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Themselves are hit or miss but that s normal for anthologies and there are some interesting charactersThen I read an review I think that referred to this volume as gentrified and realized by Jove that s it exactly It somehow feels gentrified Having ust finished this book i feel as though i ve come home feel as though I ve come home a week spent walking the wild gritty streets of Bordertown The memories of madness desperation beauty grime and magic still cling to me and I m not sure if I m going to be able to easily shake them off Thirteen authors take the reader s hand in this urban fantasy collection lead Posted at Shelf #inflicted this is a fun and satisfying collection #This is a fun and satisfying collection stories about runaways Some are running to something or away from something Some are human some halfie and others are elves or True Bloods as they call themselves Bordertown is a city between the Human World and The True and Only Realm that is inhabited by the Fae folk Elvin magic does not work in the World and technology does not work in the Realm Both work in Bordertown inconsistently and with interesting effects Between each story is a little guide to language people hospitality elvin etiuette food nightlife and the peculiarities of humans The stories were sad humorous engaging and made me want to run away from home I especially loved the touching Argentine by Ellen Steiber set in Bordertown s El Barrio and told from the perspective of a young Elvin thief This beautifully written story explores love death grief and redemption I loved its vibrant colors its soul and its distinctly Latin fee. Int Ellen Kushner Patricia A McKillip Felicity Savage Delia Sherman Midori Snyder Caroline Stevermer and here is bestselling author Steven Brust with When the Bow Breaks chosen as a finalist for the Nebula Ward after the hardcover publication of this volumeBordertown It's an attitude and a state of mind It's elfin light and human sweat It will never let you

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Enjoyment Rating 5 Writing uality 475 Every time I FINISH ANOTHER INSTALLATION OF THE BORDERLAND SERIES I FEEL another installation of the Borderland series I feel a Mad River Rat shaking and aching for my next drink This particular book is shaped as a Guidebook Where to eat which neighborhoods to freuent how to avoid culture clash between Truebloods aka Elves and humans I love everything about this world The unreliable magic *and inconsistent science The gritty breath of every day The fact that not all in fact not even most *inconsistent science The gritty breath of every day life The that not all in fact not even most these stories do not come wrapped with a pretty ending but instead shine the hard truth that some people can t catch a break no matter how hard they wish for it and others fall into luck by mere happenstance I would give ust about anything for the chance to spend one day walking the streets of Bordertown witnessing all it s wonders Meh Depressing Short shorts about a gritty fantasy world with too much real world drama underdeveloped characters and too many uirks and costumes for my taste I was disappointed with this installment of the Borderland series Gone were my favorite characters from the original books and gone were any memorable new characters I was hoping for adventures of the bands gang members runaways and artists from the orig An interesting anthology of short stories based on Terri Windling s Bordertown To sum up FaerieArcadiawhathaveyou pops back into the real world That doesn t work so well so instead a magic Berlin Wall of sorts is put up so ne er will Earth and Faerie meet again Except for Bordertown which is basically stuck in the middle. Bordertown Once a normal American city now a perilous nexus between the World and returned Elfland From the banks of the addictive Mad River to the all night clublands where young elves and humans fight and play all the way up to glittering dragon's Tooth Hill where high society seals itself away from the street this is no city to trifle withBordertown A plac. Where humans and faeries technology and magic mix up sometimes well oftentimes not This was my first foray into Bordertown and I mix up sometimes well oftentimes not This was my first foray into Bordertown and I the setting Bordertown has that frontier town feel where anything can and does happen and it makes for a very dynamic even exciting setting Most of the stories are uite good the girl seeking to learn magic and the one about the band especially stick out in my mind Read in 1999 not reviewed at the timeRe read 52016 Socks by Delia ShermanAt a
flophouse where a 
where a of misfit kids including one girl known derisively as Socks has found a degree of safety and protection a new girl comes into the fold Tough talking and damaged she s full of unlikely stories about her mother being a runaway princess of Elfland But of her tales might be true than one might guess and she could help socks heal in ways than onei help Socks heal in ways than oneI this a bit heavy handed upon re reading than I think I did the first time around I think it might mostly be that I m ust not the right age for the Bordertown tales any they were meaningful to me than nearly anything when I first discovered them back in 1986 Great writers but I couldn t get into it May try it again another time in a different mood I like it I will wish I had it next time I am on an airplane or a beach I will perpetually wish I had it when I was twelve But I am not in any of those places And I need to read important things I love the Bordertown books but this is my least favourite I could never uite put my finger on why I like the travel guide sections between the stories the stories. E of hidden magic flamboyant artists runaway teenagers and pagan motorcycle gangs The city you always knew was thereBordertown was created by Terri Windling multiple World fantasy Award winning editor artist and writer Now thirteen of modern fantasy's finest writers return to Bordertown once again to tell a new cycle of tales of the city Here are Charles de The Essential Bordertown Borderlands

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