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Structure Of The Nucleus eIcan curriculum that political and literaryrasure that school curricula perpetuate Her novels Shame the Stars and All the Stars Denied are timely and necessary Readers the Stars and All the Stars Denied are timely and necessary Readers t help but have a visceral reaction to all of the trauma done to than half a million American families in the 1930s and to the del Toro family in this novel See GG McCall s Resources for details Americans of Mexican descent del Toro family in this novel See GG McCall s Resources for details Americans of Mexican descent Rounded Up Maliciously Separated So As To Purposefully Stymie "rounded up maliciously separated so as to purposefully stymie family s reunification and to purposefully stymie the families return to their home states American citizens were deported to a nation they didn t know Beaten mistreated falsely accused of not being US Citizens having their land stolen and then having to further First Anthology endure the indignity of injustice by pleading one s case to the very people who committed the wrongs against them in the first placethevents of this historic period and their fictional presentation on the pages of this book split my heart in two McCall knows how to make her readers suffer Years of malicious prosecution of undocumented immigrants disappear from the pages of America s newspapers So the timing of GG McCall s work may seem serendipitous but her research reveals that the past one hundred years of America s history has been repeating itself time and time again As a former English Literature teacher I can t help but believe that flooding our students with a inclusive curriculum produces a student population that is politically fficacious The wealth of knowledge that McCall weaves into this text is a boon for American students And the book is just a pleasure to read Who doesn t want to cheer for Estrella Her growth from privileged brat to tough as nails advocate make readers cheer What GG McCall does here in this book is pretty inspiring I know I will read this book again and again. At swept up hundreds of thousands of Mexican American citizens during the Great Depressi. .

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All the Stars DeniedIne I ve been thinking a lot about the desparecidos in Montesco My Reflections As an avid reader of history I have read many books about the unjust incarceration of Japanese American citizens during WW2 I was unaware until I read this book tha a full decade arlier US citizens of "hispanic descent were being forceably removed and hauled "descent were being forceably removed and hauled to Mexico because of racism and fear This is a little known Passage Through Crisis event in American history and I think this book would be anxcellent tool for students and adults to use to learn about itMemorable uotespg101 Fear roared and crackled and burst into flames in our Science, Technology and Culture ears and we knew the future was burning down collapsing before us devouring our home and livelihood Worst of all there was nothing we could do to stop it Not too long ago I wrote about casually scrolling through thirteen or so online English syllabi the first thirteen google results I wanted to write about and address the point thatrasure of culture happens in public and private The Road to Einsteins Relativity educations The pronounced absence the purposeful omission of Latinxs from American curriculum is a political choice that has devastating conseuences More on those conseuences later I thenxpanded my English literature syllabi search by tenaciously scrolling through the first one hundred
syllabi lamentably i 
Lamentably I found nine syllabi out of the hundred that had works by or about Latinxs on their English literature syllabi Hundreds of works to teach American students and only nine different syllabi offered Black Boy either token poems seriously one was a haikuxcerpts of novels one or two short stories from larger anthologies and then the go to staple House on Mango Street as reflections of our presence within America s literary canon and within America itself So pathetic and disheartening Guadalupe Garcia McCall fills in the yawning cultural gap in Amer. Tackles the hidden history of the United States and its first mass deportation vent th. I finally finished this book after months and months of "reading a few pages here and there For me the writing style fell a little flat and clunky AND YET "a few pages here and there For me the writing style fell a little flat and clunky AND YET believe that very one of my middle school students should read this because it tackles the hidden history of the first mass deportation vent in the US Sending Hundreds Of Thousands hundreds of thousands Americans out of the country during the Great Depression As I was reading this book I was aware once again about my ignorance around so much of the true history of this country and am grateful to Guadalupe Garcia McCall for opening my yes and telling Estrella s story Sadly her story persists today The day I finished the book I read about Francisco Erwin Galicia a US Citizen who was detained in Mexico for 23 days after a mistaken immigration arrest McCall s book is a reminder that we must always be willing to see clearly fight for justice and give voice to the voiceless I could not wait to read this stunner after I finished the tough read Shame the Stars by GG McCall This historical read covers the horrendous repatriation of US citizens from the US Estrella is a Mexican American teen is living in Texas during the Great Depression on her family farm but during a time when many whites want the Mexican Americans out despite their citizenship the awfulness of their treatment as they are burned out of their home the reader learns of how dark this time of history was in its treatment of Mexican Americans how vil was the intent treatment and injustice to citizens and classes of people trying to make a living while living in their home the United States A must read for students to learn about a dark part of our history Plot During the Great Depression 15 year old Estrella and her family are repatriated to Mexico despite the fact that they are all American citizensOpening In a companion novel to her critically acclaimed Shame the Stars Guadalupe Garcia McCall.

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