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Good stories a lot of just average pieces and a few totally confusing ones that I found impossible to understand I m still not clear about the BALANCE BUT FELT THERE SEEMED A but felt there seemed a one sided away from the transfeminine Of course I may just be mistaken about that A mostly good but never uite outstanding collection of stories featuring trans and non binarygenderueer characters The majority of the stories ere are pleasant moderately well crafted and eartfelt but not very memorable Exceptions include Nino Cipri s excellent freuently republished The Shape of My Name I Think This Is The this is the or fourth time

i ve read 
ve read story this year Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam s old fashioned Asian fairytale Everything Beneath You E Catherine Tobler s vivid Splitskin E Saxey s timely The Librarian s Dilemma a new author for me and someone I ll be looking out for in future Alexis A Hunter s unusual Amish set Be Not Uneually Yoked again a new author for me and an interesting voice and and Molly Tanzer s ilariously dark The Thing on the Cheerleading Suad I registered a book at BookCrossingcom in all I found the collection a superior mix of stories with no klunkers A Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, handful of stories were merely slightly than average but most ranged from great to near perfect As a whole the anthology took on than simple transgender changes and playing with male like most collections this was a mixed bag but definitelyits than misses in the collection I especially enjoyed Nino Cipri s time travel story The Shape of My Name the Cult Science Fiction Films heartfelt magic realism of A Merc Rustad s When Monster s Dance and theigh school orror of Molly Tanzer s The Thing on the Cheerleading Suad it s a pleasure to read a bunch of stories featuring trans characters where the primary conflict isn t transition and it s cool that the collection samples a pretty broad spectrum of subgenres I was disappointed at the degree the collection skews transmasculinenonbinary though I definitely could ave used trans femmes generally speaking I was less excited about the stories included in Sailor Moon Episode Lists here that were metaphorically trans or that ualified on the virtue of some character using gender neutral pronounsit s exciting that there s now enough trans speculative fiction to make a book like this full ofigh uality writing and imagination a reality i Attentions Throbbing hope that there s another edition next year Absolutely fantastic collection of stories about trans characters or written by trans authors curated by editor KM Szpara who did an amazing job of choosing stories that span the speculative fiction field from Lovecraftianorror to Dark Reflections (Dark Reflections, hard SF and spans lengths from almost flash fiction to novella lengthI wish Iad the time right now to review every story in the book because there s not a clunker in the lot Instead I ll just list my favorites in ToC orderThe Shape of My Name by Nino CipriEverything Beneath You by Bonnie Jo StufflebeamContents of Care Package to Etsath tachri Formerly Ryan Andrew Curran Human English Translated to Sedrayin by Holly HeiseyTreasure Acre by Everett MaroonSplitskin by E Catherine ToblerThe Need for Overwhelming Sensation by Bogi TakacsBe Not Uneually Yoked by Alexis A HunterThe Thing on the Cheerleading Suad by Molly TanzerThe whole book was wonderful but these were the stand outs to me. Ries involve transformation and outsiders sometimes the change is one of self realization This anthology will be a welcome read for those who are ready to transcend gender through the lens of science fiction fantasy and other works of imaginative fiction. While Transcendent as the same problem as every short story collection which is the general difficulty for a single reader to appreciate all stories eually due to plain TASTE IT S DEFINITELY WORTH READING it s definitely worth reading because I ve been searching for proper representation of trans folks since day one and I ve never found it And while some stories deal with the matter in a rather awkward way to say with caution and some others only ave it in the background there are some others that satisf This inaugural anthology collects the best transgender science fiction and fantasy short stories of 2015 I ve been wanting to pick it up ever since I saw the author line up there s a ton of great trans authors working in science fiction and fantasy and this collection Angélique à Québec (Angelique: Original version has some authors whose work I adoreMy favorite storyere is actually one I ve read before Multiple times actually That s Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity how much I love The Shape of My Name by Nino Cipri which fabulous amazing splendid and a wholeost of other positive adjectives I actually featured it in a list post for ueership a now closed blog for ueer SFF on ueer time travel short stories Anyway this story follows Heron whose family as a time machine in their backyard I don t want to say too much but please read itI ve read some other stories in this collection which isn t that surprising as I used to write
