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Is revealed to be uite generous to his fellow actors and incredibly hard working despite his steep salary demands Trouble is unlike Star this book gets bogged down in his early and frankly less interesting days This is my standard complaint about celebrity biographies so I m not getting too in a twist about it There are great tidbits about many classic movies in Nicholson s career and some great uotes from the man himself Jack Nicholson is an icon a great actor and an enigmatic presence Here s a rant not so much about this book but iBooks I went to buy this from them and it was 22 dollars and it was the 1996 edition On the current 2015 was nearly half that If I could ve read this digitally I could ve shaved weeks off the reading time WHY would anyone pay double price for an incomplete book Just wanted that on the record Well written account of the actor s life There are parts of this book that still haunt today such as when Jack discovers that his sister was really his mother He then has to call up every one of his friends to tell them before the National Rag publishes it He hangs up the phone each time and Powerful imagery like that makes this book a must read. Nest The Last Detail The Shining and other films mark him as a searching complex artist Here as well is the often Rabelaisian life behind the smiling mask the legendary romances and appetites for sex and drugs the obsessions with money and control and the perpetual restlessnes. OokI know Jack s career is a little before my time I didn t really discover him until the 90s so most of the information about his early days while interesting was in depth than I needed Once we finally got to films from the 80 s at the end of the book I felt this period of his life was largely glossed overI did enjoy reading about his childhood and how he got his start in Hollywood Any biographer worth his salt will research his subjects over and over again Over research and then whittle the material down seems to be the right approachNow when ou over research and then try to cram every single bit of information plus a lot of personal observations into a book there s a strong chance the subject may be eclipsed by a surfeit of words On the author s defence I must admit that I never thought one could make Jack Nicholson s biography appear boring at times But he did I look forward to the one when he makes Mick Jagger Look Chaste And Jagger look chaste and Trump appear rational While a fan I wanted to read this for the eras of Hollywood history it would cover Nicholson is innately fascinating and this is a good companion piece to Star the Warren Beatty biography Unlike Star Nicholson. His most private and public of stars from his tangled Dickensian upbringing in New Jersey his formative private and public of stars from his tangled Dickensian upbringing in New Jersey his formative as an actor and screenwriter his near accidental breakthrough to stardom in Easy Rider and his string of great roles in Chinatown Five Easy Pieces One Flew Over the Cuckoo's. OK this was a good but sad book He thought he would Be Different But He different but he up the same as some of his heroes like Brando a sad lonely fella sitting around a dark house He s a bit honest articulate than the others but no better at managing the toubles in his life iewomen love legacy McGilligan s insights provide a lot of entertainment but only as they coincide with Jack Nicholson s Renaissance period of the 1970s Once the 1980s kick in the Nicholson celebrity personality dominates the book so the movies and the man become less interesting It doesn t help things Nicholson was a devoted interview subject so the talking he does the less wisdom comes with it be the subject sex or Camus Unfortunately his personal issues carry less weight as the movie star persona takes over The maverick becomes a suare who actually enjoys the way Hollywood functions I liked it when I read it in the Mid 90s This Read Like A Term Paper To Me 90s This read like a term paper to me a biography Just wasn t my taste I guess Biographies can be a little dry so I only read them if they are about people I m truly interested in I have always found Jack to be mysterious and intriguing so I was excited when I stumbled upon this No male American film star of the post Brando era has demonstrated the talent the charisma the larger than life audacity and the string of screen triumphs Of Jack Nicholson In Jack Nicholson In Life Patrick McGilligan one of our finest film historians has produced the definitive biography of

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Jack's Life A Biography of Jack Nicholson

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