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S JapaneseBoth of these books are disappointing rom Turner who has shown imagination in other settingsAnother is DOUBTLESS ON THE WAY SPACE OPERAA FUN READ WITH on the way Space operaA un read with of action Book 2 in the series is The History of Dark Corner Campbell County, Ga fleshed out than Book 1 and just as enjoyable to read Recommended. Yrom the Kurgans but rom traitors hidden in plain sight From the deserts of Illum Prime to the depths of space the Kurgan War continu. Y there Although the majority of the story wrapped around war and combat the story wasn t bad I felt drawn in to Sheridon and The story had some intrigue drawn in to Sheridon and Cole The story had some intrigue I ound it somewhat predictable it was still good No tech just a REDO OF MARINES VERSU. UM of marines versu. Um Fighting or survival Sheridan and his mentor Master Sergeant Alan Cole must do all they can to keep their people alive not onl. ,
A well written book with Great Characters And A Fast characters and a Coots fast story Lookingorward to the next in the series Starr55Another good book I read the authors bio and I knew before that he had been over seas with how he wrote his battle scenes You ell like you are actuall. Newly promoted Captain Michael Sheridan inds himself leading a company of untried Marines against their enemy the Kurgans dug in on Ill.

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