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Eve of Man

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I eceived a copy of this book in exchange for an honest eview Eve is the first female to be born in 50 years In an ageing world destroyed by man she s aised away from the conflict in the dome a paradise of school lessons dancing and talking to her AI friend Holly But there s to Holly than meets the eyes As Eve approaches her 16th birthday can she accept her inevitable fate as the "Saviour Of Her Race Or "of her ace or a forbidden love force secrets out into accept her inevitable fate as the saviour of her ace or will a forbidden love force secrets out into openI tried to like this I eally did On paper it should be ight up my street Dystopian YA female lead ideas of gender suppression but I just found it incredibly simplistic and uninspiring It all just feels a little bit been there done that with a ather unsophisticated take on The Handmaid s Tale and this idea that women have been oppressed and controlled which seems to be a ecurrent theme in dystopian fiction at the moment The writing style is very overly descriptive in terms of feelings which I don t think eally works here as nothing is left for the eader to interpret and develop their own opinions It s all telling with no subtleties which I think would have helped elevate the text The world building is also ather limited Other than an overview at the beginning which gives an outline into the current state of the planet and humanities apparent lack of espect for the environment due to no future generations to pass it to there s little explanation as to why the world is how it is Why are no female being born What exactly happened Would a world full of mainly men
Really Result In Global Catastrophes 
result in global catastrophes find this slightly condescending to believe Perhaps this will be expanded on in future literature but I eally think time should have been spent trying to flesh out the world that I was suppose to care about The glimpses we see of life outside the dome were some of my favourite segments and I found the hints of environmental destruction and how the Freevers live far interesting than any character in the dome Eve and Bram as the two narrators have very distinct voices and it was easy to differentiate when each of them is in control of the narrative which helped with the flow of the story However they do unfortunately suffer from what comes across as instalove and I found uite a lot of their scenes together uite cringy especially the gushy declarations of love We e given a background to suggest that Eve and Bram have grown up together and know each other well but they ve never so much as touched It s a very clean omance which is ather childish and simple but to me it also feels like infatuation and the love of the unknown ather than omantic love which makes the second half of the book and the motives behind it even harder to understandA major issue that I found in the book is this very clear divide in the story into two distinctive parts The first half is very Eve focused and centres around her life in the dome and her elationships with Bram and the Mothers the ageing women who care for her The second half is very much of a evolutionary fast paced action story I found it uite jarring although I did enjoy the second half However again I found Bram s story a little too easy for him Everything falls into place with very little struggle and strife and his character goes from beaten down son of high powered genius to evolutionary leader without any eal believable development of character In comparison Eve comes across increasingly like a damsel in distress as the story progresses with little ability to eally fight for herself without the help of others This could have been a good story about gender dynamics and the distribution of power in a world devo. AGAINST ALL ODDS SHE SURVIVEDTHE FIRST GIRL BORN IN FIFTY YEARSTHEY CALLED HER EVE All her life Eve has been kept away from the opposite sex Kept from the truth of her pastBut at sixteen it's. Id of females and the continuing struggle to preserve the female ace Unfortunately I just couldn t enjoy it was much as I wanted but I genuinely hope this finds an audience with younger eaders as an introduction into dystopian fiction with an innocent omance 35 to 4The blurb intrigued me and my first thought was the incredible Children of Men The difference is in Children of Men no children had been born for eighteen years Whereas in Eve of Man it s been 50 years since the last baby girl was bornWithout females the human ace was facing extinction and by the time Eve was born the earth was a mess Men living without hope of a future have abused the world beyond imagination Overconsumption of fossil fuels accelerated global warming Then came the miracle everyone had hoped and prayed for Eve A special dome is created for her so she can live in a perfect world Safe and secureShe even has a best friend Holly She knows Holly isn t eal because she s the same age and Eve s the first female born in 50 years But it s nice to have a friend and confidant So Eve lives safe and secure in her perfect world Her only job is to give birth to girls when the time comes To save the human aceI m not sure how sound it is having just one girl to continue the human ace but it s all they ve got So putting thoughts of interbreeding asideBram has known Eve nearly all her life and while they ve never actually met he s one of the pilots who operates Holly He knows her better than anyone after all he s her best friendEve is now 16 years old three potential mates have been selected for
Her To Choose From But 
