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kind plant Alfonso has grown If Alfonso does not deliver the bloom to the mysterious city of Dormia the city and its inhabitants will wither awayThis bit of news begins Alfonso s journey to find the mythological city Along the way he meets a number of strange and amusing characters including one old woman who sleeps in a casket for long periods of time and a pair of old ladies who act only on the advice of their cat He and Uncle Hill also run into a number of dangerous situations that will In Seconds (Bulletproof, keep readers on the edge of their seats Alfonso must learn to trust his own judgment about who is on his side and who is really out to harm him and destroy his bloomReaders will enjoy traveling alongside Alfonso in this uest to not only save a city but to find his heritage in this uniue story Halpern and Kujawinski have created a uirky set of characters and a fascinating place that readers will want to return to time and again The cover art is wicked awesome the book was not so much It was a pleasant read but not a particularly compelling one and I felt that there were too many plot holes and elements that weren t thought through all the way Ash granules that will dissolve into your eye but can beept safely in a pocket wouldn t the ash just mash into the fabric A river big enough to row a boat on inside a tree root I mean I wasn t a biology major and I now this is a magic tree butand how could the roots extend so far beyond the city walls I could go on The motives didn t match the people the adventures didn t make sense with the plot and too many interesting sub elements were completely ignored why were both brothers unable to locate each other What happened to the sister Was the cat actually supernatural or just the object of the sisters senility What s the history of the strange sphere AND WHY WAS IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE why was it in the middle of the I had high hopes for the book but it reads like a first draft not a fully finished novel Yo Yo Yo this book is a heck noTried to read it and never finished Won t be trying again Hate it Goodbye For most people sleeping is well sleeping Not much happens besides an occasional mumble and a strange dream But for 12 year old Alfonso Perplexon its when he sleeps that he truly comes alive He climbs trees grows peculiar plants and many other things his waking self could never do Alfonso soon discovers he s a Dormian an ancient race of extreme sleep walkers His journey back to his ancestor s land of Dormia is filled with action puzzles and plot twistsThe only reason I gave this book three stars instead of five is due to the writing Dormia is told in third person omniscient semi understandably Things happen while Alfonso is unconscious so I guess I can see why BUT the constant head hopping really took me out of the story Which is a bummer because the plot is so great Now don t get me wrong I LOVE I mean LOVE third person novels. " Nap Alfonso blinked open his eyes and discovered that he was "Nap Alfonso blinked open his eyes and discovered that he was at the top of a gigantic pine tree – some two hundred feet above the ground The view was spectacular Alfonso could see for miles in every direction and he could even make out his house in the distant hamlet of World’s End Minnesota Unfortunately there was no time to enjoy the view The small branch that Alfonso stood upon was covered with gleaming snow and creaked dangerously under the pressure of his weight Icy gusts of wind shook the entire treetop Alfonso looked down grimly at the ground far below If he fell he would most certainly die“Oh brother” muttered Alfonso to himself “Not again?. Survives thanks to a magical tree nown as the Founding Tree with roots that pumps the necessary life needed in the valley But the Founding Tree is now dying and it s Alfonso s job as the Great Sleeper to bring the Dormian Bloom which he grew in his sleep back to Dormia so it can grow into a Founding Tree I liked this book because it was action packed and fast paced Especially at the end In the story Alfonso is expected to do a very hard job that he doesn t The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies, know if he can do A job that most full grown men wouldn t be able to do So how can a 12 year old boy be expected to do it Luckily he ll have help from an old guy His Uncle Hill a guy with a lot of muscles and a girl who has many skills and talents I can relate because I do a lot of hard stuff at school that I don tnow if I can do but I can just ask a friend for help Co author Peter Kujawinski introduced me to his book as he stopped in the store to sign stock Gave it to
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ten year first who said it was just As Great As The great as the Jackson series which coming from him is a huge compliment Read it myself and am hugely impressed by the clean writing thought provoking context and uick pace I m holding back on the last star a bit reluctantly but the conclusion dragged on a bit for me back on the last star a bit reluctantly but the conclusion dragged on a bit for me a while to get to where I Curve Lovers 3 knew we were going anyway Loved the forest scene smack in the middle I will recommend this title to other fans of Percy Jackson Potter and childrens fantasyadventure Serious seuel potential here In the words of someone Inow mehThe concept was interesting enough and there were plenty of sleep related jokes in Dormia but the whole story seemed rushed and the ending seemed abrupt and vague I m sure since there is a continuation