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435 A wonderful Fantasy written in the classic tradition entertaining and emotionally gripping I eally Enjoyed Reading All The Volumes reading all the volumes this epic series but one thing I could have done without the teenagers being and acting like eal life hormonal teenagers do Yes I think the author hit it spot on with how immature and annoying they can be And in this last part of this arc the attraction between two of those teenagers as sweet as it was brought way too much angst for my liking despite the ealism I ather have attention to the main story which is very good and interesting by itself As I said this is a very traditional Fantasy complete with the kitchen boy dreaming to be a knight a un away PRINCESS DARK AND LIGHT ELVES MAGIC SWORDS DRAGONS DWARVES dark and light Elves magic swords dragons dwarves and bad guys working on their plans for their side to gain power and destroy their enemies Despite it following in the footsteps of previous great works this series succeeds in emaining fresh and enchanting making it a must ead for the fans of the genre There is a follow up series in the works and I am looking forward to eading it as well Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you need in the pages of a Good book This book was just ok A lot of it bothered me and only some of it was good A few characters were interesting but most got on my nerves Miriamele was by far the most annoying Her lack of common sense was mind numbing And it was way too long It dragged for most of it How many times did a character begin to tell me something before being interrupted or deciding that the character they were talking to could be told the important information later could be told the important information later took so long to be explained that characters were yelling at other characters to get to the point The climax ends abruptly and the next chapter takes place several hours later and somebody else explains the est of what happened Just weird It was a very frustrating book The first one in the series hooked me the next two dragged but kept my interest and this last one annoyed me Wow Just wow I don t eally know what to say how to sum up this book and the series as a whole in a coherent manner Just epic In scope in world building and especially in characters As with any series about war there where deaths that where extremely sad than a few tears where shed SO many twists and turns from the small to the amazing I don t eally know what to say I want to ave about this book but I don t want to spoil it for anyone elseSuffice to say its truly amazing I am finally done my e ead It took longer than I would have liked I ead a few books in between but have literally just closed the covers on this final volume I have to admit I don t eally know how to express any of my feelings These books have been of such HUGE importance to me as I grew up that I feel like anything I write here will not give it it. Simon der mit Prinzessin Miriamel seiner großen Liebe heimlich den Stein des Abschieds verlassen hat will für Prinz Josua die beiden letzten Großen Schwerter gewinnen Hellnagel das in König Johans Grab liegen soll und Leid das an Elias' Gürtel hängt Miriamel sucht das Gespräch mit ihrem Vater Sie glaubt jetzt zu wissen daß ihn nur blinde Liebe zu seiner verstorbenen Gemahlin ihrer Mutter zum Pakt mit dem Sturmkönig getrieben hat un.

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Was certainly the most enjoyable the four for me although I think the series gets stronger as it goes course these books have a ver classic vibe to them taking after LoTR and big epic uests so I kind of knew it would be a slow start with an epic end but Williams takes that to the extreme This book is part two of the climax where everything is coming together I do think there was a lot for Williams to handle in this story and it still had Williams to handle in this story and it still had be exciting and eadable and I think he did manage that My only slight complaint was the Maegwinn sp storyline eally didn t feel that climactic to me and I would have liked to see something different done there but as her story was largely side lined that s not the focus of the plot I eally enjoy the combination of aces and people in this book There s a lot of magical creatures and types of people who all get drawn into the conflict and although it s slow to build I did definitely enjoy the last 100ish pages where everything was madness I think that since writing this series Tad Williams has probably only gone from strength to strength and I know I loved the Otherland series by him so I am looking forward to eading set in this world with his new book I definitely think if you are a classic fantasy fan you may well want to try some Williams very soon 4s for this one Had I known before this edition of the trilogy had Green Angel Tower split in two books I would likely search for another edition because I don t eally like when books are split in two partsI was also bit cautious to pick up William s older high fantasy books I ead his UF series