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Icle from behind a nanoscale newspaper and dark sunglasses so as not to arouse suspicion In Gate Crashers by Patrick S Tomlinson My original GATE CRASHERS audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook ReviewerFirst contact scenarios are a common enough trope in science fiction but Patrick S Tomlinson manages to inject a bit of freshness and fun and than a few dashes of silliness into mankind s discovery of intelligent life out amongst the stars Gate Crashers feels at times like an ode to Star Trek Tomlinson s Captain Ridgeway of the Magellan being only a hairsbreadth away from Voyager s Janeway while Bucephalus s Captain Tiberius a dashing man of action in and out of the bedroom draws an obvious parallel to one James Tiberius Kirk replete with a few away missions for our band of cosmonauts that see them tangling with strange new worlds new life and new civilizations boldly going where plenty of aliens have already been beforeDespite there being a certain degree of familiarity baked in Tomlinson still manages to do his own thing and brings in shiploads of fun along the way playing a lot of Earth s first expedition into deep space for laughs The discovery of an alien artifact by the Magellan s crew kicks off a wave of scientific advancement as well as the emergence of an artifact worshiping cult back on Earth This latter development is particularly preposterous given the fairly mundane nature of the alien device and this sense of grandiose discovery for mankind of things that are commonplace for the galaxy s alien races becomes a significant theme that recurs throughout the book There s a fun bit of interplay between expectations of discovery and the reality of their situation but Tomlinson injects plenty of high stakes action political machinations tabloid sensationalism and world destroying perils along the way The threats to mankind are deadly serious and despite some scenes overloaded with attention killing technobabble the story floats along with a good degree of jubilation Not every joke landed just right for me but I found myself laughing along with Tomlinson s wit often than not One pun about being a seasoned veteran still tickles me in fact well after having finished my listen of Gate CrashersWhile the writing is bent toward the comedic Alyssa Bresnahan s narration is nfortunately largely straight forward While she does an admirable job bringing the various characters to life injecting each member of the Magellan and Bucephalus with their own distinct Marie Antoinette uirks and voices her reading is oftentimes much too serious given the tone of the materialite a few times I found myself wondering how Gate Crashers would have sounded with a narrator like Wil Wheaton at the helm who could capture the irreverence of this particular story and Tomlinson s writing much as he had for several of John Scalzi s audiobooks Bresnahan s narration is perfectly adept during this book s serious moments and I d like to listen to her reading a work that isn t so reliant on humor but she too often misses the author s comedic beats and plays too much of a straight man to Tomlinson s silliness On the production end of thing Bresnahan s reading comes through crystal clear and Gate Crashers is another finely recorded audiobook from Recorded Books Gate Crashers is a fun witty feel good listen one in which its author has carefully balanced freshness and familiarity while giving s some much welcomed insight into humanity s perseverance and ingenuity and than a few well timed fist pumping heroics as Earth s most evolved apes outwit far advanced alien races by The Skin Of Their Teeth If There skin of their teeth If there voyages in Megellan s future well beam me up Or freeze dry vaporize shift and reconstitute me Or whatever the hell it is they do around hereNote audiobook Or freeze dry vaporize shift and reconstitute me Or whatever the hell it is they do around hereNote audiobook for review by the audiobookreviewercom I enjoyed this book ite a lot It is a science fiction novel with enough humor included to give a lightness to the story for a nice change of pace in the genre Some of the instant science was a little eyebrow lifting for me and the passage of time was Programming in Objective C uneven to the extent of making me go back to read some passages over it wasn t me it was the author But even with some problems I can say I enjoyed the book enough to have had some chuckles along with some hold my breath moments when the fate of planets was hanging in the balance The deep space ship Magellan has an AI called Maggie who stays on alert while her crew of 157 peoplecicles continue their cryosleep rotations Maggie decided she must alert Captain Allison Ridgeway to the anomaly she has noticed Ahead of the Magellan is an object in space that isn t moving the readings would make you think it was a rock but how did it get there without moving at all Other members of the crew are awakened so the item can be observed The next decision begins a chain of events which leads to the destruction of planets the impending destruction of Earth and the interactions with multiple alien nationsThis book has just about every type of character you would want to meet in a slightly tongue in cheek science fiction novel In fact it would make aite good television serial with the geeky science guy the ltra macho military guy the strong but reasonable female captain of the exploration ship the good alien and the really bad aliens plus all the important supporting cast
