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Digger the Dinosaur dUght it would just be all wow technology cool But it was actually about how to thoughtfully and ethically use technology to bring about social justice Technology shouldn t just be about making new toys for the rich but it should be abouteveloping ways to level the playing field for everyone in the world One thing I found that was very interesting was the accounts of how technological advances will often liberate one group of people while taking away the freedom of another group One example given in the book was the rise of househould appliances in the early twentienth century The servant class was one away with in those ays middle class families might have multiple servants but middle class women then lost much freedom when they had to return to household utiesDr Dyson a physicist sees solar energy genetic engineering and the Internet as the tools to bring about this social revolution I would be interested in seeing an updated version of this book because this was written over ten years version of this book because this was written over ten years and a lot has changed since then Internet access still isn t freely available everywhere but it sure is better than it was in the late 90 s Rating AA another excellent essay collection by DysonThe Sun the Genome and the Internet covers scientific revolutions technology and social justice and the exploration and colonization of space familiar Dyson topics all and elivered with his usual grace The three items in the title comprise Dyson s hope for generating wealth in the world s poor villages the sun for cheap solar power genetic engineering for better crop plants and the Net to end rural isolationFor example he presents the hope of engineering trees that convert sunlight to liuid fuel and Mercury Retrograde (Dark Alchemy, deliver the fuelirectly to underground pipelines A neat solution to eclining oil reserves if it works Dyson cheerfully admits his record as a prophet is mixed but it is better to be wrong than to be vague Fresh and unexpected insights are wrong than to be vague Fresh and unexpected insights are freuent pleasure in this and other Dyson books For instance he escribes his mother and aunts prosperous British matrons all who in the interval between the World Wars accomplished such things as opening a birth control clinic managing a large hospital winning an Olympic medal and pioneering aviation in Africa it was considered normal at the time for middle class women to Desire Me More (Desire Me, do something spectacular They were able too this only with the support of a large servant class The introduction of labour saving appliances helped to emancipate the servants but left middle class women less free than before a general pattern says Dyson the burdens of eualization fall A Teachers Guide to American Tapestry disproportionately on womenDyson is a lifelong space enthusiast though things haven t gone that well lately for space fans we look at the bewildered cosmonauts struggling to survive in the Mir space station Obviously they are not going anywhere except if they are luckyown But in the long term prospects are brighter as we await the finding of a cheap way up and out of the gravity well another enduring Dyson insight He reports recent successful tests of a laser launcher and a ram accelerator the latter a proposed 750 foot gas gun and a What Happens to Our Trash? directescendant of Jules Verne s cannon launched spacecraft in From the Earth to the Moon 1865 As in all cheap launch methods the trick is to keep the fuel on the ground not in the spacecraft With cheap spaceflight people will spread out into the solar system and beyond Why Because it is there some folks just have itchy feet Others will belong to unpopular religions or be on the run or any of the countless other things that have always motivated emigrantsDyson unusually for a theoretician has always been tinker than thinker He Thomas Kuhn s classic Structure of Scientific Revolutions 1962 revised edition 1970 as an example of a fellow with the opposite bent emphasizing ideas over things Of course both are important but some of Kuhn s followers put forward the idea that science is about power struggles not new ideas Dyson once upbraided Kuhn about this at a conference Kuhn reacted angrily One thing you have to understand I am not a KuhnianFreeman Dyson is my favorite scientist writer I know of no one else who combines his clarity of thought graceful use of language big ideas expressed modestly and sense of history If you haven t yet read Dyson The Sun the Genome and the Internet would be a fine place to start My 1999 review. Ctively ending the cultural isolation of the poorest countries Similarly breakthroughs in genetics may well enable us to give our children healthier lives and grow efficient crops thus restoring the economic and human vitality of village cultures The Pursuit of Mary Bennet devalued andislocated by the global marketWritten with passionate conviction about the ethical uses of science The Sun the Genome and the Internet is both a brilliant reinterpretation of the scientific process and a challenge to use new technologies to close rather than widen the gap between rich and po. ,
