel their connection How I adore you Marya How well I chose Scold me deny me Tell me you want what you want and damn me The Longevity Diet forever But don t leave me His desperation to be loved by her to be held in someone s heart and not be left abandoned tore at me I will put you there and turn the light in your eyes and come to stare at youor centuries to pore over you because you are mine my treasure my hoard and I cannot keep you and I cannot let you go I love how closely Grassroots Innovation fantasy and reality bordered We had the war in Buyan and the war in Germany that to me overlapped perfectly with each other I am not an expert in Russianolklore or history though Catherynne Valente drew you into this wonderfully crafted world both magical and realisticwhere you experienced the wonders and horrors of Buyan and the wonders and horrors of Leningrad Marya she sighed No one is now what they were before the war There s just no getting any of it back I was not ready Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by Van Gogh for Chapter 23 Nothing in any review can prepare youor the horror suffering cruel words and early deaths that is thrown at you in this chapter It was so realistic and painful in its portrayal that it left me speechless And as we watched the Tsar of Death lifted up his eyelids like skirts and began to dance in the streets of Leningrad When you are this hungry you cannot even remember who you used to be she whispered Who you might have been if not Architecture and Utopia for the hungerThat night she burned all the books in the atticor heat She carried them down one by one because December ate up her strength She lit them in the strove while they all huddled around and put out their hands Last one in was the Pushkin and she cried but without tears because you cannot have tears without bread There were so many powerful moments in this books especially towards the end I was completely riveted Nothing could have torn be away Perfect Cities from those pages Deathless is a work of art just the way it makes youeel and ache Prometheus Wired forwith the character is incredible Koschei Koschei she whispered What would I have been if I had never seen the birds I am no one I am nothing I am a blank paper on which you and your magic wrote a girl Just the kind of girl you wanted all hungry and hurt and needing A machineor loving you Nothing in me was not made by you The writing was perfection I don t know what impressed me the actual story or the writing Catherynne Valente has the kind of style were you have to pay close attention to every word lest you miss something important Nothing is stated outright or spoon ed to you The delivery was beautifully done and I have 100 highlights to show or it And here is a perfect example of repetition done right or rather a refrain done right Life is like that and The war is going badly were such poignant phrases I don t know what it was about them maybe the context in each use that made me want to break out in tears If there s one way to sum up how this book made me Special Topics in Calamity Physics feel it is with this uote There is a hole in me like a bullet Deathless is the kind of story that leaves its mark on you It leaves you with such a an acheor Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks for less You will alwaysall in love and it will always be like having your throat cut just that ast although it s not necessary or you to have a lot of knowledge of Russia during that time it does help especially with the ending which can be very ambiguousOTHER FAVORITE UOTESIt was at thirteen years old that Marya Morevna learned how to keep a secret and that secrets are jealous things permitting now raternization Each time she learned something of the long history of Koschei s country and the war with the Tsar of Death she loved Buyan a little iercely and Microsoft Visual C feared the war a little sharply It stopped her breath how like a child the Tsar of Life became when he needed her The power she had over him that he game her Who is to rule that is all War is notor winning Masha sighed Koschei reading the tracks of supply lines of pincer strategies over her shoulder It is Soulprint for surviving If you think my brother is any different girl then there s not helpor you He ll burn you down like wax if you let him You ll think it s love while he dines on your heart We can hold two terrible ideas at once in our hearts Did I not dower myself to you Did I not come to you on my knees with a kingdom in my hand You Blah Blah Black Sheep frighten me Yes she said simply I don t understand I want to understand You will Before the end You will You always do Then why do things happen the way they happen If I understand it I can change it Is it yourault Do you stop me rom changing it They happen because Life consumes everything and Death never