but there is 
there is some very good sounding science involved so it isn t all funny and light hearted My favorite novels are mysteries and thrillers but when the body count begins to get me down I want to spend time with something different For me fantasy or science fiction is what I reach for I m very glad I went with science fiction this time because this novel gave me just the reading pleasure I was looking for This first novel overcame a slow and ncertain start to the point where I considered abandoning it to a not bad first third Then about the time the human exploration starship Magellan deciphered a warning sign 30 light years out that read Human Wildlife Preserve Keep Out I was pretty well won over Be aware that this one recycles just about every SF and space opera trope and joke from the past half century many very well worn indeed And the rubber science strains WSOD to the breaking point But hey The author has read the classics and st. Hing back homeMeanwhile at mission control the governments struggle to maintain the existence of aliens a secret while also combating bureaucracy the military industrial complex and everyone else who wants a piece of the science that could sky rocket a species into a new tec. ,

It s okay Charlie I got an angle Captain Lincoln F Sternn in a scene from the animated film Heavy Metal 1981 that was viewable as an excerpt at least when this was posted on YouTubeThe exploratory STL slower than light Earth vessel Magellan her crew in cryogenic suspension is six decades away from Earth when she Maggie that is the ship s AI runs across an alien artifact stationary and all alone in interstellar space Once awakened and consulted Captain Allison Ridgeway orders this anomalous object taken aboard and examined not perhaps the most cautious possible decision but certainly a productive one The device turns out to be or less comprehensible to human engineers who begin reverse engineering it with great glee and great success The Magellan heads back to Earth with her prize Everything s going so well The Water Of Life until the aliens showp and want their doohickey backThey re not asking politely either The crew of the Magellan has to find that angle and fast and hope that it works out better than Sternn s scheme did for himOkay you know there are only a couple of ways this conflict could go well three but we re not talking about Catherynne M Valente s Space Opera here either the ancient galaxy spanning civilization crushes The Year of Living Biblically upstart Earth like a gnat which makes for a pretty short booknless you re John Varley maybe or the plucky humans find something they can se against Earth s numerically technologically and organizationally superior foe an angle just as God in the form of editor John W Campbell Jr intendedFrom very early in Gate Crashers it s pretty clear which course Patrick S Tomlinson intends to takeGate Crashers is in many ways a throwback firmly in the vein of Campbellian SF that was tapped so well than forty years ago by Christopher Anvil in Pandora s Planet and recently by Ryk E Spoor s Grand Central Arena although Spoor does not position his series as comedy The humor in Tomlinson s book wasn t a matter of guffaws for me it did not hit me in the feels as the kids say the way Valente s Space Opera did a few months ago but the chuckles came continually He s not shy about skewering the sual easy targets politicians bureaucracy management the military organizational inefficiencies in general are the most freuent but hardly the only objects of his jibesMy subtext detector did go off a few times it seems remotely possible that Tomlinson s political sentiments do not fully align with my own but overall Gate Crashers was great fun even when my own adopted home town came into Tomlinson s satirical sightsThe Great Nerd War started innocently enough when an overworked Park and Rec employee in Portland accidentally double booked a shelter with a Tolkien reenactment of the Battle of Helm s Deep and a Star Wars LARP game The two sides did their best to avoid each other ntil the reenactment s Saruman was overheard saying that Christopher Lee totally phoned in his Count Dooku performance By early evening seventeen lay dead Eight years of bitter fighting later a truce was signed in what became known as the Shelter C Accords p387HehGoodreads friend Peter T has already marked this one as to read and I think he s right Gate Crashers seems likely to be even in his wheelhouse than it was in mine One character even shares his surnameGate Crashers probably doesn t have a character in it with your surname but if you ve been looking for a good old fashioned humans first rebellious romp through the ve been looking for a good old fashioned humans