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I m okay with not having a happy ending but an ENDING would be nice I feel like the book ended in what should have been the end of a chapter Good book although I found the husband Christopher INFURIATING One word to sufficiently describe this book DISTURBINGDr Christopher Bauer and his wife Hannah have been struggling with infertility for years Hannah now 41 has all but and his wife Hannah have been struggling with infertility for years Hannah now 41 has all but up hope of having children

"UntilA Young Girl Is Found "
young irl is found and walking alone through a parking lot covered in blood malnourished and once examined is found to have multiple old and new bone fractures none of which have ever been treated Once thought to be a toddler it turns out after surgery that she is actually 6 years old Christopher being an orthopedic surgeon is the one to perform the many surgeries she reuires and from here he keeps a close vigil on young Janie When it comes time for Janie to be released from the hospital and entered into the foster care system Christopher is just beside himself He ever so casually brings up to Hannah the idea of them taking in Janie After all this may be the blessing they have been waiting for Hannah is reluctant but nevertheless agrees and from here their lives will never be the same again We have alternating chapters between Christoper Hannah and Piper Janie s social worker and they all work beautifully to move the story forward The entire time your reading you know that it is leading up to something big but that reveal doesn t come until the last 25% which will have you furiously flipping the pages Lucinda Berry has penned uite the nightmarish tale This was my first read by her but I assure you it will NOT be my last I m Wife in Exchange going toet my The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, greedyrabby hands on anything she has written 5 terrifying stars This book is not for the faint of heart and has instances of child and animal abuse so if those are triggers for you then I suggest passing this one by BEWARE OF SPOILERS A dead meth addict s child being wild proves to be a pretty Night And Day good read even though placed far out in the field of unbelievable I m not sure where the ending is though Do regular 6 year old undernourished kids the size of a newborn even crazy ones have the necessary strength to kill arown up meth addictIs it really all right to ignore that the kid s mentally ill And she s not just blandly ill but bonkers and plenty dangerous to other people not just herselfAll the manipulation they were letting Janie do it wasn t improving even her own state Kids are clever than we realize and had they actually communicated to Janie that she can t do things she does she would ve been uick to improve Obviously she knew well how to behave with the people she wanted to look Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow good Where do theyet those irrationally patient women like Hannah They were raking her over the coals for virtually nothing I don t really thing her psychotic scribblings or hallucinations were real No wonder she The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid got psychotic a double whammy ofaslihting and lying and raising hand on her husband kid She should ve Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys given aood walloping to her husband maybe knocking some sense into him would have helped And the kid Janie one really needs to be straightforward with discipline for all kids They just weren t clear enough in communicating to her which things are not ever to be done Of course to have such talks they first would have to acknowledge that Janie s doing weird shit But no they Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, go full on with blinders still on Anyway discipline isood there are some miraculous kids that won t Life Changing Smiles go and push people off the stairs to their death but BUT it s ok if sometimes theyet up to things that they would need to be stopped from Like no killing any animals rule Locking the refrigerators I don t think that s the best practice considering her eating history I don t see anything being done other than drastic controlling her food intake Psychological help anyonePsychology sucks in here all right Hannah ets on heavy medication while what she needed was some family therapy and respite from the kid that was driven by something And a caring husband of courseI m not sure why the author skipped considering how the mother taking meth could ve affected the daughter since Janie obviously was abnormal from the start of her career of resident l enfant terrible Especially considering her supposedly professional insight on the social sciences issuesI knew what was expected of me with their uestions Talking freely and open endedly could result in me saying something I wasn t supposed to Nerves twisted my stomachcIt never crossed anyone s mind that someone else might be in trouble I wished it would ve Maybe then things would ve ended differently cThere s someth. A page turning debut of suspense about a young couple desperate to have a child of their own and the unsettling conseuences of etting what they always wantedChristopher and Hannah are a happily married surgeon and nurse with picture perfect lives All that’s missing is a child When Janie an abandoned six year old turns up at their hospital Christopher form.