sleeps and between them the world moves What mirrors we are set to ace each other reflecting desire Yet you demand my loyalty my whole heart my marrow Those things are mine You don t understand Masha You have never understood You are my treasure my pale gold the heart of my heart You lie at the bottom of my being and gnaw up my roots I put on blood Surrender for you like a cosmetic just like I put on thisace and this body all The Highlanders Touch (Highlander, full of leanness and litheness It is to please you only to please you my human girl my volchitsa Didn t you know Didn t you guess Don t leave me he said helplessly No rules but that rule Don t leave me I burn Ireeze I am never warm I am rigid I O Regresso da Atlântida - Os guerreiros de Posídon forgot softness because it did not serve me Koschei Koschei she whispered What would I have been if I had never seen the birds I am no one I am nothing I am blank paper on which you and your magic wrote a girl Just the kind of girl you wanted all hungry and hurt and needing A machineor loving you Nothing in me was not made by you I was six when the rook came six That s my whole life that you ve bent in your hands What could I have grown up to be What kind of human woman what kind of simple happy thing If I had never been broken on a bird s wing If I had never seen the world naked You keep calling him that The Tsar of Life That s what he is And am I that Tsaritsa of Life then half her heart asked The other half answered Not even Gdy mrok zapada (William Wisting, for a moment were you ever ueen When do youeel most alive Marya but when you are closest to death That is where I live That is what my body is made of After love no one is what they were before A marriage is a private thing It has its own wild laws and secret histories and savage acts and what passes between married people is incomprehensible to outsiders We look terrible to you and severe and you see our blood The Scarlet Ruse (Travis McGee flying but what we carry between us is hard won and we made it just as we wished it to be just the color just the shape You are going to break your promise I understand And I hold my hands over the ears of my heart so that I will not hate you This book is beautifully written but try as I might I probably couldn t tell you what it s about Iteels like a series of stories some eerie and some not twisted up into Russian history where it s hard to tell what s real and what s not The characters don t even The White Road feel like characters just part of a set and not people that I got to know But again the writing is breathtaking and Ieel small pieces of this story will stick with me I suppose I should open this review with a disclaimer this book has a 46 star average rating among my Bridges of Madison County friends and a 416 rating overall so clearly I m an outlier here Many of the critiues that I ve read haveocused on cultural appropriation which is an issue I can t speak to so on that subject Katya s review and Liz s reviewMy problems with the book predominantly lie elsewhere but there is one aspect about this book as an adaptation that I want to address before moving on In curiosity about the story that it was based on I did a little searching and while the internet is not the most reliable source of information every version of the original story of Marya Morevna that I turned up positioned her completely differently than Deathless In these versions of the story she is a warrior ueen in her own right leader of armies and defender of her kingdom When she leaves Ivan alone giving him the opportunity to Mind Wide Open free Khoschei it s because she s going to put down a border rebellion The original Marya is powerful established as such even before herirst appearance in the storyIn Valente s afterword she mentions that the uestion that led to this book was why did was he Khoschei locked in her basement While that s an interesting uestion the answer she chose bothered me Imprisoning a powerful and deathless rival seems like valid military strategy to me the answer to that uestion then could have rested on say Marya being at war with Khoschei and inally outwitting him Some would argue that that s what this book presents but I disagree it s made perfectly clear here even when Khoschei is imprisoned that he s only there because he chooses it and that if he were willing he could imprisoned that he s only there because he chooses it and that if he were willing he could himself As or Marya being a ueen well And am I the Tsaritsa of Life then half her heart asked The other half answered Not even or a moment were you ever ueenAnd therein lies the problem Marya the original was ueen before she even appeared in the story Marya here is never ueenSo let s talk about how she gets to that stateLet s talk about Khoschei s child grooming This is honestly pretty