to the seriesThe story was interesting enough however to merit 3 rather than 2 but I m not sure if it was enough to get me to read the seuel Who Wedlock Of The Gods knowsIf you have time toill go ahead and read this otherwise don t go out of your way It sat on my bookshelf for 3 years YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK It is absolutely amazing It is by far my favorite book EVER I am so sad it is over I can t wait for the second book This book is good for ages 12 90 I am so happy this book caught my eye at the store IT S A MUST READ Reviewed by Theresa L Stowell for TeensReadToocomAlfonso Perplexon is not just any id He does things in his sleep that most people can t doFor example he wakes up in the top branches of a tree Unfortunately he has a harder time getting down when he is awake than he had climbing it when he was asleep One morning when he climbs down from his tree he meets a stranger named Kiril who understands his sleepwalking abilities and warns him of an adventure that he may soon undertakeNot long after this strange visitation Alfonso s uncle Hill Persplexy shows up at the greenhouse owned by Pappy Eubanks Alfonso s grandfather Uncle Hill tells Alfonso a tale of a lost city that needs. Faces an icy apocalypseDormia’s salvation lies with the Great Sleeper who possesses the special powers to enter a sleep trance and grow a new Founding Tree Hill suspects that Alfonso is just such a person In fact Alfonso’s sleeping self has already hatched this tree Now the uestion is Can Alfonso and his uncle deliver it in time They must hurry but they also must be careful not to be followed by Dormia’s age old enemy the Dragoonya who are always hunting for one of the secret entryways into DormiaAlfonso agrees to take the tree to Dormia and thus begins one of the greatest adventures a twelve year old boy could ever wish forAs he woke up from a late afternoon. Dormia is a about a boy who lives in World s End and that has a special power that let s him do stuff in his sleep he wouldn t normally do it awake He got this special power by his father before he passed away He does this crazy stuff but when he wakes up he does not remember a single thing that he did Then one sudden he noticed that he planted a plant in his Garden it was different than any other plant it glowed and it changed color He didn t what it is but other traveler went to his house to buy the plant but Alfonso believes it is a gift from his dad One day this man nocked on the front door of his house and said he was Alfonso s father brother He then sees the magic plant that Alfonso had grown And tell s them everything about the plant and where it comes from They then make a long journey to return the plant back to where it belong s before it is late And if they don t make it Dormia and possible Earth may be destroyed forever Get this book and read it to See The Actual StoryI Recommend the actual storyI recommend book to people who like Adventure and Mystery Books I read this book out loud to my 10 year old son This was a creative and engaging adventure fantasy The style that it was written in made it incredibly easy to read out loud I didn t find myself stumbling over strange speech patterns or awkward dialogueThe story is based on the creative premise of a society that performs exceptional activities while they sleep for them wakefulness is a state of laziness It was interesting and full of a ton of adventure and excellent action scenesThere are uite a few plot holes and inconsistencies throughout the story However those didn t bother my son So this is probably one of those reads that Undeniable kids will really love but adults will only feel so so aboutThe story is a bit drawn out and at times it felt like there was too much detail However the whole family enjoyed this and my son would like to continue with the seriesOverall this was a fun middle grade adventure read My whole family ended up enjoying it There are some plot holes and inconsistencies throughout the story but these didn t bother my son Only other complaint would be that at points the story gets a bit long because there is too much detail Generally this was a good read and I might continue on with the series if my son wants to 12 10 12DormiaA while back I read a book called Dormia by Jake Halpern In the book Alfonso Perplexon is an weird sleeper He climbs trees tightrope walks and shoots arrows all in his sleep No one can figure out why Then one day a man arrives at Alfonso s door saying he s Alfonso s dads brother and his his long lost uncle Hill that he nevernew about Uncle Hill tells him THE REASON HE DOES AMAZING THINGS reason he does amazing things because Alfonso s ancestors come from a magical land called Dormia A long forgotten Tempted by the Billionaire Tycoon (The Billionaire, kingdom of gifted sleepers Which resides hidden in the snowy peaks of the Ural Mountains in Russia Dormia only. Introducing Alfonso Perplexon hero of the epic fantasy tale DormiaAlfonso Perplexon is an unusual sleeper He climbs trees raises falcons even shoots deadly accurate arrows all in his sleep No one can figure out whyThen one evening a man arrives at Alfonso’s door claiming to be Alfonso’s long lost uncle Hill This uncle tells a fantastical tale Alfonso’s ancestors hail from Dormia an ancientingdom of gifted sleepers which is hidden in the snowy peaks of the Ural Mountains According to Hill Dormia exists thanks to a tree nown as the Founding Tree with roots that pump life into the frozen valley But the Founding Tree is now dying and in a matter of days Dormia. ,

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