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The Perfect Child

Lucinda Berry ç 1 SUMMARY

Ists vouch it s realistic ualities in which a young child expresses She Wants Daddy To wants daddy to mommy while watching them have sex The a young child expresses she wants daddy to kill mommy while watching them have sex The Child was written by a child trauma therapist I thought it was very plausible from beginning to end The child s behavior was disturbing but realistic she had been severely abused by her birth mother making us have tons There was a knock on the door I peeped behind the curtains to see who it was then I didn t bother to write a review after all FULL REVIEW UP Watch the Line Between Fiction and Reality Get Truly Blurred in this Chilling novel a perfect october readchristopher and hannah have A Perfect October ReadChristopher and Hannah have all except one thing A childThey had pretty much Only a Whisper given up all hope until they met JanieJanie was exposed to unimaginable horrors and abuse and while Christopher and Hannah were aware of her history she seemed like a wonderful littleirl despite it all While Janie took a shine to Christopher and didn t seem to warm up as much to Hannah Hannah was sure that it would just take time Oh how wrong she was This book was a true nail biter in every sense of the word I could not put it down nor could I stop thinking about the characters long after the final page was turned I had never read a book by Lucinda Berry and I was blown away by her talent She puts the word psychological in the psychological thriller I found out that she is a practicing psychologist and her uncanny ability to interpret the brain and behavior was made abundantly clear She also has the capability of writing disturbingly realistic thrillers that leave you trembling wondering Could that ever happen to me If you want a uniue edge of your seat psychological thriller Look No Further This book will BLOW YOU AWAY I m not sure I ve ever read such a crazy intense non stop haunting anxiety producing novelbut only in the best and most desirable way I didn t want it to end Once this book has you in it s Copper Lake Secrets grips it won t leto I started it this morning and literally could not put it down My poor husband probably feels deprived Having received The Perfect Child free as a Kindle First February option I honestly didn t have high expectations These freebie books are hit or miss for me Sometimes they re decent sometimes they absolutely stink and sometimes they slowly mesmerize you with their intensity and unparalleled chaosThe Perfect Child was like thatI was absolutely mesmerized The characters particularly Hannah were so beautifully tragicshe felt very real to me I could relate so very much to her feelings her anxietiesvirtually everything Having said that at times I also felt frustrated primarily with Christopher His choices and actions were uestionable even during the best of times But the character who had my jaw dropping at virtually every turn of the page was Janie HOLY COW I don t want to say much for fear of Brooklyn's Song giving anything away but Janie may be the best villain I ve read in years Littleirl was beyond vile Is the story a bit predictable I d say yes which is why I didn t Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide give it a full 5 stars One of the main threads was incredibly obvious to me but that took nothing away from the story line And there were a couple twists which shocked menot necessarily because they were unexpected but because of how they actually occurred There is also some animal torturedeath which is another deduction for me I HATE animal torture in any book Fair warning I can t end this review without making the obvious comparisons to Baby Teeth Clearly Lucinda Berry was somewhat inspired by the Zoje Stage novel There are many similar threads throughoutbut the stories diverge enough to make them each incredibly readable in their own ways I m a fan fellow readers I haven t checked to see if this is Ms Berry s first novel or not but she has definitely become a must read author in my eyes I ll be thinking about this novel for a long long time Jesus What I ve just read This book is very disturbing but I couldn t put it down My emotions where all over the place because I didn t know who should I feel sorry for Iuess all of them It is a story of the couple Dr Christopher Bauer and his wife Hannah who adopted an abused by her real mom child Jenie I think they underestimated how hard it is to foster traumatized childLucinda Berry is a trauma psychologist and she uses her clinical experience to create psychological thrillers I have to read of her books in the future Christopher was a blind IDIOT I can t tell you how livid he made me How can a supposed intelligent DOCTOR be in such denial And do you want to know what else infuriated me The fact that Hate the way I ended my rant Then you ll hate the way the author ended this book. Wning under the pressure and Christopher refuses to see Janie’s true natureHannah knows that Janie is manipulating Christopher and isolating him from her despite Hannah’s attempts to bring them all together But as Janie’s behavior threatens to tear Christopher and Hannah apart the truth behind Janie’s past may be enough to push them all over the edge. Ing