blatantKhoschei Khoschei she whispered What would I stateLet s talk about Khoschei s child grooming This is honestly pretty blatantKhoschei Khoschei she whispered What would I been if I had never seen the birds I am no one I am nothing I am a blank paper on which you and your magic wrote a girl Just the kind of girl you wanted all hungry and hurt and needing A machine or loving you Nothing in me was not made by His eventual undoing Along the way there are Stalinist house elves magical uests secrecy and bureaucracy and games of lust and power All told Deathless is a collision of magical history and actual history of revolution and mythology of love and death which will bring Russian myth back to life in a stunning new incarnation. ,

I AM SO PROUD OF ME FOR READING AN ADULT BOOK I m generally a disagreeable child when it comes to peering outside of YA I need my crayons and my cupcakes But Deathless was antastically magical and intriguing and EVER SO RUSSIAN and I will call myself a anNote I listened to the audio THE RUSSIAN NAMES WERE BEAUTIFULLY SAID And the narrator was marvellous Although I do confess that if I hadn t have listened to the audio I think I would ve skimmed a lot So very glad I did it this way THE STORYOkay so if you re not amiliar with the story of Koschei the Deathless lemme break it down Bounty of the Blood Witch (Dragon Hero, for you it s a Russianairy tale about this immortal guy who keeps his death in an egg instead a duck inside a cow inside a etc etc Like I don t even remember He needs to be introduced to a bank You can look up his actual story on wikipedia if you like OR SOMETHING But I won t spoil it if you don t want details Basically Valente s version of the tale involves being locked in cellars seducing women the Lestate dei giochi spezzati famous witch Baba Yaga strange magical creatures the Russian revolution so much deliciousood descriptions FAIRY TALE WHIMSICALNESS and long complex Russian names I ain t even attempting because I listened to the audio so I STAND NO CHANCE FOR SPELLING THE WRITINGOhhhh it s a Cooking for a Crowd fairy tale It s absolutely a FAIRY TALE The style is sooo whimsical and nonsensical Don t go in expecting a logical or linear story okay IT ISN T LIKE THAT I mean there s a magical creature who is also a gun How even IT IS REALLY BIZARRE AT TIMES AND I LIKED IT FOR THAT THE ROMANCEHahhahahhhh hahahha hahwhere are my crayons and cupcakes OKAY SO YEAH There are sexytimes I think the romance was pretty abusive at the beginning but by the end dammit I wanted Koschei and Marya to get together THE FEELSI did haveeels Several times I was a bit A History of the English Language in 100 Places frustrated in several places because of aforementioned abusive romance And then I was confused in other places because of strange non linear time line jumping BUT I STILL GOT FEELS DESPITE ALL THAT 3 Andor a book called Deathless a heck of a lot of people die Be still my bleeding heart THE FRUSTRATIONSBecause as much as I enjoyed itI have no idea why Marya ran off with the stump of a boring brick called Ivan I mean magical life vs wife of a man with no personality at all of ever I REALLY DON T GET IT MARYA And I also wish there d been of actual Koschei He The South Beach Diet Supercharged felt like a rather small part of the story which isodd THE ENDINGI stillI m a bit befuddled I don t really understand what went down but at the same time it was like aairy tale so am I even supposed to have a clear explanation ALL IN ALLI liked it I have small Surviving the Silence frowny moments but the audiobook was lovely and it was such a magical story to devour I FEEL ALL INSPIRED AND FAIRY TALE ISH I love some of the darker themes weaving in there I was surprised at how heavily iteatured Russian wartime events Like lets talk about Communism peoples let s talk about it A LOT Which was interesting but my eyes glazed over like once or twice Wait I audiobooked it My ears glazed over But I m glad I tried this And Kursk fed my mild read ginormous Russian obsession I need Russian books I NEED MORE FAIRY TALES I need all the deliciousood mentioned in this book because omg I am officially starving I could have sworn I d reviewed this book I could have sworn I d at least added it to my read shelf Either I m crazy or Goodreads ate the review which is all entirely possibleEither way I m sort of glad that I hadn t reviewed this book directly after I d read it because the review would have been a very different one I d had some time to dwell on the writing the story and Valente as a writer and have come to some conclusions that I didn t immediately see when I d Because It Feels Good first read the bookConclusion I have a serious problem with this book cultural appropriation and Valente s history as a writer Disclaimer I am Russian born and raised and the mythology andolklore that