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For 5 years from everyoneAnna is doing research on elephants sounds also she is raising rescued elephant orphans after their parents are killed She is raising her four year old out in the wildJackson Harper is asked to o and see how her program is doing It will Decade of Despair give his project some of her funding He is surprised to find out she has a daughter that is his Anna was his best friendrowing up He can t believe she hid this from himPippa is four years old She is raised at a elephant research camp She is darling Her friend is a "year older and his mom is her nannyThis is a clean romance Also "older and his mom is her nannyThis is a clean romance Also reading about the elephantsI would read books by Rula Sinara in the future based on this bookI was What Was Lost given this ebook to read and asked in return toive honest review by Netgalley I really loved this book The setting plays a huge part the heroine is saving African elephants I loved that the heroine was a strong woman a scientist a dedicated mom with friendships as well The hero and heroine have a troubled past and have to overcome their mistrust of each other as well as issues from the way they each were raised and I really appreciate that I like books with real life problems in them and obstacles for the characters to overcome so this was a Go-Go-Go! great book for me I can t wait for Rula Sinara s next one This was a beautiful and stunning love story of old lovers being reunited Yes that has been done so many times before but this time around I actually found the author added much refreshing moments that I have found in other similar readsThe heroine Anna and Jack were friends for a long time before taking their relationship to the next level of intimacy this lead to Anna becoming pregnant Before she tells him Jack proposes Anna panics and runs off to Africa toive attention to her elephant projectFour years later she runs smack bang into Jack and aside from him being beyond furious that she never let him know about him being a father he has to come up with a way to et his child back to the United States but we all know that is mess we don t wish upon our worst enemiesI loved the characters from this read Jack and Anna were both portrayed as very realistic and I could connect with them both on a very emotional level It has to be so hard to know you are to be a mother and not tell the father yes some woman can t always make contact and let the father know but when you can and things hit a rough spot as let s face it being a single mother is never easy and thus keeping it all to yourself and just hanging in there when you know you can have help is one of the bravest acts everI could fully understand Jack s anger but I did at one stage feel he was approaching the entire situation wrong But I Was Delighted When The Author I was delighted when the author and turned him into a hero that will make your toes curl and just ive you that warm and fuzzy that s what love is all about feelingThe backdrop settings were absolutely breathtaking I was entranced at the descriptions of Africa and the poaching of elephants I was transported to a truly whole other world with stunning stunning STUNNING and vivid imaginations from the author I highly recommend this fabulous sweet and truly heartwarming read from a brilliant author 55 star review The promise of rain brings the power of a new life The Promise of Rain is a magical story Ms Sinara s wonderful prose transports the reader to Kenya s Serengeti Plain where Dr Anna Bekker runs an elephant research and rescue facility Anna lives at the camp with her daughter Pippa She never told Dr Jackson Jack Harper that he had a daughter But She Feels Her she feels her is safe After all she lives in Africa and he in the USWhen Jack Harper is sent to Kenya to check on Anna Sweet romance set in the wilds of Africa This is a Reine Mädchensache great story about a wild animal vet named Anna whooes to Africa to rescue elephants and hide from her life There s just one problem she was pregnant and didn t tell the f Reviewed by MariaBook provided by the authorOriginally posted at Romancing the BookThis was my first experience of the HARLEUIN HEARTWARMING imprint As I prefer sweet emotional stories to full on sexual description this line suits me well What I noticed most is the fact that there is a roundness to this story THE PROMISE OF RAIN There is an entrancing African setting a cast of characters not just the focus couple There s also the most Animal Babies gorgeous littleirl who jumps off the page and laughs at you You just want to. O Dr Jackson Harper As soon as he sets eyes on her four year old Pippa Anna knows he'll never leavewithout his daughterFurious doesn't begin to describe how Jack feels How could Anna 35 starsI loved Anna and her dedication to both her daughter and the orphan elephants in her care but I could not connect with Jack I found him unsympathetic and manipulative in addition to clueless Enjoyed the author s writing but the hero fell flat for me I can t believe that I have read this stunning story and not left a review While hunting for something to read again I saw this on my shelf and thought YES Curious to see what I wrote I m stunned to find there s no recorded notesAnna Bekker is in the most amazing setting working with the Busara elephant research and rescue camp on Kenya s Serengeti The incredibly detailed description is one of the many parts that make this story whole Another part is the emotion The last place Anna thought she d run into the father of her daughter is in the Serengeti The emotion that the author Rula Sinara made me feel made this story seem so realistic A beautifully written story which took my imagination far and wide on a journey soaring across places i ll never see in my lifetime I highly recommend this incredibly detailed book A story The Promise of Rain is not just a story it is a wonderfully woven tale full of emotion and description that just leaves you Offenders and Detainees going WOWI am now lending it to a friend who I know will enjoy it too I loved everything about this clean romance Secret baby is an often used romance trope but the author created such wonderful backstories for the H and h that it breathed new life into such a common romance novel scenario Anna is strong and independent yet vulnerable and scared at the same time Jack is areat hero who starts off understandably mad to find that the love of his life ran away to Africa 5 years ago and has been hiding a child from him all that time Not your typical hulking alpha romance hero but just strong enough to be there when Anna really needs him and Pippa probably the most adorable #child I ve found in any book The description of the scenery in the parts that take place in #I ve found in any book The description of the scenery in the parts that take place in is so wonderful you really see it and it is a beautiful sight I finished this around 3 am because once it qasas-ul-quran gotoing I couldn t put this book down until Jack and Anna overcame their painful pasts to create anew future together I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a true romance This review and like it can be found on my blog Dizneeee s World of Books Wow Wow It was so refreshing to read such a clean romance I thoroughly