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s short column Another one ere Treasure Acre by Everett Maroon was actually also featured on the time travel list Daniel 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] has traveled back in time to find a box buried by Danielle I skipped over it this time around as I did with all the other stories I d already read I was in the mood for new tales Everything Beneath You by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam is another I d read before in which a woman of the fisher people falls in love with a goddess who says she can giveer everything she s ever wanted but the goddess will not unbend from Futurity her own notions of propriety I didn t remember liking it enough the first time around to make a second read through worthwhile Kin Painted by Penny Stirling is a story I featured on a ueership list for fantasy with aromantic protagonists Everyone in this unnamed narrator s family paints themselves be it camouflage or chess boards or works of art Their entire life the uestion of what they want to paintas Ouija in Suburbia hung over them even as they are unsure if they want to use paint at all In the end they willave to find their own way in lifeAside from The Need for Overwhelming Sensation by Bogi Tak cs all the other stories were new to me The Need for Overwhelming Sensation is one I started a year or two ago but it turned out to be way to sexual for me so I uit pretty uickly I didn t give it another attempt this time aroundOf the stories that were new to me I think Chosen by Margarita Tenser was my favorite It s a short little story that flips fantasy s conventions of the chosen one on their eads I loved it and I think it will appeal strongly to anyone who of the chosen one on their eads I loved it and I think it will appeal strongly to anyone who Terry Pratchett s workMy second favorite Lenora has to be The Thing on the Cheerleading Suad by Molly Tanzer which is sort of like Lovecraftian mythos meetsigh school You don t need to be familiar with Lovecraft to enjoy it I know next to nothing and I still loved this story The Librarian s Dilemma by E Saxey was. There are fantastical stories with actual transgender characters some for whom that is central and others for whom that isn't And there are stories without transgender characters but with metaphors and symbolism in their place genuine expressions of self. A very interesting story that s sort Of Science Fiction Meets Library Science What science fiction meets library science What the purpose of libraries What s the right balance between preserving books and sharing them with the world I wasn t fully satisfied with the ending but I enjoyed Caz Sanatı how the story made me think The Petals Abide by Benjanun Sriduangkaew and The Scaper s Muse by BR Sanders were both solid professional uality science fiction stories but ones I doubt I ll remember They just didn tave enough of an impactI was looking forward to reading a new story by A Merc Rustad Where Monsters Dance but in the end I don t think it was one of their best That s not a particular slight on Where Monsters Dance Rustad Desire Sensibility has so many phenomenal stories that any story that s just good doesn t stand out much in comparisonThe only story I reallyad a problem with was Contents of Care Package to Etsath tachri Formerly Ryan Andrew Curran Human English Translated to Sedrayin by Holly Heisey which was about a uman transitioning to alien I don t think the metaphorical concept worked for me It made me think of those racist creeps like Rachel Dolezal who claim to be trans racial Other stories include Into the Waters I rode Down by Jack Hollis Marr Splitskin by E Catherine Tobler and Be Not Uneually Yolked by Alexis A HunterLike all anthologies Transcendent was mixed but I m glad I read it I ve also got the third volume on my Kindle so you may be seeing a review of that at some pointReview from The Illustrated Page Wow Wow I ave yet to encounter a excellent collection of short stories in a single anthology Each and every one of these babies is so beautiful The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green heartbreaking mind bending And they are all so different from one another Iad to space them out because each one was so meaty I wanted plenty of time to savor itIt was so thrilling to see trans characters especially ones with neo pronouns simply mentioned just as part of the story without any fanfare or the usual acrobatics reuired to explaincatalogueanalyze It just felt so perfect natural right Exactly what I would always want and expect to see in fiction that is exploring and pushing the farthest reaches of expression imagination and experience A broad range of styles makes up this collection of sci fi and fantasy fiction by genderueer authors Some felt accessible than others to me SOME INVOLVE THE EXPERIENCE OF BEING involve the experience of being or genderueer in a literal straightforward manner while others are metaphorical None of them The Sorcerer of the North (Rangers Apprentice hold yourand they aren t pedestrian stories attempting to define transgenderism the process of transitioning or the struggle to be accepted by one s family peers or society All of those subjects are touched on but none of them make a story in this anthology Some stories are inextricably tied to the trans experience but for others it s one detail to enrich the story Some of the Practicing History highlights are The Shape of My Name The Librarian s Dilemma Where Monsters Dance and The Thing on the Cheerleading Suad A great collection It reminds me of a Best of SFF anthology It s not an easy or light read Iad to skip a couple stories because they were too poetic too dense too smart for me The ones I did read were excellent though Pretty much it and miss anthology that probably leans to the miss side There are a couple of. Through such speculative fiction tropes as shapeshifting and programming Transgender individuals see themselves in transformative characters those outsiders before seeing themselves as uman protagonists Those feelings are still valid But though the sto. Transcendent The Year's Best Transgender Speculative Fiction

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