Valente uses in Deathless is the stuff of my childhood Considering how often Russian history and culture is misappropriated and vilified in American pop culture I m rather protective of it Deathless borrows both Russian culture and Slavic National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (Pelican Books) folkloreor its story Giving credit where credit is due Valente does get the The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, facts right Additionally she is an accomplished writer If she hadn t trod on my home turf it s likely I would not haveelt so strongly about this book But she did and I do Valente has a history of cultural appropriation when writing about Japan another culture that she was not born or raised into and yet writes about with the assurance of someone intimately And the Crooked Places Made Straight familiar with the intricacies of its society and mythology I hadn t known this when Iirst read Deathless and walked away with a vague The Obliterated Man feeling of unease having enjoyed the book well enough but realizing that there was something about it which rubbed me the wrong way I didn t realize until later that it was her author s assurance of her knowledge of a culture that was not hers a culture that she was not raised in and has hardly been immersed in a Russian husband doesn t uite cut it that set me on edge and that this wasn t herirst instance of cultural appropriationWhat really makes me uncomfortable about Deathless is Valente s interpretation of the Figlio dellolocausto folklore Don t get me wrong I m all about re tellings ofairytales all Mr Majeika and the School Book Week for new andresh takes on well worn old myths However taking the Outliving folklore of a culture that Valente has little intimate knowledge of and turning it into sexual SM power play makes me deeply uncomfortable That s like me saying I know that you grew up with the Lion King as your childhoodeel good Landscapes of Communism fairytale where love and goodness triumph over evil but what if I told you that Simba was actually stupid and boring and Nala totally got it on with Scar who really looks like Oded Fehr Not only that but her take on Koschei who is the ultimate villain in Slavicolklore is reminiscent of a New Years Rockin Evil (Futurama Comics fangirl pointing to heravorite villain and crying He s not evil he s just misunderstood One could argue that she gave him depth and motive not previously seen in the original mythology but let s not kid ourselves It s woobificationAnd Koschei is not sexy This is Koschei This is not I m also not a an of the way Valente launts her supposed Tough Girl familiarity with Slavic mythologyigures in Deathless From many of the reviews I ve read readers are confused or turned off by the glib mentions of mythic igures that they aren t amiliar with Meanwhile Valente is name dropping them like a Hollywood social climber It all has a Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation feel of look howamiliar with this culture I am while the readers are left in the dust wondering if they ve missed something In b4 haters I m not saying you shouldn t like this book I liked it just Conversationally Speaking fine until I examined both my vagueeelings of unease and Valente s history as a writer If you enjoyed it that s your prerogative I happen to Hoot feel strongly about this one and to each their own Her heart was so cold that she could hold ice in her mouth and it would never meltThis is so hard to rateor this was a stunning and breathtaking novel Full and rich of a poetic language that leaves you sitting and thinking and Red November forgetting about everything that is around you It reads like aairytale Actually it is the retelling of an old Russian Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) fairytale but Valente worked a lot of her own magic to make this precious book such a gemstoneAnd by the way this cover and the title result in some serious book pornI guess the only thing I can criticise is that this miracle of a book is sometimes just too overwhelming I got extremely confused and did not get a thing Still don t actuallyFind of my books on Instagram Deathless is a hauntingly beautiful novel that will stay with youoreverLife is often ull of beauty and joy But life can also be cruel and PAINFUL AT TIMES SO IT IS at times So it is natural that the Czar of Life embodies both the wonderful and the terrible aspects of life As a young "Girl Marya Morevna Captured The Attention Of The Czar Of "Marya Morevna captured the attention of the Czar of the entity she s heard referred to in hushed whispers as Koschei the Deathless And when Marya became a young woman Koschei in turn captured her heart After being whisked away by Koschei to a land of enchantment and wonder Marya grows to love the Czar of Life as well as life itself But life