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Iron Insects Invade Indiana American Chillers

Johnathan Rand Ê 8 REVIEW

Adriene Anyways Adriene said that his brother Eddie ade them and wanted to take over Indiana So the kids Travis and Mary sprinted off to stop Eddie from taking over Indiana When they eached to the lab that Eddie was in they were immediately you could say he was smart but he didnt know was that Travis betrayed his friend and ditched her Oh yeah she seemed mad all ight After Eddie Explained What He Eddie explained what he doing which seemed cool Travis was looking around being amazed Then all of a sudden he dashes out with his friend and an like they ve got a swarm of iron bees after them Mary was confused but Travis said he put in a hard drive into the computer to make the swarm of bees under Adriene s control Mary was surprised but they kept unning After a while they eached the toy factory and made it safe Adriene thanked them by ewarding them a giant iron beetle that can only fly and nothing else They had a lot of fun with it and told absolutely no ne about their epic adventure great This book was alright if not a little corny at times However its a nice sort of action like fantasy for kids Plus its also done in a way that can teach some basic geography This book took place in Elkhart Indiana and talked about local landmarks like the St Joe iver Also I noticed that the book actively defined larger words through the dialogue of the characters Indiana the Crossroads of America is stop number nine on the American Chillers tour Fifth graders Travis Kramer and Mandy McKinley live in the city of Elkhart It s a warm summer day so Travis goes for a swim but his plan takes a weird turn when "he spots a metallic locust by the iver The locust flies off after a minute but Travis knows "spots a metallic locust by the iver The locust flies off after a minute but Travis knows witnessed something extraordinary A few days later he sees a metallic grasshopper near his house Wanting proof he captures the witnessed something extraordinary A few days later he sees a metallic grasshopper near his house Wanting proof he captures the in a jar to show his friend Mandy tomorrow but by morning it has chewed through the lid plus the screen on Travis s bedroom window and escaped Will he ever see another of these bugs That same morning a metallic beetle shows up in Mandy s yard along with the silver grasshopper and the beetle demonstrates the damage it can do with its sawlike pincers Travis and Mandy barely evade a direct attack Travis disables the beetle by swatting it out of the air with a tennis acuet and a close inspection eveals the letters BTC printed under its wing A bit of esearch eveals this is probably the Boogaloo Toy Company headuartered in Elkhart until the factory abruptly shut down years ago Is the company secretly making metal insects A phone call to a BTC epresentative lets Travis and Mandy know that the factory is slated for a eturn to business soon but when Mandy mentions the metallic insects they fou. Re about to find outAnd what they discover is horrifying than they would ever imagine Thousands of iron insects are about to descend upon the city of Elkhart Indianaand these metal monste. This book I loved This book kept me on my toes the whole time even from the begining My favorite part of this book was when they were in the lab and they made a big friendly insect so it would defeat all the other gang of insects This book was scary at times I liked the scary times in the book because every time one of these moments comes up I liked the scary times in the book because every time one of these moments comes up want to ead and I will definitley bread of these books because I love scary books Mandy played a key part in this book because she was the one who caught the bug in the glass jar Then once she caught it she was smart enough to look at the bottom of the bug the bug said Boogaloo toy company So Mandy went there and they saw no one there but once they went down the elavator they saw a professor who helped them over come the "BUGS AND KILL THEM ALL THIS BOOK WAS OKAY "and kill them all This book was okay thought this book was a tad weird just like all of the other books in this series I have not ead many other books from the American Chillers series I thought that is would be interesting book because it would be a different book that I would ead lately I felt like this book had to many things going on at once that s why I felt like this book was okay I don t know what the other books are like so i might go check out the other books There is a possibility that this book might have not been a good one too ead out of this series If you like books with weird things happening then i would ecommend this book to you I enjoyed this book because it was scary and I also hate bugs This book was a action pact horror storyand had a lot of parts about bugs chasing peopleI think this book was a pretty cool book because in the end Teresa and her friend destroy the bugs I think this book is for everyone who like horror stories and there is a series of the American Chillers I ead this book and finished it a while ago but this book wasnt eally scary just scary This book is about how Mandy and Travis find this weird little funny looking like bug So they got curious and decided to head on over there But something was strange about that insect it bit Travis s nose Mandy saw something awkward like it was some kind of metal obot bug when Mandy got a close look at it she ealized it was from the famous toy store Well when Travis and Mary called the company they said it wasn t them who created those things so he invited them over to talk about what s going on 2 days later Travis and Mary biked to the company and eached it like 5 minutes later When I pictured in my mind i saw like this Nuclear Plant that seemed ditched a long time ago Travis and Mary headed on inside and found the guy who answered their phone call I forgot his name but i think it was like adriene or something like that Let s just call him. When Travis Kramer and Mandy McKinley find a strange metal insect at a nearby park they have a lot of uestions Where did it come from Are there And most importantlyare they dangerousThey'. .
Nd the voice on the line asks them to come to the factory immediately to discuss the matter with the company president Why would a busy executive "set aside time for a pair of kids Entering the factory complex is an unsettling experience "aside time for a pair of kids Entering the factory complex is an unsettling experience huge un down building and its extensive parcel of land appear deserted but someone euested Travis and Mandy meet the company president here The front doors close and lock behind them sealing the two inside the factory They wander through the vast building then take an elevator deep underground where they encounter metallic insects similar to the ones from before It turns out there s a technology war at Boogaloo Toy Company The founder wants to create state of the art children s toys but a former employee sees the iron insects as a means to world domination With millions of metallic bugs sweeping the globe as soldiers who could stop this ogue employee from taking over It s up to Travis and Mandy to infiltrate his base of operations and install a Trojan horse computer override so the founder of Boogaloo Toy Company can dismantle his ival s evil plan Are Travis and Mandy eady to fight hordes of deadly iron insects to get the job done The plot of Iron Insects Invade Indiana lacks originality and the writing is awkward and unprofessional but this is still one of the enjoyable early American Chillers The narrative atmosphere is decently evocative an area of strength for Johnathan Rand in his best books I ate Iron Insects Invade Indiana one and a half stars but I ll ound to two the story makes better sense than most of the first nine American Chillers This book falls well Short Of What RL Stine of what RL Stine Goosebumps offers But It S A Passable it s a passable for fans of middle grade horror This book was very good but the kids showed Eddie the iron insect toy at the very end The book was chilling My son LOVED this book It had just the ight mix of scary and suspense Every chapter all 39 of them was a cliffhanger which esulted in him wanting to hear what was going to happen next The final chapter leaves the eader with an interest in the next book in the series This book is by no means a literary classic but it does have the makings of a fabulous ead aloud I also see this being a series that could be very attractive to esistant eaders especially boys short chapters cliffhangers danger and wildlife I thought that this book was very weird and interesting Most of all though it was weird It had some action and adventure The insects were strange made out of metal Also when they went to the toy factory it was abandoned when they said it just eopened I think that was strangeSo I think you should ead this book if you like all of the above things and that is what I think. Rs mean businessIt's a ace against the clock as Travis and Mandy try to uncover the secret of the bizarre bugs and stop the savage swarm before the iron insects terrorize the entire city.

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