first rebellious romp through the you could do a lot worse than pick p this particular anti gravity device Light enough to float away like a child s birthday balloon Gate Crashers IS A PLEASANT FIRST CONTACT DIVERSION THAT TRIES VERY a pleasant first contact diversion that tries very to be amusing and succeeds often enough to make for a fun readThe plot is simple Spacefaring humans come across an alien artifact and haul it away to investigate Complications ensue the aliens notice that the artifact is missing to begin with and various feats of good old fashioned ingenuity and bravado keep the bad guys at bayWhat that means is the success or failure of Gate Crashers depends on how clever ANDOR AMUSING THE READER FINDS AUTHOR PATRICK S TOMLINSON amusing the reader finds author Patrick S Tomlinson me he was just clever andor amusing enough that I didn t regret the time spent reading the book but not clever andor amusing that I m going to get in line for his next oneBut off of his achievement with Gate Crashers there should be a next book and with just a little improvement Tomlinson could become a lighthearted voice worth listening to in a field in desperate need of less dark and a lot fun I didn t finish I found it too relentlessly twee Also though the author acknowledges he needed help to become less brocentric it wasn t enough for me Frinst I was 13 of the way through and a main POV character s young wife still had no name It s set in the future yet women in politics change their last names with each marriageMr Dr Science finished it and found it adeuately amusing in a Douglas Adams kind of way and he doesn t care for Adams all that much Hugely entertaining space romp Witty with a few laugh outloud moments and it isn t easy making me laugh with a book and a great premise and bunch of characters Clearly going for Becky Chambers fans it also has the feel of a homage to Hitchikers Guide I certainly enjoyed it Review to follow shortly on For Winter NightsIncidentally the Pb has about 400 pages my proof had 414 pages If you re into stuff like this you can read the full reviewuantum Entanglement Radio Gate Crashers by Patrick S TomlinsonThe antum Entanglement Radio is one of the great accomplishments of mankind although it had so far failed to supplant sliced bread for the top spot in popular collouialism The ER operated through the principle of antum entanglement At the core of each set of devices sat a pair of neutrons Once entangled these neutrons precisely imitated each other s behavior instantly and over any distance as if by magic which if you re honest is all antum mechanics is minus the hats rabbits and bisected lovely assistants but only because these things don t exist at subatomic scales The rest of the device was comprised of an impossibly small gravitational manipulator that controlled the spin directions and speed of the particle and very sensitive Heisenberg detectors to record the reply These functioned by surreptitiously observing the entangled part. On humanity’s first extra solar mission the exploration vessel Magellan discovers an alien construction Deciding that finding advanced alien life is too important to ignore the ship’s captain chooses to return to Earth while reverse engineering technology far beyond anyt. ,

Eals from the best A real plot with some actual interest starts to emerge There s a Galactic Assembly out there and the police forcearmy a particularly bellicose race called the Turemok are not welcoming the humans But those plucky humans have a few things to show those proud Galactics Stop me if you ve seen this stuff before but the book has a clunky charm that won me over 35 stars rounded pSome highlights Tiberius Maximus Captain of Earth s first interstellar warship who we first meet at the Captain s Mast bar in DC with a girl The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species under each armRoswell NM 1947 it turns out that an alien intern borrowed his boss s saucer to impress his date and managed to run it into a weather balloonAnd the windup scene with the Fate of Earth in the Balance ends with a splendid 324 terawatt Bite into the Bad Guys Pow Okay sure I m biased But I honestly love this book It s my first I started writing it in 2009 The version you ll endp reading next June 18th is the seventh or eighth rewrite It s been a very long journey and it almost stayed locked away in my trunk foreverI m seriously ecstatic about the opportunity Tor has given me to bring this book to you and I hope you end The Bartender up loving it as much as I do Peace 45 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum loved this book As someone who has lost track of the number of times I ve been hoodwinked into reading so called sci fi comedy mashups la Douglas Adams or Star Trek like spoofs only to have them turn out to be cringeworthy juvenile attempts at humor all I have to say is Gate Crashers is the real deal Smart funny and creative it elicited than a few genuine belly laughs from me and not a lot of books can do thatOur story begins with humanity s first extra solar mission aboard the space exploration starship Magellan the most advanced vessel