The Sun the Genome and the Internet Tools of Scientific RevolutionsAnother uick and engaging read Basically a collection of lectures reformated into prose this book lists a few of Dyson s predictions for the 21st century it was published in 1999 Some of his predictions are spot on like the success of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey which is in it s 3rd iteration now some missed the mark slightly like his prediction that the Human Genome project would take much longer than planned it had it s first great success 2 years ahead of schedule and some mainly his predictions for the evelopments in genetic engineering around the end of the century are

#uite wild though #
wild though plausible so you never know Dyson s own clear writing and irect admission that he like most who attempt to predict the future is likely wrong both make the outlandish prediction go Shooting for a Century down smoothly and make the whole thing enjoyable to read This slim book has some of the finest science writing I ve read yet It elegantly and concisely talks about three complex scientific revolutions that willrive technology this century A little I, Partridge dated since it came out 10 years ago but Dyson a friend of Feynman s and himself revered in the science community has a reverence for applicable science that makes it thrilling even to the lay person His subtle and not so subtle lessons on the social impact of technology enrich the story furtherEye opener Technologyoes not eual social justices for all History may show technologies becoming famous for who it frees but not for whom it enslaves One example home appliances in the early mid 1900s freed the servant class allowing their next generation to go the college while enslaving the educated middle class mom Another example Gutenberg s printing press books schools students allowed to attend schools freeing those who were confined to seeking knowledge in the monaster Based on the title you think the book would be pretty focused but it ended up being about 100 pages of meandering from one topic to the next covering whatever interested Dyson in the moment That s still pretty cool since Dyson has such interesting thoughts but it Shadow of the Templar didn t feel cohesive at all Itid feel vaguely inspirational and made me feel good about science and the future Drawn from a series of public lectures this is the mind of Freeman Dyson at its most fertile The book bubbles with creative ideas even if my instinct throughout was to treat it as yet another item of that curious genre speculative science factionHe writes clearly and very unusually amongst the top level of scientists let alone applied mathematicians his genius is capable of understanding history and society Indeed I suspect that he would have made a very fine historian if he had taken a very Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light different route in lifeHowever aecade and a half on from the lectures very little of what he has predicted all of which I have no Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, doubt is feasible has come to pass He seems to have been looking in the wrongirection than once His speculations are than a little utopianThis is a little odd because he has a highly intelligent approach to the effect of politics on technological investment There are some very acute observations on failures to be cost effective One might have expected him to have been a little cautious on that ground aloneWhile mildly stimulated I Six Days in Leningrad did not get a greateal out of the book because it was simply not grounded enough in the world I think that I am living in He was persuasive as a Kuhn sceptic on one thing though that techniue and tools The Darkness drive science as much as concepts and modelsHis argument for scientificevelopment as a craft process with many incremental changes and cross fertilisations with investment by scientists themselves in the machinery that enables Flyboy discovery is well taken It made me rethink how thought and application exist in closeialecticBut there is so much material here so much inventiveness so much intellectual creativity and so many leaps that the book leaves one wondering precisely what one has learned that is useful That may be unfair but one wanted not ideas but clearer thread for those already offered Like contemporary science fiction speculative science faction throws so much at the reader that the tale often spins away far from the credible and the useful and the human That So Little Of The Implicit Prediction Appears little of the implicit prediction appears be materially present today seems to confirm a lack of groundednessOh we poor mortals unable to eliver what our inte. In this visionary look into the future Freeman Dyson argues that technological changes fundamentally alter our ethical and social arrangements and that three rapidly advancing new technologies solar energy genetic engineering and world wide communication together have the potential to create a eual istribution of the world's wealthDyson begins by rejecting the idea that scientific revolutions are primarily concept Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek driven He shows rather that new tools are often the sparks that ignite scientificiscovery Such tool Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography driven revolutions have profound. Llectual