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Liked it hence the 25 stars It just idn t hold my intrest as much as the first one and I am not sure why I think the writing is good the magical elements are interesting and the audio version I listened to was narrated by Jim Dale who his usual excellent job I just found myself rifting off and losing interest for portion of the usual excellent job I just found myself rifting off and losing interest for portion of the book it wasn t bad it just also wasn t great George and Edie of Stoneheart are together wasn t great George and Edie of Stoneheart are together in this book before George promises to protect Edie and promptly gets snatched up by a gargoyle They spend most of the rest separately There is no ragon this timeThe story was set up in the first book but now wanders a long way from he broke a stone carving off the museum wall as the author finds reasons for the youngsters to run away from things Or people We find a sinister being called the Walker who is a serial killer of gli I just finished revisiting this terrific fantasy via audiobook brilliantly narrated by Jim Dale Here s my review of the Kindle edition which I read last yearThis is the second installment of Charlie Fletcher s Stoneheart trilogy which is set in an alternate London or un London that is embedded in the real present ay London but cannot be seen by ordinary Londoners because they The Touch don t expect to see such fantastic things as animated statues and gargoyles at war It s sort of a middle grade counterpart to Neil Gaiman s NeverwhereIt s beautifully written there s plenty of action and theialogue is excellent Like the first book it s a fast paced page turner for all ages from about 10 on up I read the Kindle edition but I also have the audiobook narrated by Jim Dale for later listening. Ree challenges the veins will continue up his forearm and eventually pierce through his heartAs George struggles to find the strength within to face the choice he has made to take the Hard Way he is etermined to use his power for good even as others wish to harness it for its great potential for evi. .
IronhandI loved this book but unfortunately while I forced myself To Stop And Jot Down Some Thoughts Before Starting Book stop and jot own some thoughts before starting book I Different Class didn to the same before starting book 3 in the trilogy so I can t What a wonderful surprise this book was My 11 year old brought the series because it was cheap and neither of us could put it own The story line was fresh and origional no vampires here The author has very cleverly woven his story though the real streets of London using the statues and gargoyles found there are CHARACTERS IN THE STORYHIS MAIN CHARACTERS in the storyHis main characters ones kids can relate to making the book very attractive to younger readersI highly recommend this book to all kids and their parents Giving this five stars even though the story got a little wandery because the Characters And Story World Remained Strong Actually They Deepened I and story world remained strong Actually they eepened I love George and Edie and the Gunner and thought the twists were well thought out and the lore behind the unLon As a rule I Textbook of Wisdom don t like fantasy but when it clicks it clicks and I loved this seuel to Stoneheart George has broken a statue being an idiot and set off an age old war between spits statues of people and taints statues of creatures in London He befriends Edie a glint someone who can read the emotions of things by touching them and Gunner a statue In this installment Gunner has been imprisoned by the Walker who is trying to get together two ancient stone mirrors for evil purposes The Walker also kidnaps Edie so that she can find a matching stone and is following George who can make the mirror George is struggling also with veins of stone and metal that are creeping up his arm to his heart unless he accepts several ch. Now that George Chapman has upset the fragile truce between the warring statues of London he has beenrawn into a war that will test his mettle He and Edie a glint who can see the past may have succeeded in their uest to find the Stoneheart but their journey is far from overEdie and the Gunner a sta. Allenges the veins will kill himThere is lots of action and adventure and it isn t as hard to read is lots of action and adventure and it isn t as hard to read the escription Would Indicate The London Setting indicate The London setting one is great etail and I loved that part of it This is not a sure bet for every fantasy fan but it has been popular enough to warrant it Having read Sean Ashby s comments on characters in fantasies Brain vs Brawn now I am reevaluating the book s characters I had a greater appreciation for both the plot and numerous characters after reading this The characters grew in epth that made me cheer them on hold my breathe and wish them well The ending was a wallop Can t wait to read the final book in this trilogy Brilliant book 2 in an awesome middle grade trilogy Okaythis was sooo much better and funnier than the first oneThe characters evelop a lot and the story gets uite interestingI really like George in this onehe can be very interesting and I loved his little relationship with the gargoyle SpoutI found it so funny when they tried to communicate with eachotherI liked Edie s story tooalthough I m not a fan of her characterand at least we got some answersI really liked the whole thing with the Blind Womanit was very creepyI *have to admitI LOVED George s uel in World War One when he meets a soldier with *to admitI LOVED George s Revenge (The Red Ledger duel in World War One when he meets a soldier with ownead father s face and is able to realize he was really loved by his fatherThis was a phenomenal partThe ending is super confusing but I ll start reading the last part very soonif not tomorrowOverallit was a pretty good second instalment 25 stars After really liking this first book in this series Stoneheart I No One Wants You didn t like this one nearly as much somewhere between it was okay and Tue of a World War I soldier have been captured by the Walker and it's up to George to save them But first he musteal with the three strange veins made of marble bronze and stone that have begun to grow out of his hand and curl around his wrist Legend has it that unless he successfully completes th.

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