can sometimes be uncertain as well A growing war between the country of life and the country of death threatens to take Marya away rom everything she s come to cherish And when a stranger named Ivan stumbles upon the country of life and tries to convince Marya that everything she thinks she knows is wrong Marya is not sure what to believe How do you trust your heart once you ve completely given it to anotherWowjustwow Deathless is one of the most powerful and heartbreaking books I ve ever read Catherynne Valente has taken a very common tale in Russian A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, folklore and transformed it into something truly uniue and magical Theirst part of the book introduces us to Marya Morevna Marya Morevna says You want a strong Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit fantasy heroine I once strangled an enemy combatant with my braid Your move Katniss EverdeenAs a young girl Marya sees things that others don t like birds that transform into men and communist elves that maintain the order of the house she lives in Because of this others regard her as strange and ostracize her Marya is a very sympatheticigure in this segment and when she is in pain the reader Architecture by Birds and Insects feels it as well Much of this segment illustrates a very grim portrayal of life in Russia during the Russian Civil War Marya isorced to live in a cramped house with eight Beyond Carnival families When she expresses a desire to keep somethingor herself and not have to share it with everyone else even something as simple as a red scarf she is branded a traitor The moment when Marya s red scarf is taken Microsociology from her and she begs to be able to keep it is just one of many moments when my eyes began to water However the entire segment isn t so heart wrenching The introduction of a society of elves also known as the House Committee that live within the walls of Mayra s group home leads to some rather comedic and whimsical moments This segment does a masterful job of blending reality andantasy using Lefty fairy tale elements to create a brilliant allegory of a difficult period in Russia s history In addition theirst segment also introduces us to Koschei the immortal Czar of Life Marya has heard terrifying legends about Koschei but when he offers to take her away rom the torments of her current life she eels compelled to Shadow of the Vampire follow him into his magical homeland Theinal moments deal with Koschei compelling Marya to ope. Koschei the Deathless is to Russian Statistical Computing in C++ and R folklore what devils or wicked witches are to European culture a menacing eviligure; the villain of countless stories which have been passed on through story and text or generations But Koschei has never before been seen through the eyes of Catherynne Valente whose modernized and tra. ,

N herself to a new way of life one where she allows herself to ully experience the pleasures of life and devour as many of them as she can without ever How to Make a Plant Love You feeling reuired to share them with others save himself In this scene Koschei encourages Marya to partake in an extravaganteast but also demands that she only experience it in the way that he allows her to which he claims to do only so that she will maximize her enjoyment Cities and Dialogue from this As this segment concludes Koschei makes a rather chilling promise to Marya Oh I will be cruel to you Marya Morevna It will stop your breath how cruel I can be But you understand don t you You are clever enough I am a demanding creature I am selfish and cruel and extremely unreasonable But I am your servant When you starve I willeed you When you are sick I will tend to you I crawl at your Christmas Doll feetor before your love your kisses I am debased For you alone I will be weak As the book continues Koschei does indeed keep his promise Dark Tide Rising (William Monk for better andor worseThe second part of the book jumps ahead a The Internet Book few years where Marya is now a young woman While she spent herirst The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, few years of life in poverty her courtship with Koschei has brought her many riches This segment of the book is the mostairy tale like even down to Marya having to embark upon a magical uest and it was also my Fearless Jack favorite part of the book as well Marya has three close companions in this segment a sweet and perky gun goblin named Naganya a gruff but caring plant golem named Zemlehyed and a vain and self absorbed witch named Madame Lebedeva All three of these characters are uite endearing even Lebedeva in her own special way and their adventures with Marya lead to some of the tender moments in the book That s not to say this segment is without tragedy however For starters Marya is a much different woman than the meek