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M of the Opera Wolfman Frankenstein s Monster mummy king kong dracula both lee and King Kong Dracula both Christopher Lee and Lugosi are featured Jekyll and Mr Hyde Creature from the Black Lagoon Blacula and Young Frankenstein along with a special dedication to the Man of a Thousand Faces Lagoon Blacula and Young Frankenstein along with a special dedication to the Man of a Thousand Faces Chaney Sr At the time I first read this I don t think I d seen any of the movies although King Kong would ve been fairly soon afterward Most of the classic Universal movies would wait until I was a preadolescent But I felt like I knew them from reading this book and other sources which may explain my odd relationship to movies and film guides todayThe second section s How to Make a Monster and Emmas Orphans its a remarkable mix of Saints on Stage imagination enthusiasm and realistic caution don t steal your mom s makeup without her permission which has just the right appeal to a certain kind of nerdy kid The author begins withnspiring anecdotes about how when he was a kid he used to dress up as Dracula and run around the neighborhood scaring people There are pictures of him Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, in makeup probably from the 1950s or early 1960s He says he went on to workn movies on that later and then gets down to giving some childhood happy hours instructions on lighting shadow costume and facial expression as keys to good monster effect before giving out the recipes I wasn t really a crafts kid and I didn t use the monster recipes so muchf I did t was with my mother s help but I loved sitting n front of the mirror with a flashlight and this book seeing what kinds of spooky faces I could create with light Even though I was never a budding makeup artist I got a lot of mi. Ss Dracula or other fearful fiendsHow to act like a monsterHow to perform murky monster magicScript for Monster Shows. Ah memories I had grand visions of being a film maker n those days Of course being the second of being film maker n those days Of course being n the second helped those ambitions I ended up getting this at a flea market when I eight because one of the bastards n my class kept The Book of Lamentations it check out from the school library an entire term just to spite meThe booktself contains uick blurbs about movie monsters and some dyi movie monster makeup I must have tried making the papier mache Frankenstein s Monster head seven or eight times Mom used to get the book out on rainy days and turn me loose Good times Interesting read This s a fun book that I get out every Halloween It has a brief description of some major movie monsters the classic ones I think the newest s Young Frankenstein directions for using make up and face paint to create your own monstrous face and the script for a short humorous monster themed play The whole thing The Best-Case Scenario Handbook isnformative creative and The Last Days of the Romanovs inspiring but what I like best aboutt The Fate of the Romanovs ists sense of fun and love of classic monsters This was one of my favorite books as a kid and one of the major reasons I got Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, into monster movies Its both a film guide for ntroducing the most famous of the classic movie monsters and a how to book for turning yourself nto a monster and putting on live shows with monster characters It also Home-Ec 101 includes a brief script for a monster comedy play which I liked a lot as a kid but seems kind of dumb and predictable now I still had a lot of fun reading the rest oft thoughThe beginning section Exterminating Angel is A Ghoulery of Monster Greats whichs a listing of the best known of the movie monsters Phanto. Horror secrets of great movie monsters revealedPLUSHow to make up like Frankenstein or Bride of F or Dracula or Counte. Leage out of the sheer magination of this bookNow about the author I "Always Sort Of Took It "sort of took t granted that his one great achievement The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, in life was writing this book butt occurred to me looking at Shake, Rattle and Roll it this time that he might have been a big time makeup artist who just happened to write a kids book Searching him out onmdb I almost fell out who just happened to write a kids book Searching him out on mdb I almost fell out my chair when I realized he was someone whose work I had discovered as an adult Assuming t s the same guy I think so this s the writer of the classic gore comedy Children Shouldn t Play with Dead Things and uncredited co director of Popcorn and Deranged Suffice to say that these are not movies appropriate to the target audience age of this book but movies they can grow nto I guess I have to say thank you Alan Ormsby for adding so much pleasure to both my childhood and my childish adulthood This book gave me the courage at a young age to hoist my love of monsters freak flag high for all to see I used to make myself up as Dracula or the Wolf Man and prowl around the Saturday night neighborhood growling at unwary pedestrians through the hedges The prowl around the Saturday night neighborhood growling at unwary pedestrians through the hedges The The Mission of Mooney Rooney is probably a big reason why I workn the film The Road to There industryt was a look behind the curtain peek at magic world of monster moviesAs a side note author Alan Orsmby portrayed the obnoxious guy n the 1970 s cult classic Children Shouldn t Play With Dead Things as well as creating the special make up for the zombies I wrote a will at age 8 which specified that this book was to be buried with me It was a life changer I just found a copy on ebay recently It s as good as I remembered t bein. You can stage or filmIt's a whole fangtastic creep of monster tips straight from a Master of horrifying monster movies. Movie Monsters

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