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Eir DestroyerSheesh I m hardly ever in the mood for trick uestionsScratches head Reads title againIt s a mysteryJokes aside I m really interested in reading this book The DestroyerThe Destroyer Book 1By Michael Scott EarleNarrated by Kevin T CollinsI really enjoyed this book I loved the uniue characters and plot The story opens with travelers waking a frail man that s been sleeping for a long time Come story opens with travelers waking a frail man that s been sleeping for a long time Come find out it has been a very very long time Like a thousand years They bring him home with them He perks up well with food and water because he kicks major a right after that and ust keeps getting better The story bounces between the present and the past as the man starts to remember bits and pieces It is very exciting and a big clash between the society life of the man and the travelers The narrator does an excellent ob of making this book extraordinary This is a very difficult book to rate because the good parts are brilliant the bad are awful still I guess the fact that I devoured it in 2 days means that it deserves the 4 stars Awoken from his hundreds of years of slumber our hero or is he a hero finds himself with hardly any memory in a new world that is attacked by his old enemy Not knowing his past makes not ust his companions but us attacked by his old enemy Not knowing his past makes not Downtime just his companions but us too Is he a monster Is he a good man Hard to say He definitely has some charm with the women which is also a big source of his old and new conflicts as he slowly starts to remember his past Unfortunately we re also given all theuicy details about his sex life which really isn t my favourite part in any book My other pet peeve all the women in the story are beautiful slim and attractive Grammar spelling and punctuation is far from perfect I m really sad to see that happening so often Self publishing brings us great stories but in poor execution Editing would ve been needed here too Too many unnecessary descriptions of forests gardens and food the latter was so obsessive I m inclined to think the author is either a wanna be chef or on some strict diet A good editor could ve helped to flesh out the characters better too most are standard archetypes with little personality going for them Despite of all the complaints above I find the story uite intriguing to want to read there seem to be some nice twists happening Conan on SteroidsFive stars for a gripping story of swords and sorcery A small group of "Determined Patriots Seek A " patriots seek a warrior to aid their threatened kingdom from an army of evil mages Flashback visions show a world dominated by The Elven evil magic wielding beings who keep the human race as slaves or food Not for the sueamish I really enjoyed this fantasy novel An ancient warrior who freed the human race from the slavery of elves is awakened from a millennium long slumber to deal with them again He s angry amnesiac and than a little horny I appreciate anything which involves ancient indestructible warlords doing battle against elves that he s genocidal against It pretty much brings a lot of Skyrim flashbacks back when my Dragonborn wore his Daedric army and engaged in a one man campaign to annihilate the racial purity spouting fantasy NazisMost of the book consists of our protagonist slowly remembering the people who eventually betrayed him and locked him up as well as his issues with having sex with any other woman other than his former mistress The fact he no longer has this problem AT ALL in the future is a source of humor for me The supporting cast is a bit stock but the protagonist works great This is the kind of book you An Allegheny Homecoming just want to sit back and enjoy for an afternoon s readThis is an indie novel which really managed to immerse me in the world and I don t have much else to say about it other than I bought the next novel immediately after It sust enjoyable and that s something that doesn t need anything else to say about it 91. Werful army But legends can lie When Paug and Nadea revive their hero from sleep his virtue is far from clear Is he really their Savior or their Destroyer.

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The DestroyerNothing you haven t seen before but great characters action and use of flashbacks Finally someone who acknowledges that Elves are sick sadistic and evil bastards all aroundA little sexy time in of flashbacks Finally someone who acknowledges that Elves are sick sadistic and evil bastards all aroundA little sexy time in fantasy novel than I m used to I take my Kindle to work and was not ready for a work time boner What if someone saw I read most of this book in one sitting I like the unusual concept this book has taken I still don t know if the hero of this story is the good guy or something else This hero of this story is the good guy or something else This starts with our hero being awakened from a long long sleep and I do mean LONG LONG sleep The group of people that awakened him tell him they think he is someone called B naari As the story moves forward our hero has his doubts They want him to teach them how to fight the Ancients The story is well written extremely descriptive Be aware there are explicit sexual scenes in this story but I glossed over them they really do nothing to move the story along There is also minor swearing but I don t mind that I look forward to reading the next book in the series Wonderful BookI picked this as a book to end the month Boy was I surprised It taught me about the ancients and how humans fit into the picture Couple that with an excellent story line and I found an excellent story Originally "Reviewed At BookwraithsMy Rating "at BookwraithsMy rating 25 stars I admit I picked up this ebook because of the cover It s a damn striking cover I also liked the description which promised a light fantasy tale with some mystery thrown in for fun And overall The Destroyer was a decent read It had a cool premise an interesting main character and some funny moments but there were some problems with the executionEverything is Most Eligible Sheriff (Sweetheart, Nevada just a dream A stranger drifting through a beautiful world filled with floating green islands and while