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Llenges Inspiring story of Jenni s adventures along with her ogs Saint and "Emmi In these pages you will find the faith and courage to re "In these pages you will find the faith and courage to re your Broken Prophecy definition of success and will find the inspiration too something you have only The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, dreamed of What a wonderful adventure she s having She s one tough cookie who can keep her cooluring her sometimes funny sometimes scary misadventuresThe book was well written and an easy readi will recommend this book to friends and familyCongratulations on getting this far Jenni I m pretty sure your adventure is just starting Amazing Book You will think you are riding along with Jenni Bumping Down Highways across America A must read. As she zigzags in a fifth wheel and motorhome Faith and courage are her guides as she faces challenges and Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, dangers with her “cano attitude” Have you ever The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker dreamed of hitting the open road in an RV Or maybe re writing the trajectory of your story If so climb in and take the adventure of a lifetime with Jenni as she bumpsown one highway after another. Bumping Down HighwaysI just finished this book and want I ve always wanted to travel in an RV but this may be as close as I get to experiencing this adventureI loved her faith and relying on God to get through her fears and the grit it took to encounter some of the challenges she facedI would recommend this book to anyone wanting to enjoy an adventure from their easy chair Excellent book Enjoyed riding along with the author as she takes you Quadruplets On The Doorstep down many highways of our great land Sights people and adventure make it a good read This is myream that Jenni the AUTHOR IS LIVINGI ENJOYED THE BOOK IMMENSELY AN ADVENTURE is livingI enjoyed the book immensely an adventure a woman going from the Corporate world to tak Sounds interesting What. From boardrooms to backroadsthis is the life changing adventure of a woman in her forties who hit the road in an RV on her own That’s exactly what Prada heel wearing running through airports successful business woman and entrepreneur Jenni "Edwards Did Even With All Her Achievements She Discovered Something "did Even with all her achievements she iscovered something missing in her life So she set out searchi. An amazing journey Beautifully #written story that comes to life in etail and escriptions Recommend to #story that comes to life in etail and escriptions Recommend to who seeks adventure and is afraid Great first book Jenni There are so many ways to be successful As Jenni Raney says life reuires guts "courage and vulnerability If you ever wondered what it would be like to in an RV "and vulnerability If you ever wondered what it would be like to travel in an RV coast to coast you will love this book This is a life changing adventure that will inspire others to embark in their own adventure to live the life they have always reamed about living This book encourages everyone to stop procrastinating and start living the life of their The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning dreams We all can conuer our fears and face our cha. Ng for the adventure of a lifetime Boyid she find it  Jenni launches a cross country adventure in her SUV with the barest of essentials and ends up falling in love with the open road Along the way she learns from mistakes sees incredible sights and meets people from every walk of life Jenni’s new “Tiny Life” journey takes her from coast to coast.

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