really amazing about watching Someone Transform Before Your Eyes Your Eyes before your eyes s like witnessing a small miracle I don t want you to miss your eyes It s like witnessing a small miracle I don t want you to miss cIt seemed torturous not to feed her but the doctors had assured us that keeping her on her schedule was the best thing for her c I don t even know why she freaked out I mean one second we were coloring and the next minute she just freaked out for no reason I didn t even tell her no or anything cShe was too young to be that manipulative And besides Hannah was an adult She could handle it c Damn stupid It drives me crazy that he doesn t see how disturbing it is I understand that she s Plain Jane The Hotshot got mom issues but she s so hostile toward me now Not to mention that it s manipulative and controlling c Damn unhelpful This is the daddy She pointed to the littleirl in the chair next to him And this is the Family of Her Dreams girl Is there a mommy Janie curled her lips in disgust No There s no mommy c Uh huh She s had a traumatic disconnect from love and attachment with a maternal figure In her mind the world isn t a safe place and mothers can t be trusted Think about it usually when babies cry they re picked up or fed when they re hungry But Janie s never had this She doesn t trust you so she rejects you even though you re exactly what she needs the most c Children of trauma are experts at triangulation Triangulation I asked The child will act a certain way with one parent and a different way with the other parent They try all kinds of things to drive a wedge in the parents relationship Janie doesn t do that c DenialI hadn t paid attention to the last ten minutes of our session because I d been trying to wrap my head around purposefully manipulating a six year old child especially one who d been traumatized into doing something you wanted them to c Denial and lack of understanding about parenting a kid Any kid much less a problematic oneShe was communicating her feelings in the only way she knew how and everything I d researched stressed the importance of letting abused children make their own choices c Which justoes that bad books shouldn t be taken at face value And a perfect illustration that reading a bunch of books doesn t necessarily make everyone an expert without critical thinking Or even with itWe practice fairness in our family It all sounded right but felt wrong in my Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed gutShe narrowed her eyes to slits No No You have to sayood night to me Say Girls Night Out good night to me Janie screamed c A regular ill behaved kid Did they keepoing back to Dr Chandler They did Even after she d suggested a therapy practice that ended up hurting Janie Yes they continued seeing Dr Chandler Because you want to know the craziest thing about that entire incident I didn t wait for either of them to answer It worked Janie started talking to Hannah again c Well sometimes a kid does need to went it even chewing themselves or whateverI d trained myself a long time ago not to Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) get excited That was when youot hurt cI tried to pretend I was happy and excited about the baby but all I could think about was Janie and how it would affect her c Horrible attitude She jumped up and kicked Cole s carrier He s stupid And ugly Ugly stupid baby She kicked the carrier again and it fell on its side Cole rolled onto the floor c NiceHe d still trade his life for hers c Well he about did And his wife s a chunk and her sister s wholesale and his newborn son s a large chunkSome inconsistencies Not an inch but technically their bones Into the Wild (The McGraws, grow nine millimeters per day so they are taller cSeriously had kidsrown 09 cm per day by 10 years they would et to be 3285 mt 10 years 365 days 09 cm 100 cm per mt This is one messed up book and Janie is one messed up child You d think that the psychological thrillers you read the less they will affect you But actually it doesn t work like that If anything your insides instinctively prepare themselves to be disturbed the moment you begin a new thrillerI read this story at night First mistake My second was to take a break from it by taking a shower in my apartment alone at 4 am Normally I don t care I feel safe enough But that night the softest sound unhinged me making me wonder if a Janie like figure was waiting for me outside the bathroom door Needless to say I am happy to be done with this book Lucinda Berry the auth Audiobooknarrated by Christine Williams Erin Bennett Dan John MillerThe three voice narrators kept me interested really hookedOne reviewer compared this to Baby Teeth Both books deal with a mentally troubled childBut where Baby Teeth was fiction nonsense in which several of my friends who are child therapists agree Baby Teeth being way out in left field one which few therap. S an instant connection with her and he convinces Hannah they should take her home as their ownBut Janie is no ordinary child and her damaged psyche proves to be than her new parents were expecting Janie is fiercely devoted to Christopher but she acts out in increasingly disturbing ways directing all her rage at Hannah Unable to bond with Janie Hannah is dro. ,

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