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Kitties purr Maybe it s the rita s but you re probably thinking you wouldn t mind a long haul in that Mac Do your research Investigate the perfection Chances are he s a shifty shithead feeding you meow mixWhen you DISCOVER a 310 pound Vanna White is your new BFFWhen all your friends are freaks and geeks you need a go to guy when all things vamp and cat go to shit A protector A savior A Harrier Get yourself a Harrier and keep him close and cat go to shit A protector A savior A Harrier Get yourself a Harrier and keep him close re going to need him often And the 310 pound Vanna White reference he said so himself For the recordWhen you DISCOVER your taste in men kind of sucksGrab your girl and hit the club Be sure to have a loyal non para friend on call My margarita messiah is Piper and our booty shaking shack is Peg Leg Chucks the reverse mullet of dance clubs Let loose while you still canAliya DalRae s second book of the Jessica Sweet series is one big hot mess after another Her comedic yet thrilling hit and run chapters character jump about and keep you guessing It s a fast paced story full of life changers for Ms Sweet Her relationship with Raven is coming unraveled Her family is growing to reunion style proportions and I xpect a new arrival in book three Sweet Discovery is a fact finding mission that The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) ends with Jessica deeper into the paranormalxistence she so desperately wanted out of But when your boyfriend has fangs and your family has fur there is no Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, exit This book is yummy Discover for yourself how SWEET it is Having read Aliya DalRae s first book and giving it a five star rating I wasagerly waiting for Sweet Discovery I am not a book reviewer by any means just an avid reader so when I say I would have given Sweet Discovery 10 stars if I could would be an understatement I was on such an A Fairly Honourable Defeat emotional roller coaster with this book I couldn t put it down Love betrayal family friends and life in general were all brought together to make her second book one helluva read She answered many uestions from Sweet Vengeance and left me wanting Sweet Discovery is a book you don t want to miss she just better hurry up with book 3 Awesome Page Turner from page oneFrom the first sentence this novel I was sucked into this Sweet story Jessica s visions show her love Raven murdering a friend of hers from town Though she wants to deny what she saw it sven worse when Raven has holes in his memory during that time frame As much as she loves her dangerous man Jessica feels the need to step away from not only Raven but the whole Vampire scene She needs to be around normal people doing normal activitiesWith Jessica moving away from Raven Malcolm feels that this is his opportunity for Jessica to get to know and love him From Chapter One all the way through Chapter 128 yes 128 I was mesmerized by their story and never wanted it to their story and never wanted it to The way DalRae tells this story was captivating the ndinggenius Everyone needs to buy and read this book just make sure you don t have any other plans for a couple days One Word WOW I thought the 1st book was great the 2nd one is ven betterIt has Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue everything you need for a Pararomance Novel Love Heartache Revenge Friendship Family and Sex Just when you think you may have it figured out ADR throws you a curveball So many twists and turns and jaw dropping Surprises Every page is a page turner in itself keeping you wanting and The Backstories of the Main Characters Jessica Sweet and Raven and don t forget Malcolm the Cat and Vampire Harrier The Legion and the Were sall intertwined one way or another in thisxplosive 2nd Installment of the Jessica Sweet Trilogy This book has it all Vampires Humans Werewolves and much Aliya DalRae did it again You feel like you are right there in the story with them you feel what they are feeling Joy Sadness Anger Love Family How a reader should feel when reading a book This is A must Read Read the 1st B Check out this review and many on my blog out of 5 stars Holy guacamole Aliya DalRae has done it again This second installment of the Jessica Sweet trilogy ratchets up the angst and drama while staying true to Jessica s uirky nature and wry humor Things are not all wine roses for Jessica and Raven Women are dying found murdered annihilated really in. St one on Legion record was about the time Raven stopped killing Raven Vampire by birth monster by choice For centuries he was out of control a murderer and so much worse Jessica’s love broke the curse. .