to choose from But don t go as planned and this is when she actually meets Bram for the first time She knows on sight that he s her favourite Holly Things change from this moment for both of them Eve can t stop thinking about Bram and she starts to consider her life and what her future could hold if she was truly free to make her own decisionsSo I was intrigued and after eading the prologue I ve included the first part below excitedI liked both Eve and Bram and the world that s been created and after the prologue I was glued and just couldn t ead fast enough I was fully engrossed in this new world but then it seemed to slow and before I actually ealised it I found I was skimming I took a break and I ll admit I realised it I found I was skimming I took a break and I ll admit I if this book was going to continue like this and just heat up at the end to get us eady for the next bookI m glad to say this wasn t the case at all it and the second half was better than the first and now I m looking forward to the next bookSo why not 5Apart "from the slow part in the middle it just never seemed to each its full potential I m sure why or "the slow part in the middle it just never seemed to each its full potential I m sure why or what was missing for me but it didn t fully work But there was enough here to make me want to continue on Prologue On the first day no one eally noticed Perhaps there was a chuckle among the midwives at the sight of all those babies wrapped in blue blankets not a pink one in sight Individual hospitals would ve thought nothing of it They wouldn t have known that this day of blue was only the beginning On the second day they frowned confused at another twenty four hours of blue Just boys How baffling Still they assumed it was nothing than coincidence The Y chromosome was just making of an appearance than usual On the third day the media made light of it It Really Is A Man s World That brought the situation to everyone s attention Doctors and nurses ealized theirs wasn t the only hospital to go blue Blue was taking over Not just entire hospitals not just entire countries but the entire world Where had the pink gone With approximately two and a half million babies Time for Eve to face her destiny Three potential males have been selected for her The future of humanity is in her hands She's always accepted her fateUntil she meets BramEve wants control Orn each week half of whom were usually girls the sudden imbalance couldn t be ignored World leaders were called together with the most espected scientists to try to understand what was happening and discuss measures they could take to monitor the situation They had to find an ethical way of working they didn t want to strip people of their human ights That was what they said InitiallyThe first part of the prologue I ve people of their human ights That was what they said InitiallyThe first part of the prologue I ve is from the arc and could change with publicationI voluntarily ead a eview copy kindly provided by NetGalley and Penguin UK ARC BOOK REVIEWRelease Date 31518This eally appealed to me the idea of a dystopian landscape where female births have decimated to the point where the last XX Birth in fifty years is the honour of one young girl aptly name EveUnsurprisingly she is one hot commodity kept segregated from the common masses in the tower with the Mothers Aged woman who have made it there lives vocation to aise herEve is aised with the ideals that she alone is the last hope for humanity a heavy esponsibility for any young girlHer only companion aside from the mothers is Holly a kind of eady made best friend she s a sort of hologram un by three drivers one of whom is BramBram and Eve though they have never touched in person have sort of grown to adulthood side by sideDespite only interacting through Holly these two have learned to ecognise each otherAnd it s not long before the deep feelings these two inspire in each other spill over into eal timeSo I did find this slightly disappointing sighNot much eally happens in the first two thirds of this story it s all Eve meeting the potentials and a whole lot of inner turmoil from both Bram and Eve and I DID FIND THINGS TO BE did find things to be slow and plodding in nature a kind of slow buildThis didn t work for me eally and I found my attention at times drifting somewhatAlso there s no eal explanation for why things are the way they are which I found a ather perplexing factI felt this was a missed opportunity to further expand on this uniue backdropSo For me this was all gearing up to be a 25 I wanted to like this book because I think Tom and Gi are to like this book because I think Tom and Gi are people and I expected to like it because Gi is a talented adult writer However I could not click with this bookThe first half was okay From the first page I was nervous it wasn t uite my taste The writing is very simplistic and abrupt but in a way that doesn t engage me The story is very much told to you so there s not a lot of clues you need to pay attention to and sadly that left me bored At this point though it was a The second half changed things The story became fast paced but I felt unmoved by everything that was going on I didn t care about any of the side characters like Frost and I was waiting for Eve to become the badass I wanted her to be but she never did The characters were stereotypical the writing was boring and I ended up not caring about any of it at allI understand that for the sake of the story gender was going to have uite a narrow view It still made me sad that Eve is a damsel trapped in a tower and Bram is the macho guy on a mission to save her There s no thought to sexuality either like what if Eve was a lesbian No thought was put into the fact that LGBT characters could exist A sentence somewhere to acknowledge this would ve been nice The narrow worldview made me uncomfortable and added to the boringpredictable elements that left me extremely disappointed with this story CW view spoilerDescription of some medical procedures Fertility and infertility test tube babies left to die because they were not male Man sacrifices himself to let others escape hide spoiler. Ver her life She wants freedomBut how do you choose between love and the future of the human aceEVE OF MAN is the first in an explosive new trilogy by bestselling authors Giovanna Tom Fletch.

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