of her kind Carrying a crew in suspended animation the ship AI affectionately nicknamed Maggie notices an anomaly on her sensors and wakes Captain Ridgeway from her stasis to inform her of the discovery The anomaly turns out to be of alien origin and Ridgeway deeming this evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life too important to ignore decides to load the artifact on board and report the find to Earth Meanwhile back at home researchers politicians and the media are working themselves into a froth trying tonderstand and reconstruct the alien technologyEventually the mysteries of the alien artifact are Tono Bungay unlocked changing the trajectory of human space travel and exploration forever Within a relatively short time a powerful warship designed and built with a shiny new hyperspace drive joins the Magellan in deep space captained by the chauvinistic cocky and supremely vain Maximus Tiberius with the inspiration for his character being immediately obvious But humankind s sudden leap forward in technology and knowledge has not gonennoticed It appears that Earth has pset the original creators of the alien artifact who have been tracking Maggie s movements ever since their property was stolen The even greater threat however is a aggressive alien species called the Turemok who sees humanity s first awkward baby steps at faster than light travel as an opportunity to frame Earth and start a galaxy wide warGate Crashers fully delivers on the promise of an entertaining and adventurous romp through space My past experiences with books that have touted something similar such as Steven Erikson s Willful Child Joe Zieja s Mechanical Failure or Catherynne M Valente s Space Opera have mostly been enjoyable but in Failure or Catherynne M Valente s Space Opera have mostly been enjoyable but in eyes they all lacked something important balance Humor especially parody can be ite tricky What I ve learned is that the amount of silliness in a story is sually inversely proportional to the amount of depth you ll find Go overboard with the slapstick or toilet humor and you also run the risk of turning off your readers looking for something less infantileThen there s personal taste What one person laughs at might make someone else groan Some readers prefer in your face jokes and gags while others go for dry and subtle wit Myself I tend to gravitate towards the latter with just a sprinkle of the former But above all I just want a worthwhile story Gate Crashers is proof that a sci fi comedy novel can be full of warmth depth and substance without sacrificing any of it for the humor Here we have a full flavored plot despite many of the book s elements being homages to popular science fiction motifs Readers will be able to spot nods to everything from Star Trek to The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy though the story of Gate Crashers also has enough originality to stand on its ownI also loved the characters even when it is clear some of them are light parodies of the genre In humor a lot of first contact stories clear some of them are light parodies of the genre In humor a lot of first contact stories humans as doltish and incompetent idiots who wind p embarrassing themselves on the galactic stage like some drunken Elementary Treatise in Herbology uncle at a dinner party With only a couple exceptions Tomlinson s portrayal of Ridgeway and her fellow space explorers aren t anywhere near so extreme There s a difference between stupidity and ignorance the humans in Gate Crashers might not know what they re doing but they have enough common sense tose what knowledge they have to do right by themselves and the aliens While their bumbling attempts at space diplomacy might look foolish and absurd the characters are genuinely full of heart and well intentioned alities that make them very likeable Everyone has a story even the non humans demonstrating the author s efforts in character development Most of them are dealing with very relatable problems or internal conflicts Even James Kirk I mean Maximus Tiberius is someone you will want to root for as much as he makes you want to shake your headPerhaps what works to root for as much as he makes you want to shake your headPerhaps what works about Gate Crashers is that it could probably be categorized as full on comedy but general sci fi readers can also enjoy it as an adventurous space opera with comedic elements While books of this genre aren t all that ncommon I found the blend of humor and amount of substance behind the story to be just right and for me to find something that strikes that perfect balance is very special and rare indeed If you re looking for a genuinely entertaining and clever sci fi novel that will also leave you with a big smile on your face Gate Crashers is your answer Highly recommended. Hnological golden ageLittle does everyone involved know that the bumbling of a few highly evolved apes in space hasn’t gone nnoticed and humanity has put itself on a collision course with a far wider and potentially hostile galaxyBecause in space no one can see you screw. ,

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