godsemand of us This books is actually a group of 3 lectures given by Freeman Dyson compiled into a book They cover really 3 interesting topics the nature of scientific revolutions technology as a means of promoting social justice and humanity s future in space Dyson opposing Kuhn s idea based revolution believes in instrument based revolution and that availability of cheap scientific instruments is what really At the Italians Command drives scientific revolutions He uses the example of steam engines telescopes and otherevices to support his argument He also compares the Human Genome Project the Apollo Missions and the Sloan Digital Sky survey to show how high and low costs can ifferentiate between sustainable and sustainable technologies To conclude he explains how a cheap gene seuencer and a cheap protein imager could lead to a biotech revolution The next essay eals with how technology can be used as a means for making for a euitable future He uses the example of how appliances essentially removed the servant class in Britain However he also points out technology can lead to negative social effects such as how appliances essentially forced middle class women back into the home uring the mid 1950 s 1960 s With this in mind Dyson suggests that the the sun genetic engineering and the Internet would reduce poverty The sun would serve as a cheap source of power sun genetic engineering and the Internet would reduce poverty The sun would serve as a cheap source of power engineering would allow for the creation of factory trees biologically engineered trees that could produce anything from plastic to computer chips Finally the Internet would provide a access to information and markets All this together would remove property The final essay eals with life in outer space and how we can become a part of it He The Maid of Lorne discusses the possibility of fish on Europa and how we should look for freezeried fish and bacteria as evidence of life on other planets He also looks at 3 alternatives for getting into space laser propulsion shooting a laser at a surface causing it to Propel Upwards Ram Accelerator upwards ram accelerator long pipe of various volatile gases for shooting things into space and a slingatron a evice that spins object into high speed and then launches them upwards These uixotic idea have their pros and cons but are possible alternatives to chemical rockets He finally looks at man s future in space with genetically enegineered warm blooded plants and factory trees These lectures contain madness but their is method in it Freeman has a reputation as a bit of a rebel and a lot of these ideas o go against the common mind But his sheer creativity and study of such original ideas makes this book something of a scientific wonderland filled with sights sounds and inspiration for a young scientist A bit of an interesting exercise to see how visions of the future can change in just 20 years So far bioengineering hasn t How to Become a Virgin done uite so much as Dyson had hoped but he was right about the internet in fact he almost underestimated its impact He underestimated AI as it had reached a temporary lull in the late 90s and people were beginning tooubt it again but it s Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, definitely making its comeback Progress on solar energy has been fairlyisappointing As a uick little time capsule of the state of some technologies at a point in time not a bad read The finer technical etails are absent in this book as it is a series of transcripts but the concepts are solidThe optimism herein is overwhelming and well asserts that given sufficient altruism and purpose the progress of humanity has no efinite limit Had the various powers that be heeded this man s advice the world would surely be a comfortable place than it is right now Luckily it is still possible to get better Freeman Dyson one of the people behind uantum Electrodynamics along with Feynman Tomonga Schwinger in the 1940s It is one of of the people behind uantum Electrodynamics along with Feynman Tomonga Schwinger in the 1940s It is one of great blue sky reamers with visionary ideas for technology for imagined futures of humanity He passed on recently but he is the one who came up with ideas like the Dyson Sphere to harvest all of the energy of a star or the Astrochicken or martian potato to farm the Kuiper belt as we take over the solar system In this short book he has biographical sketches from his youth his ideas on technology to further social justice and technologies for the future Dyson although firmly ensconced is the postwar science establishment he was on the side of the angels and will be missed I was surprised by this book I tho. Social conseuences the invention of the telescope turning the Medieval world view upside own the widespread use of household appliances in the 1950s replacing servants to cite just two examples In looking ahead Dyson suggests that solar energy genetics and the Internet will have similarly transformative effects with the potential to produce a just and euitable society Solar power could bring electricity to even the poorest most remote areas of third world nations allowing everyone access to the vast stores of information on the Internet and effe.

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