Discovery is the theme of Aliya DalRae s second novel in The Jessica Sweet Trilogy Sweet Discovery and the revelations come at you faster than a spray of bullets as Jessica and Raven from Sweet Vengeance Book 1 of DalRae s trilogy are subject to a What s New and Who s Who of their local paranormal world That DalRae is capable of weaving together such a twisted and complex tale of past loves murder and paranormal world That DalRae is capable of weaving together such a twisted and complex tale of past loves murder and is a testament to her ability as a writer to keep her readers motivated to find out the truth The Man Without a Face even beyond the final word in this book s chapter In doing so this author whets the appetite for heragerly anticipated final chapter in The Jessica Sweet Trilogy Sweet Destiny DalRae s writing is powerful and motivating She sets up a world in which vampires werewolves shifters and sorcerers Well maybe not so much the sorcerers mingle freely with human society as asily as flower bedecked chapeau d southern belles at derby season Humans just can t seem to distinguish their friendly neighborhood looming and luscious paranormals until the heat is on when said vamps weres and shifters are sating their intense desires for sex and mayhem and having their intended targets running for their lives Peppered generously with uirky humor and daring prattle DalRae makes her characters seem as though they re xperiencing just another day at the local bar The full development of her characters personalities and their back stories however is meaty and complex with their pasts often going back centuries In some cases the author reveals lost legacies and sordid secrets that not only have the reader reeling but whets their appetite with a glimpse of what deliciousness is yet to come Sweet Discovery is not a read for the faint of heart with its strong sexual situations and graphic violence but it is a tale masterfully told and Gone (Gone, easily digested by anyone with a thirst for something uniue This adult read is a teeth chattering pulse poundinglectric read that will have you thirsting and craving for much much One Startling Discovery after AnotherAuthor Aliya DalRae wastes no time in forcing her readers to feast their Threads Of The Shroud eyes upon what protagonist Jessica Sweet already sees happening in her visions Right away you re privy to a mutilation andvisceration H m m there hasn t been a murder since the last one on Legion record at about the time Raven stopped killing You know the hunk of a vampire Jessica fell madly in love with in Sweet Vengeance A perverse twist on an old idiomatic All Seated on the Ground expression comes to mind If it looks like the Rapist and walks like the Rapist is it Raven That is just one discovery the reader will make along the blood draining page turning spree of Sweet Discovery from start to finish without letting up These discoveries are not limited to merevents but Untitled. extend to the characters background and their relationships toach other Oh and from my point of view the last discovery is the most startling of allWhile I wanted to slow down my reading pace to savor Wiring every drop I mean word my insatiable thirst to imbibe startling revelations had me sinking my teeth into this novel s jugular until I impaled it ofvery word Clearly I m now in a feeding frenzy for the author s upcoming third book in the trilogy It s my reading destiny Fallen Cross has become the picenter of discovery Discovery and disclosures up the keister And it s raining men Vamps Shifters Sorcerers Werewolves They all need an ass kicking and they re all pissing off Jessica Sweet She Has Had Enough Of has had nough of men Enough of their drama Enough to write her own advice column The Sweet guide to paranormal men What to doWhen you DISCOVER your boyfriend is a blood sucking liarDid you did have a vision of your bad boy blood sucker ripping your friend to shreds If yes politely confront the fanged freak Did he deny the trail of blood leading to his doorstep If yes your boyfriend is in fact a blood sucking liar Dump him Immediately And if his name is Raven runWhen you DISCOVER your Mack Daddy is fake news Tall dark and handsome nters the bar and strategically places his perfectly toned torso between you and your margarita The names Mac Gatta The ladies swoon the men swoon the. Jessica Sweet Women are dying in Fallen Cross people I know people close to me However it’s the way they die that has me worried There hasn’t been a murder like this in a very long time In fact the la. ,

A manner not seen since Raven s former bad boy self The Rapist was in action Top it off with the fact that Jessica s had a vision showing Raven The Rapist in action and you ll understand what I mean when I say things between them are a tad stressed I love love loved the fact that we got to spend time in this book with both King Cat Malcolm and Harrier Being in their headspace was fun These two males brought so much to the story this time Not to mention they re both sexy as sin I call that a win win One of my fave aspects of Ms DalRae s writing are her short punchy chapters I hate having to put a book down mid chapter so this works for me What didn t work for me per se was the one chapter mentality at bedtime since they re short and completely ngaging chapters I kept saying one until next thing I knew it was pretty much morning Curses But it was so worth it I recieved an lectronic ARC of this book from the author which I then chose to voluntarily review Sweet Discovery by Aliya DalRaeWhen I stepped into Fallen Cross I had no which I then chose to voluntarily review Sweet Discovery by Aliya DalRaeWhen I stepped into Fallen Cross I had no I d be in for the adventure of lifetime but that is xactly what happened while reading Sweet Discovery Jam packed with action thrills and chills Mrs DalRae has outdone herself once againIf you have not started this series what are you waiting for Run don t walk to purchase these stories I promise you will not be disappointed Join Jessica Sweet Raven and many other lovable characters try to navigate this crazy thing we call lifeWell done Aliya DalRae Can t wait for the next one so get writing A riveting paranormal mysteryromancethriller Having thoroughly Against All Odds enjoyed Sweet Vengeance the first book in DalRae s Jessica Sweet mysteries I was keen to read Sweet Discovery Not until I started reading did I realise how ironic the title is many uestions than discoveries were arising in the most fascinating and heart stopping ways Absolutely 110% intrigued I had to keep on reading to find the answers to my own uestions and theories as well as Jessica s This book is a fast paced roller coaster ofmotions complete with loop the loops and tilt a whirls of mystery secrets horror and intense personal conflicts for a number of key characters It s a mark of a great writer that a story can take you on the journey not just of the main characters and the key plot but also of the other characters through sub plots that weave seamlessly with the main story Characters I disliked intensely in the first book became likeable not only through the development of their personality and actions but also through gaining a greater understanding of their motivations and histories Other characters that I uite liked in the first book underwent an almost opposite kind of transition Once again DalRae reminds us through this fabulous book that no matter how reminds us through this fabulous book that no matter how we might be that we re right about people or situations or Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism even that we know something for sure things aren t always what they seemIf you re looking for fabulous paranormal mystery adventure laced with than a dash of hot sauce and romance look no further Sweet Vengeance and Sweet Discovery are the books for you Now I m waiting with bated breath for the next in the series I m definitely hungry for the next course Fantastic seuel in the Jessica Sweet trilogy More chaos in Fallen Cross More of Raven the hunk and Jessica s love interest who isven uestionable than the in the first book In her vision she sees him murdering a friend of hers Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils even if he has a sketchy memory ofvents himself I love how she handles Raven as a character He has done some really REALLY bad things in his pastThe word Discovery in the title is fitting Jessica is learning about her community Raven and herself With her typical sarcastic humor she is able to wade through all the drama surrounding herThis book is an Payment Due emotional roller coaster of lives of many of the characters not just Jessica s We get to learn about the vampire Harrier and King Cat who was my favorite character in book one and is in this one too I felt like I was in the story with themThis book isverything you want out of a paranormal romance shapeshifters werewolves and vampires and hot romance Can t wait to read book three. That controlled him restoring his free will but his savage ways remain in the past Or do they His Jessica has visions Fate and her visions brought them together Now they are threatening to tear them apart.

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Sweet Discovery Jessica Sweet Trilogy #2

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