enjoyed The Promise of RainOur main characters Anna and Jack are long time friends Anna has trust issues about men and love due to her father Jack has trust and love issues due to his birth parents Jack was adopted after his biological "parents died from drug overdoses he was rateful "died from drug overdoses He was rateful loved his adoptive family but never could Say The Word LoveAnna the word loveAnna Jack but refused to be the one to say it After Dead-End Road Mysteries graduating from college Jack and Anna took their friendship to the next level Anna was leaving for Africa and Jack proposed Anna thought he was only proposing because they had taken that big step in their relationship She turned him down and ran to Africa so she could do her elephant projectJack not knowing that Annaot pregnant that night shows up at her elephant camp to see a little irl who is a mirror image of himselfThe story alternates POV between Anna and Jack It s actually nice to et into both of their heads It makes their stubbornness so much understoodWith all of the bickering doubting of feelings deciding to build back a friendship and the daughter living situation the background story is about the poaching of elephants in the Serengeti I absolutely love that Sinara was able to build such a creative and visionary place for my mind I empathized with those sweet baby elephants and with the funding crisis Anna and her team were havingIf you love a Valors Measure great heartfelt or heartwarminghaha Get it book this is definitely one to add to your TBR list So much information andreat reading and tears at the end A review copy was provided All thoughts are my own and I have not been persuaded in any way 4 STARSI would love to o see the animals in the wild The baby elephants seem so loveable How can people just kill the elephants for their tusks This romance takes place on a Busara elephant research in Kenya mostlyThe characters seem real with real hang ups I like Anna and can see how hard it would be to finally tell the truth to everyone about having a daughter I can t imagine hiding a daughter. He wants to take her child out of AfricaThe Busara elephant research and rescue camp on Kenya's Serengeti is Anna Bekker's life's work And it's the last place she thought she'd run int. The Promise of Rain


Scoop her up and bury your nose in her corkscrew curly hair That s how real the writing wasAnna Bekker runs an elephant rescue centre in the wilderness of Kenya A dedicated vetinary doctor she is studying the habits of elephants and bringing much needed relief to those elephants who have been damaged psychologically and physically as a result of attacks by poacherswhich have hurt them and killed and wounded their loved ones She is supported by a dedicated team of Africans who are both loyal and proud A single mother Niara lives with Anna and both mothers support each other in the job of rearing their two pre schoolers Both infants are lovingly tended having been breastfed for a long time initially and are carefully tutored We know that Niara hasn t had it easy but has found a refuge to rear her son along with Anna s little one But who is the father of Anna s little Pippa RoseHe arrives soon enough As a sort of inspector sent by the chief benefactor of the project to check that the funds are oing to Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan good use His shock at seeing his exirlfriend with a child who is old enough to be his fills him with amazement wonder and possessiveness Recognizing the tiny girl as his own by the way her age fits in and also by her as his own by the way her age fits in and also by her physical resemblance to him Jack vows to et his daughter back to America at any cost He s furious with Anna for failing to inform him that he was a parent Both parents want to share the custody but both want to be the chief caretaker Anna has worked close to nature and being a mother she knows that the mother child bond is something Jack will probably never understand Jack for his part wants his child back in the relative safety of the USA in a pink Barbie bedroom in his apartment playing with his sister s kids after school Anna he decides can visit whenever she wants Anna argues that Pippa has hands on loving care at all times and that bringing her to the United States and dropping her #into day care while he works his customary long hours will #day care while he works his customary long hours will a detrimental affect on the child s emotional wellbeing As the couple approach the US Consular Services in Nairobi to make their daughter s passport one wonders how this deadlock can be resolvedAnna and Pippa s visit to the USA to visit with little Pippa s randparents provides the opportunity to explore what made Jack and Anna the people they have become Anna s parents miserable marriage and messy divorce looks like the reason she didn t break the news to Jack earlier She didn t want Jack to marry her for the baby s sake not wanting to ive her parents history a chance to repeat itself Jack was an unwanted child of drug addicts who thankfully eventually found himself with a loving family That s why he doesn t want to lose his only child that sense of blood kinship I could feel Anna s pain Her sense of "abandonment by her own father and her reluctance to accept her stepmom "by her own father and her reluctance to accept her stepmom could feel Jack s desperation too as he tries to win his child overThis story tackles uite a few issues The issue of how a background of dysfunctional family life can steel a person s heart against iving a marriage commitment I also found the story extremely realistic In that Anna and Jack didn t find any time to spend together rebonding sexually before deciding to Voice of Conscience get married It s a sad but true fact for couples who are madly in love while the presence of a young child is thereatest joy it is also the PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) greatest sex prevention techniue ever I don t know how I ever managed to have kids after the first one arrived Iuess that babies have to sleep sometime But that s the real deal Because life isn t just the uest for the perfect sexual experience It s sponging a child s fever together It s cleaning up vomit sounds revolting but it s perfectly true It s standing by each other through The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, good times and badI also liked the comparison between child rearing in the developing and developed worlds Living in India I breastfed non stop for ten years between all my pregnanciesave my kids hands on oil massages and slept beside them through the night They call it attachment parenting nowadays and think it s a new techniue And even though my parenting partner my husband and I are free to do or less whatever we want as the kids have Marvins Room grown I sometimes yearn for that special closeness and intimacy which comes from rearing a child or children togetherThis is a beautiful Harleuin imprint and I hope that it flourishes Romance fiction today will be the richer for Eep this from him He has toet his child back to the States Yet as angry as he is with Anna they still have a bond But can it endure despite the ocean and the little Roberto to the Dark Tower Came girl between them.

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