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The Best Technology Writing 2010

characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Julian Dibbell

Every December I hit a bookstore usually Common Good Books owned by Garrison Keillor in St Paul or and up a stack of the Best of series My favorite series is the best science writing but it was sold out So I picked up this one My favorite series is the best of science writing but it was sold out So I picked up this one s see how it goes Vanish Evan Ratliff The author a writer for Wired sets out to disappear for a month and establish a new identify while a 5000 bounty is offered to anyone who can track him down I m not sure it s a perfect simulation if you e Essays One really trying to disappear joining a facebook group dedicated to finding you may not be your best strategy It s still fascinating and scary toead about the technology available to track people down on line uick easy Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose read I enjoyed the author s crisp to the point writing style Baby Food Jill Lepore One of my favorite lines A brief history of food when theich eat white bread and buy formula the poor eat The iPad The Kindle Twitter When the Best Technology Writing series was inaugurated in 2005 these technologies did not exist Now they define our 21st century lives As Julian Dibbell writes in his introduction to The Best Technology Writing 2010 “The digital is us Yet for that The Kaya-Girl reason it is also something a lightningod for our feelings about technology In General”  Whether It general”  Whether it Sam Anderson’s giddy but troubled defense of online distractions David Carr’s full throated elegy to the dying world of pre digital publishing Steven Johnson’s warm appreciation of Twitter’s bite size contributions to collective human intelligence or Evan Ratliff’s fascinating mon. Rown bread and breast feed then they trade places This essay focuses on the ise and fall and ise of breast feeding particularly on the ole
breast pumps that allow women provide breast milk to to their babies even if they work a full time job It aises but does not answer the uestion of the value that our society places on women as mothers in the workforce At higher class white collar jobs employers seem to strive to outdo themselves in providing better places for women to express their milk but as the author points out would the mother and child be better if the mother took the time used to accomplish that and got home from work earlier every day In our advanced culture we still have not come up with a way to balance a woman s worth in the workplace with her worth as a mother I would have been curious to see if there are studies on whether the benefits derived from breastf. Th long uest to disappear without a digital trace many of the essays gathered here egister our intense and complicated fascination with digital media  But as Dibbell notes  these essays also emind  us That Some Of The Most some of the most and fascinating technologies continue to come from beyond the digital world  Jill Lepore’s writing on the politics of breast feeding gadgetry Stephen Silberman’s investigation of the placebo effect in pharmaceutical testing Burkhard Bilger eporting on efforts to build a better cook the placebo effect in pharmaceutical testing Burkhard Bilger eporting on efforts to build a better cook for the developing world and Tad Friend’s profile of electric car developer Elon Musk’s efforts to head off environmental catastrophe all inv.
No Limits (Brutal Master Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, Liar, Liar A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners
Eeding are tied closely to the milk itself or to the time with the mother The article aises this uestions but does not address whether there have been any studies on the issue I wish time had been put into answering the latter uestion though it still does not answer the bigger uestion it could help society wrestle through these issues Thinking Machine Douglas Fox One of those articles I m certain I ll need to eread again to understand It describes how computer scientistsengineers are working to create a computer that better eplicates the workings of the human brain Human brains are efficient from an energy standpoint than our current computers but less precise Need To Spend Time Thinking to spend time thinking the implictations of this Read on Kindle Fast eading snippets from the future now that many people aren t uite aware of yet Plus uirky deep perspectives on technology we thought we knew. Ite us to eflect on how many aspects of human experience emain fundamentally unchanged by digital technologyPacked with marvelous essays on technologies old and new The Best Technology Writing 2010 is an outstanding addition to this “fantastic” Cory Doctorow “fascinating” Chris Anderson series The Best Technology Writing 2010 includes essays Written BySam AndersonBurkhard BilgerJoshua BearmanMark bySam AndersonBurkhard BilgerJoshua BearmanMark CarrDouglas FoxTad FriendBen GreenmanVanessa GrigoriadisJames HarkinAdam HigginbothamAlex HutchinsonSteven JohnsonKevin KellyJill LeporeAlexis MadrigalJavier MariasMike MassiminoEvan RatliffDaniel RothClay ShirkySteve SilbermanAnnie TrubekLawrence Weschler.

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