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Ugh Steamy and dirty and sexy and angsty garbage Just one book to go and then I can say bye bye bye Like the first two books in the series After We say bye bye bye Like the first two books in the series After We was completely consuming Although the back and forth drama between Hardin and Tessa gets to be very irritating I can t back and forth drama between Hardin and Tessa gets to be very irritating I can t to turn away from it It s like I m stuck in an abusive relationship with this couple I know it isn t healthy I know I should remove myself from the situationbut I just can t do it After all maybe they ll changePicking p where After We Collided left off Tessa s father has reappeared in her life Only her father is not the man that she remembered from her childhood He is homeless and has some serious addiction issues While Tessa is homeless and has some serious addiction issues While Tessa to give her father a chance Hardin cautions her against it Hardin is an ass all of the time but I really thought that he took it to a whole new level when her father was introduced I couldn t believe how incredibly insensitive and cruel he was Even though he was absolutely correct to be concerned he responded in a manner that showed absolutely no regard for Tessa s feelings I couldn t believe some of the things he said about her father to her Of course like always Tessa gets over it like it was hardly a blip on her radarMore than the first two books Hardin s own issues with addiction were very apparent Interestingly the author seemed to avoid ad. On of her life everything changes Revelations about first her family and then Hardin’s throw everything they knew before in doubt and makes their hard won future together difficult to claimTessa’s life begins to come For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde unglued Nothing is what she thought it was Not her friends Not her family The one person she should be able to rely on Hardin is furious when he discovers the massive secret she’s been keeping And rather than beingnderstanding he turns to sabotageTe. .

After We FellDressing this issue head on I kept waiting for some sort of intervention but it never really happened I guess there was already enough drama in this story without tackling Hardin s drinking problemThis book also features plenty of fighting breaking Scary Stories 3 up and makingp between Hardin and Tessa If you expected Hardin and Tessa to settle down and start acting like a mature committed couple prepare to be disappointed After We Fell is full of the same angst filled cycle of jealousy acting out and game playing that were in previous books Betrayals are around every corner and there is no shortage of dramaFrom disastrous family vacations to secrets there is plenty of deceit to go around Zed is back on scene again playing a big role in the tension between Hardin and Tessa Of course he is only involved because Tessa pulled him in again Meanwhile there are revelations about Tessa s friends I swear they never learn their lessonsLike the first two books this book ends with a huge The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species upset If I ever thought that I would have the strength toit this dysfunctional couple the ending sucked me right back in I absolutely had to see where the next book Would Lead I Love To lead I love to and hate to love this series It is Like Watching A Bad watching a bad wreck in slow motion You know it s going to be a disaster but you just can t turn awayCheck out of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencom. Ssa knows Hardin loves her and will do anything to protect her but there’s a difference between loving someone and being able to have them in your life This cycle of jealousy The Bartender unpredictable anger and forgiveness is exhausting She’s never felt so intensely for anyone so exhilarated by someone’s kiss but is the irrepressible heat between her and Hardin worth all the drama Lovesed to be enough to hold them together But if Tessa follows her heart now will it bethe en. ,

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