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The water banging against some rocks with six children inside After he rescues the children

he leaves them 
leaves them his crew and he heads into town to see if he he rescues the children he leaves them with his crew and he heads into town to see if he find out who is responsible for this When he arrives in the village he is told by the parson to go to the Earl of Launceston s home While at the Earl s home he meets his lovely aughter Susanna Trelawney She accompanies him to his ship by the uay and after meeting the children she takes them back to her home until they can find out where the children s parents are and who put them in the boat in the first placeThis was such a sweet and heartwarming read I enjoyed the mysterystoryline involving the abandoned children I liked how the villagers all pulled together to try and help them out I liked the kindhearted heroine Susanna She was previously engaged but her fianc ran off and married her best friend I liked how she was always trying to help the villagers especially the poor mining village by giving them food toys for the children etc I also liked the hero and I thought he was great with the children His romantic past was similar to Susanna s he was betrayed by his girlfriend when she went off with another man The children were cute and adorable There was also a bit of a mystery involving firesdamage breaking out throughout the village a wheel comes off the cart in which the children are traveling in Drake s ship keeps getting amagedI thoroughly enjoyed this story Drake and Susanna made a lovely couple I really enjoyed their romance I m looking forward to reading the upcoming books in the Matchmaking Babies series in which we will find out about the children s origins and who put them in the boat. Ts Soon she’s falling for her tiny charges and their handsome rescuer Can Susanna convince committed bachelor Drake that he’s than just a onetime hero but a man who has room in his heart for a family after al.
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Summary Promise of a Family

Promise of a FamilyPromise Of A Family by Jo Ann Brown is a historical romance book Drake Nesbitt owns a ship which is ocked right now that he is fixing up after an encounter with French Privateer who Shot Holes In This Ship While Fixing holes in this ship While fixing ship he hears calls for help He sees a small boat with kids in it He pulls the boat to shore and iscovers there are six children in the boat Three months is the youngest He takes the kids to Susanna Trelawney
she cares for 
cares for children while Drake and others try to find their parents Drake and Susanna end up having feeling for each other A good read It was a pretty good book although the cover is way off it takes place in the early 1800 s in England with lord s and lady s I wish their was interaction with the kids I was hoping to have the feeling of knowing each kid I got kinda bored in the middle the last couple of chapters were good I thought it was going well until the surpise happened then everything went to fast and idn t have Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, detail on then action then it came to an abrupt ending then of course the predictable part happens Guy gets the girl then gets married Iidn t like the ending as much because we never found out how or who put the kids in the boat And The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker did they take them all as their kids when they got marriedid they adopt them out Quadruplets On The Doorstep did they find their parents who knows Ion t like books that have unexplained things especially when the whole book is based off of those things Easy reading clean story with some Bible verses in it Enjoyable story Lovely story I liked the mystery surrounding the children Looking forward to the next one This was an easy and enjoyable read with the children at time stealing the show Great. Family in TrainingAfter rescuing six children abandoned in a boat Captain Drake Nesbitt is etermined to ensure their safety and locate their unknown parents But first he needs someone to nurture the babies He’. First book in the series cannot wait for October TO READ THE NEXT BOOK I LOVED THIS STORY read the next book I loved this story girls in this book are even cuter than this cover I love books with Captains in them too Kids and Captains not to mention an intriguing story line lessons on faith forgiveness and some sweet romance I can t wait for in this series This is a very interesting book about some kids who were hidden in a boat and was adrift and a captain of a boat saved them and brought them to a family to take care of them The captains boat was SHOT UP SO THEY STAYED THERE WITH THEIR BOAT up so they stayed there with their boat repairing it The family grew to love these kids This was a The family grew to love these kids This was a enjoyable book Set in 1812 a boatload of six children is iscovered by a sea captain who is repairing his ship Then an Earl s family becomes involved in the situation and helps care for the children Another group of people The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane do everything they can to make itifficult for the ship and the town The story was interesting and the characters were A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy delightful especially the children The only negative I have may not have anything too with the author at all unless she ok s book covers The cover of the book is beautiful the girls are absolutely adorable and it will probably help entice some to read the book However I looked up children s clothing in 1812 It would be nothing like the The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning dresses the girls are wearing on the cover they are much too short and modern for 1812 I was very surprised to se Captain Drake Nesbitt is in Porthlowan Harbor getting his ship The Kestral repaired it wasamaged in battle with French privateers One ay while talking to his first mate Benton he hears a strange noise To his surprise he finds a small boat in. S grateful for the support of kindhearted Lady Susanna TrelawneyAlthough Susanna has given up all hope of marriage and happiness after her fiancé’s betrayal the adorable children evoke all her maternal instinc.

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