he knows nothing is real he doesn t really care since he is at peace Then it all comes to an end when he is brought back to lifeOnce our dreamer awakens he finds himself surrounded by strangers a motley group of people speaking an unfamiliar language their minds filled with feelings of fear as well as hope The main uestion they keep bombarding him with whether he is The O Baarni One problem our dreamer has no memory Of anything No idea what his name is No idea who he once was He could have been a hero who saved the world or he might have been a villain who destroyed itThe remainder of the story is aourney of self discovery as the main character Kaiyer slowly begins to regain his memory understands the strange future world he has returned to and somehow someway tries to locate a woman to have sex with Which brings up the problems with an otherwise entertaining fantasy And yeah I will address that sex remark in a bitFirst all the characters here except for our awakened warrior are damn generic as hell and completely one dimensional You know we have the tough girl the feminine girl the old warrior past his prime the asshole bully warrior the wise old scholar and the young scholar who wants an adventure Worse yet is the fact the last of those people Paug the young scholar who awakens our main character is one of our main view point characters Problem being that Paug s story has no actual plot and no character arc of any sort This guy s chapters basically being that he really really hopes Kaiyer is the hero who can save them all and that he desperately wants to be Kaiyer s bestest friend in the whole wide world To say Paug s portions of the novel added nothing to the narrative is an understatement harsh as that may sound but simply put it accomplished nothing except take page time away from KaiyerSecond this story is set in a medieval type world with magic of the Avatar The Last Airbender sort Fire Water et cetera Nothing wrong with that at all I love medieval settings personally and I don t demand what I call sugar coated popcorn fantasy to have Br. After untold centuries of absence the evil Ancients have returned Their magic appears unstoppable and their hunger for conuest is insatiable To protect th. Andon Sanderson uality magic systems Problem here was the author kept introducing modern verbiage especially curse words modern conveniences like homes with running water Sure it could be magic but it isn t explained that way at all and never felt any need to explain any of it assuming a reader would automatically accept medieval people in this place talking and acting in a modern wayThird and lastly the sex Okay I m not averse to some mention of sex in my stories a few "Sex Scenes If They "scenes if they the story but here there were several chapters devoted to the tintillating A little fantasy Fifty Shades if you will Sure the intimate relationship with someone in the past somewhat set up Kaiyer s motivations and helped flesh out his history but the details of these sex scenes did to explain Kaiyer s constant need to proposition all females for sex than anything else because though I understood this guy had been in a magical coma for a few centuries and had some urges he wanted to explore the dude s use of the line I ve been asleep a LONG TIME grew annoying and reinforced to me again why most women hate stupid Pickup Lines Plus It Never lines Plus it never mention all these problems with the book to set up a surprising revelation I still liked The Destroyer than I should have Weird I know This raising the real uestion Why did I like itSimple really Kaiyer This awakened warrior s mysterious past really sparking my interest The opening chapters with Kaiyer s revival and reintroduction to the world sucking me into this narrative His surprising revelations of his past life and what the ancient world looked like keeping me turning the pages hoping to find another flashback in "The Next Chapter The Ancient " next chapter The ancient himself remaining an enigma to the very end the real reason for his entombment in a forgotten crypt unrevealed demanding I buy the next book to uncover the answerTo sum up The Destroyer had than its fair share of issues but somehow someway I enjoyed the evolving exploration of Kaiyer s revival and restoration Not sure if others would be able to say the same but I personally am glad I gave the book a try might even pick up the next volume in the series This book has some problems First it is full of anachronisms It takes place in a medieval world yet they have things like socks sandwiches bathtub drainsplugs and modern curse words Next the magic system isn t very creative If you have seen any Avatar The Last Airbender then you will recognize the magic here So what is this book about Well an ancient warrior is awoken from a magical sleep and then spends the rest of the book trying to get laid There is a war he is supposed to be helping with but mainly he ust wants to have sex He asks every woman he meets if she will have sex with him and he has flashbacks of his former life in which he remembers all the sex he had The end Oddly enough however for a book that is obsessed with sex there isn t as much in here as you might imagine Also every fight scene in this book is from an ambush People will be hanging out talking about getting laid and all of the sudden there will be bad guys coming out of nowhere trying to kill them This happens a lot A few times it is the good guys that ambush the bad guys but if a fight is going to happen someone is going to be unaware of it until the last second None of the characters really had a distinctive enough voice for me to identify with them or ust plain identify them There are two main girls so I The Fixers just started thinking about them as tough girl and not tough girl Then there is guy who carries an axe and nerdy guy Oh yeah lets not forget about asshole guy who is an asshole in every scene he is in That s about the extent of the character s personalities Free for nookThe cover is gorgeous as for the summaryit was going well until I read the last sentence Is he really their Savior or th. E country of Nia Duchess Nadea and Scholar Paug make a desperateourney to find a human legend A man known to have destroyed these Ancient foes with a po.

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