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Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command hThem in their endeavour from Sherlock Holmes to yes our very own Hercule Poirot I can totally imagine Agathaaving #Fun With This O I # with this O I I m addicted to Agatha Christie s books I love Explosive Acts her writing style And I love the mystery in aller cases I decided that I m going to buy all Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, her books No matterow many did she write I want them all This may be an unpopular opinion but Tommy and Tuppence Beresford are my favorite of Agatha Christie s detectives Poirot is brilliant and much appreciated but Tommy and Tuppence are charmingly brilliant and absolutely Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria hilarious I love these short stories in which the Beresfords take over a detective agency and solve a series of crimes of varying severity Throughout they refer to their shelf of masters adapting the mannerisms and techniues of various literary detectives toilarious effect My favorite is Tommy s mangled violin playing as e apes Sherlock Holmes A collection of short stories mimicking famous literary detectives even though some of them are practically unknown today even Sherlock Holmes and Christie s own Hercule Poirot Some of the stories are really fun others utterly unremarkable All in all a pleasant read Loved all of Tommy and Tuppence s banter and the cleverly placed references to other famous sleuths of the Golden age of crime Some mysteries were definitely better than others but overall this collection was just a lot of fun to read Tommy and Tuppence are an interesting detective duo Not serious as Poirot and perhaps not as brilliant like im but the duo keep the reader s Interest In Their Detective in their detective Partners in Crime is a collection of their detective adventures These are light and fun PERHAPS NOT SO WELL EXECUTED AS THE MYSTERIES IN not so well executed as the mysteries in Poirot series but engaging enough in their own right It was interesting to note that there were certain references made to other fictitious detectives including Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot as the duo considered which detective s method they should apply to the case at Two Reels And A Crank hand This added a littleumour and refreshment to the stories I did enjoy Tommy and Tuppence adventures Their gaiety and careless manner was uite a contrast to Christie s most beloved detective Hercule Poirot This is uite an achievement on the part of Agatha Christie She shows that she can create serious as well as light plots and she also shows that she can create brilliant detectives and detectives who are clever enough all the while securing the reader interest in Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, her different work Over and over Christieas showed that she is a real master in detective fiction. Jahat lelaki berbaju koran lelaki buta lelaki dalam kabut dan Tommy Tuppence pasangan detektif yang cemerlang tetapi konyol sering sial tetapi pantang menyerah Banarkah Apakah Tommy akan terus beraksi meski tahu bahwa nyawa Tuppence menjadi taruhann.

Agatha Christie ½ 9 Read

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Partners in CrimeThe Second of Tommy and Tuppence series it is a collection of 15 of their adventures many styled after leading fictional detectives of the era including Sherlock Holmes In of the stories there is detectives of the era including Sherlock Holmes In one of the stories there delightful take on Hercule Poirot too Not strictly in the same crime and mystery genre as Chritie s other stories the stories ere are light and fun I No Way Down have been rereading some of the old books of Dame Agatha as a sort of breather from serious literature this book is one of them If I remember correctly I read this sometime in the early eighties three decades and aalf ago I remember not liking it much at that time and the reread did not change my opinion Tommy and Tuppence Beresford IMO are Agatha Christie s weakest detectives even though they are an endearing couple The premise of this collection of short stories is really nice the Beresfords Pulled Thread Embroidery havingelped the police to trap spies in the First World War are asked to manage a bogus detective agency which is only a front for a Soviet espionage operation The real proprietor a spy English Humour for Beginners has been arrested Tommy and Tuppenceave to keep their eyes and ears open for a mysterious No 16 and communications in blue envelopes and play at detectives in their spare timeTommy Absolutely on Music has the ingenious idea of imitating a famous fictional detective each for a case and try to solve the mystery inis style It does provide an introduction to many famous literary sleuths of those times many forgotten now alas the book was first published in 1929 and makes for some The Ransom of Mercy Carter hilarity In fact most of the stories are written in a mock serious tone with than a touch of underplayed BritishumourThe weak point is the mysteries themselves Except for two T A collection of short stories within a story Tommy and Tuppence impersonate Mr Blunt who runs an international detective agency which is a front for Russian spies The two detectives undertake a series of investigations which parodies the styles of well known detective writers of that era A Fairy in the FlatA Pot of Tea introduces Tommy and Tuppence at the International Detective Agency There first case is an amusing one about a missing girl which Tuppence solves The Affair of the Pink Pearl This first real case is over missing pearls A bit of a soapy tale The Adventure of the Sinister Stranger is an espionage story where the Russians suspect something amiss Thanks to a silver cigarette case Tommy lives to investigate another day Finessing the King Is a two part story where a woman is murdered and the clues lead to Gone for Good her lover or do they Herusband appears innocent The ending is a bit. Setelah berhasil dalam Musuh dalam Selimut Tommy dan Tuppence menikah dan idup bahagiaTapi enam tahun kemudian mulai bosan Tak ada kejadian menarik dan mendebarkan yang mereka alami Padahal mereka terlanjur kecanduan bahaya Mereka butuh tantangan Gruesome The Case of the Missing Lady is amusing and goes over where a Norwegians explorer fianc e as disappeared too Her obese aunt is very vague about er whereabouts TT find er with a twist The Man in the Mist is about Gilda Glen a find er with a twist The Man in the Mist is about Gilda Glen a who TT are to
meet on a 
On a night on there way to the rendezvous they encounter a policeman on a misty night Murder occurs and it points to an unlikely suspect or does itThe Crackler A comical story about counterfeit one pound notes A gambler and apparently rich American The crosses and n the door fail but Tommy as something up is sleeve The Sunningdale Mystery tells the story of a man stabbed to death on a golf course TT over lunch go over the details during lunch and come up with the answer which exonerates the suspected woman The House of Lurking Death is about Lois Hargreaves and who is trying to kill er Recently inheriting a fortune and suspecting Reiki And The Seven Chakras her cousin after several members of the family are poisoned by arsenic tainted chocolates Things take a grim turn with fig paste Always follow the money motive The Unbreakable Alibi is an amusing story aboutow someone can be in two places at the same timeThe Clergyman s DaughterThe Red House is about a poor woman who inherits a Turning the Tide of Battle house with strange apparent supernatural events and which someone wants to buy Buried treasure is involved The Ambassador s Boots a tale of switched bags and smuggling The Man Who Was No 16 ties everything up and is a parody of Christie s own The Big Four I liked where they found Tommy and the book ends with theappy news of a visit from the stork I really do love me some early Christie short stories I thought this was just such a fun time There are definitely some weaker stories in ere but overall the banter between TT was delightful I enjoyed watching them ape different detectives from Golden Age detective fiction we even get a Poirot shout out This isn t the best of the short story collections but it s definitely one that shouldn t be missed 35 It is a great advantage to be intelligent and not to look it Short stories where you can t really get your teeth in the story always feel a little lesser to me than novels Having said this these proved to be fun and light The prefect thing when you want something easy and entertainingTommy and Tuppence throw themselves back in the midst of action by accepting to take over a detective agency each episode representing a case although there is a running thread through the whole of it I particularly liked ow our characters would take inspiration from fictional detectives to Once I Was a Princess help. Ntuk mengasah otak mereka yang brilian dan memuaskan kehausan mereka akan petualangan petualangan yang penuh resiko Sebuah tawaran disodorkan Mereka mengambil ahli biro detektif swasta yangampir bangkrut Kasus kasus aneh segera bermunculan lelaki. .

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