girlrom the beginning Koschei s cruelty has rubbed off on her and there are times when Marya resorts to brutal tactics to impose her will on others always assuring herself she is doing it The Film Club for their own good a claim she s heard Koschei give to her on many occasions Also we learn about Koschei in this segment beginning with the revelation that he has had many lovers before Marya This is Koschei and women seem to bear attracted to him than they are to menot gonna lie that s than a little depressingSoon Marya learns that all of Koschei s lovers are destined to betray him While she vows that she loves Koschei Tarascon Pediatric Emergency Pocketbook far too much to ever do the same she is still disturbed by the prophecy that she will one day leave Koscheior a man named Ivan Also disturbing is the growing unrest between the Czar of Life and his brother the Czar of Death This rising conflict leads to the last half of the book where a man rom Russia stumbles upon Koschei s magical kingdomwould anyone like to guess as to what this man s name isUp until this point I ve been pretty specific in my descriptions of the book s events but or the remainder of the review I have to be vague While some of the information I ve given you can be The Success Secrets Of Brian Tracy - How To Achieve Your Goals And Be Succesful found on the book s back cover or in various descriptions of the book revealing too much would be an injustice to anyone who wants to experience this bookor themselves I will tell you that the second half is even emotional than the Ninth Grade Slays first and it covers such heavy topics as betrayal loss and the horrors of war Inact Chapter 23 is uite possibly the most depressing chapter of a Murder of Crows fictional book I have ever read of course that hasn t stopped merom reading it two times since then as it is really that powerful However that s not to say that this entire segment is grim There are some genuine sweet and heart warming moments as well One of the most humorous segments in the book occurs when Marya tries to exert control over Ivan the same way Koschei does to her and Ivan instead gives her the response she should have given Koschei Ivan proves to be a noble and likeable character even though he isn t uite as strong or dynamic as Marya and Koschei This is Ivan s version of defending MaryaI don t think he s doing it rightDue to the emotional depth of this book I would have loved to have been able to give it Work Your Wardrobe five stars However I did have a couple of problems with Valente s writing style that permeated throughout the entire book For one thing Valente has a tendency to hammer a point home so hard that it can give you a headache This is especially prevalent in any scene involving a mealwhile I get that Valente was usingood as a metaphor Silence in Hanover Close (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, for life and pleasure I still didn t need to read pages upon pages of descriptions of every kind ofood item Valente could envision WARNING anyone who s on a strict diet may want to avoid this book as it s impossible not to get The Complete Idiots Guide to Starting a Web-Based Business food cravings multiple times throughout the story Similar to this issue was Valente s tendency to repeat herself Granted she was goingor a Tiểu phẩm báo chí fairy tale approach to the story andairy tales often use repetition but it was a bit off putting when I pretty much knew word Icon for word how entire paragraphs would read as I had already read them several times beforeWhile it may not be a perfect read Deathless is still a most powerful one Granted people who embrace a socialist ideology may be offended at some of Valente s political statements and those who don t have a working knowledge of Russian history may miss some of the references That said there is still than enough here to please just about any reader A view of real life through a magical lens Deathless is one emotional roller coaster that is definitely worth riding Dave s confession I actually cried while reading this novelthis never happens when I read my Batman bookswell exceptor Frank Miller s All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder Vol 1 but that was only because it sucked so bad Re Read 71318Valente is always worth re reading IMHO And other than making a Pillow Talk few grand sweeping comments about birds and husbands I have nothing to add to this marvelous piece of literature The land of the dead versus the land of life in Russia Mythology versus societal upheaval Love love love and none of it innocent Just like Russia Original ReviewBreathtaking uintessential Valente making what might be aairy tale into a gorgeously Russian love story between one unlucky girl stuck perpetually in the space of an hour who never got to marry the birds and the God of LifeOf course