Bobby Dollar some years ago and me and that series has a complicated elationship But I m a curious girl and has a complicated elationship But I m a curious girl and fantasy books This series was not all what I expected it to be In one way I thought it would have similarities to Feist s Magician in that Simon would learn magic from Morgenes like Pug would from Kulgan for the sole eason both boys were apprenticed to a court magician view spoilerso I was actually bit surprised Morgenes was killed early in book 1 hide spoiler Wow I cannot believe it s over Gah I m sad lol I also cannot believe I finished this book in a couple weeks it is a massive brick of a book XD I loved it alllllllll I don t even know what to say I m going to ead the 2017 novella next The final of Tad Williams epic trilogyuartet the last book was eleased as one volume in hardback the paperback was split into two gets a 45 eview from me it was good it was eally eally good but and I hate to say this it wasn t greatThis was due to a couple of easons view spoilera couple of characters noticeably Miriamele behave in an incredibly stupid way to the point that I wanted to shake themthere was a lot of wandering about in tunnels which is a fantasy trope I personally hate so this section dragged incredibly for me hide spoiler. Kommt es zur Konfrontation zwischen Elias Pryrates dem Priester Simon und MiriamelEs erweist sich daß weder Elias noch König Johan noch Josua noch der alte Ritter Camarisdas sind was sie zu sein scheinen und selbst hinter Simon steckt ein Geheimnis von dem er nichts wußte Auch die Rolle der drei Schwerter die nun endlich zusammenkommen wie es der wahnsinnige Priester Nisses vor 500 Jahren geweissagt hat ist eine ganz andere als vermutet. S due eward I suppose I should start by saying thank you Thank you Tad The Memory Sorrow and Thorn trilogy is a gift that I will never be able
"to pay you "
pay you for It is a story that I will forever hold close and will always find myself falling back into Osten Ard has been a part of my life for so long now that I don t ever eally emember a time that it wasn t a part of me Your mastery of the written word has gifted me a place of magic and character that is so eal and so personal that I am flabbergasted that it is not a eal Thing But Something Made Up but something made up a normal person with an un normal imagination You are a gifted individual and I am forever in your debt for sharing this story with meNormally I would say that the worst part of finishing this series is that the story is over and there isn t anyWell smack my ass and call me a donkey cuz now there s The whole eason I embarked on this epic e ead was so that I could dive into The Heart of What Was Lost and then the start of a new trilogy The Witchwood Crown And by all that s holy that s what I ma do Right this second SobyePS Read this series It s good It is great It s one of the best I would give up chocolate if I had to Maybe even cheese although that would be pushing it Loved it madly embarrassingly sad to have it end excited and nervous beyond belief for The Witchwood CrownOddly I do always seem to hit a snag around the 200 page mark in this particular volume which I suppose translates to something like a mid book lull if taking TGAT as a single book but before and after that I could hardly put it down The build up to the final climax is epic and the way all these plot strings come together is just a joy to eadI also emain in awe at Tad s trope subversion skills I ll never forget the first time I ead this and how I marvelled at how some of these events should be predictable or clich d but never are view spoilerthe kitchen boy gets the kingdom and the princess in the end but because these characters are so eal and go through so much it s not the least bit contrived sympathy for the enemy is his downfall but because of the nature and history of the enemy that s been built for four books it s nothing so trite as and then we saved the world with the power of love Not to mention the entire set up and eversal of expectations with the three swords Masterfully played hide spoiler Awesome epic series BR with Richard a great fellow knight of Osten ArdA brilliant end to a brilliant series A fantasy masterpiece of epic proportions I loved every bit of it and highly ecommend it This is final instalment in this classic fantasy series and it a long overdue ead for me I have been marathoning the 2nd 4th books over the last few weeks in preparation for the new series Williams is about to launch into in the same world and it was uite the experience to just dive inThis book. D will versuchen ihn auf den Boden der Vernunft zurückzuführenAber als die beiden den Hochhorst erreichen ist das Grab leer Wieder gerät Simon in das entsetzliche Labyrinth das tief in der Erde unter dem Engelsturm liegt Dort tauchen auch der verschollene Mönch Cadrach und die Unterirdischen wieder auf Vor den Toren der Feste erscheint endlich Josuas Heer Zusammen mit Binabik dringt auch Miriamel in die grausigen Gänge ein Oben im Turm. To Green Angel Tower Storm
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