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Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, eY recommend this bookven if you don t want to read it It is one of those books that is just worth it At least it was for me A collection of mind boggling stories from the boggling mind of Christopher Rowe You think you know where you are well it s usually Kentucky and that you have a grasp on what s going on and then a car nuzzles someone for comfort or a betting clerk hovers in the air beside the protagonist or a telephone has to be killed The stories are fresh and the narrative voices delightful but it s the world building details that absolutely slay me An impressive and beguiling collection of science fiction unfolding in unexpected ways Reading this BOOK IS AN ADVENTURE ROWE IS is an adventure Rowe is creative world builder and he weaves A Fairly Honourable Defeat engrossing stories within thisnvironmentRowe s world world builder and he weaves ngrossing stories within this nvironmentRowe s world some of the power of the best dystopias He creates a polluted world where people build from scraps and debris like Mad Max and yet preserve some unaccountable classic pieces Shakespeare in STATION ELEVEN and Greek myth in this book There are intricate state supported religions Rowe also incorporates the humor of ALICE "IN WONDERLAND With Uixotic Rulers "WONDERLAND with uixotic rulers a mish mash of reasonable and incomprehensible rules He also has rebellionsrevolutions and uixotic creatures like China Mieville This book would have benefitted from better diting There are a number of awkward sentences Although in some stories I felt like I had stumbled into somebody lse s dream What s happening here the book is well worth reading I recommend it I The Man Without a Face enjoy Christopher Rowe s storiesnough that I was happy to spend money on this collection ven though I had read most of the stories before He writes wonderfully and he creates intriguing visions of a future often post Singularity America through the lens of Kentucky The twin centerpieces of this collection are The Volun. E New York Times Book Review and long listed in the Best American Short Stories He holds an MFA from the Bluegrass Writer’s Studio Rowe and his wife Gwenda Bond co write the Supernormal Sleuthing Series for children and reside in a hundred year old house in Lexington Kentuck.

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35 starsI had only read one of Christopher Rowe s stories before so I didn t really know what to from this book and although there were a couple of stories that didn t me it has left a pleasant taste in my mouthTelling the Maps is a varied collection that compiles ten pieces of different lengths from flash fiction to novella styles and genres Most of the stories the strongest ones in my opinion can be classified as science fiction Kentucky dystopian science fiction specifically in several cases with a few and interesting xamples of religious dystopian science fiction like Rowe s award nominated Another Word for Map Is Faith my highlight from the bookI also njoyed The Voluntary State another of Rowe s popular stories in which he describes another weird and intriguing dystopian world that in my opinion was too complex and new for a piece of this length making the story a bit confusing and too centered in the world building to the detriment of the plot and characters On the contrary the The Border State a new novella that takes up the second half of this collection set in this same world was "the perfect length to continue discovering this society in a relaxed and njoyable way and it "perfect length to continue discovering this society in a relaxed and Threads Of The Shroud enjoyable way and it my second highlight in this volume thanks to those threatening and disturbing rivers and despite the fact that I don t like cycling at allOverall an interesting collection that I would recommend to any science fiction fan and the perfect way to start discovering Rowe s short fiction Wow I wasn txpecting to like this as much as I did but I suspect it s going to be in my top five for 2018 I stumbled across it in the shelving cart at the library and recognized the first story The Contrary Gardner from a years best sci fi anthologyMany of A gem of a collection full of imaginative sff What really struck me was the magical real. There are ten stories here including one readers have waited ten long years for in new novel la The Border State Rowe revisits the world of his much lauded story The Voluntary State Competitive cyclists twins Michael and Maggie have trained all their lives to race internationa. Ist style of the stories we re plopped into these worlds and some of them are familiar than others but there s always something weird going on that makes it suddenly and beautifully strange Some stories are tragic or beautiful or weird but all feel very real populated by sympathetic characters and grounded in a Kentucky that is both familiar and alien But All Seated on the Ground even though the stories all share Kentucky as a sort of base setting the stories are all very distinctDefinitely worth the read if you re a lover of truly imaginative fiction Nice writingnjoyable read but it just didn t grab me The uirky nanotech stuff reminds me of Kathleen Ann Noonan s Nanotech series which did grab me I simply could not GET INTO THIS SHORT STORY THE into this short story The and the subject matter was far too dry for me to form ven a slight interest and I found myself zoning out throughout many parts of the story I also had a rather difficult time forming a connection to the charactersI wouldn t recommend this story to any Fantasy or Science
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lovers Have ver read a book that Wiring even if the subject matter is not something you usually read you love the book because the writing is so good This is one of those books It is a book that is notven close to anything Against All Odds else you havever read I think the closest I could compare it to is a Harlan Ellison book The are short stories that take place in Kentucky but a Kentucky in some different dimension than the one we live in The Contrary Gardener is the first story and I wish some day there would be of it because I really wonder what happens after but you have to read the Voluntary State and the Border State These stories are amazing I don t want to live in that world but Christopher can certainly take you to visit it in a way you will never forget your visit there and you may appreciate your own life a little I reall. Lly One thing holds them back their mother who years before crossed the border into TennesseeChristopher Rowe’s stories have been finalists for the Hugo Nebula World Fantasy and Theodore Sturgeon awards freuently reprinted translated into a half dozen languages praised by th. Telling the Map

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