it never ends well because she s conscripted into his eternal battle with Viy Death and regrets it while simultaneously mastering Life in the middle of Leningrad during WWII which ought to be considered one of the worst moments in human historyDo we love life Is he capricious and cruel and uncompromising and sweet Is he locked in the basement and orced to listen to his wife make love to a mortal man After that can he still be trueI cannot do this justice Our heroine cannot ully commit to Life and inally betrays himFor justice Our heroine cannot ully commit to Life and inally betrays himFor the truly magical ualities of this novel the beautiful writing the amazing mini tales I m left in a state of profound sadness while being amazed at the sheer beauty of the taleIt s raw right down to the core and horrific sexy ull of the seeds of hope and longing and everything that makes the world so complicated and scary and wonderful all at onceI sit in awe One of the strangest hardest most magical books I ve ever read I name Catherynne Valente an honorary Russian She has a Russian soul somehow otherwise how could she have written this book This is a book about love And life Death War Loss Hope Despair Life is like that I grew up with these character Death keep off I am your enemy and you will not deny me Deathless is one of those books that consumes you at every moment where it is in every one of your thoughts and once you read the last word on the last page you say to yourself I think I just read the best book of my life I can see the crash Wolfsbane (Nightshade from here The hangover to end all hangovers That is how powerful this book is Five stars will never be enoughor this story Deathless is the retelling of the RussianSlavic olklore of Marya Morevna link to the olklore and koschei the deathless to the Kanata folklore and Koschei the Deathless to information about Koschei He is said to be an evil immortal that steals away womenor himself But what if he is the Tsar of Life And what if Marya Morevna First Impressions falls in love with him The war is going badly Both the war between the Tsar of Death and the Tsar of Life and the war with Germany Nobody will be who they were before the warMarya Morevna has always seen things differently Birds that turn into husbands and domoviye that take care of her house This made her an outcast neglected by oldriends with only Pushkin s words to comfort her Marya Morevna understood that she belonged to her secret and it belonged to her They had struck a bloody bargain between them Keep me and obey me the secret said to her Quicksand for I am your husband and I can destroy you She is haunted by her lostriends an old red scarf and what her life could have been I was only a child how I can ind the girl I was before I knew what magic was That
#world will not #
will not me It will kick me and slap me in the snow and take scarf and leave me ashamed and bleeding Koschei steals Marya away and dazzles her with his magic his jewels and his Country of Life However Marya learns she isn t the only girl Koschei has ever taken and like the others she is ated to betray him to Ivan Nikolayevich But will her love or Koschei change anything Will she take the same path as the others When Marya saw something extraordinary again she would be ready She would be clever She would not let it rule her or trick her She would do the tricking if tricking was called or Life can be beautiful and The Color of Law (Scott Fenney forgiving but life can be cruel and merciless too It can be punishing and hurtful because Life is like that The rapt pupil will beorgiven Richistan for assuming the Tsar of Death to be wicked and the Tsar of Life to be virtuous Let the truth be told There is no virtue anywhere Life is sly and unscrupulous a blackguard wolfish severe In service to itself it will commit any offense So too is Death possessed of infinite strategies and gaunt nature but also mercy also grace and tenderness In his own country Death can be kind But of an end to their argument we shall have none not ever until the end of all Koscheior all his selfishness and cruelty gave himself to Marya He is Swamplandia! fated to always have his wives leave him and yet he stillinds himself loving Marya This uote literally game me chills and perfectly describes him Oh I will be cruel to you Marya Morevna It will stop your breath how cruel I can be But you understand don t you You are clever enough I am a demanding Nsformed take on the legend brings the action to modern times spanning many of the great developments of Russian history in the twentieth century Deathless however is no dry historical tome it lights up like ΜΥΣΤΙΚΗ ΟΡΓΑΝΩΣΗ ΑΡΚΑΝΟΥΜ fire as the young Marya Morevna transformsrom a clever child of the revolution to Koschei’s beautiful bride to. .

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