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Mlynowski Teen Thriller eOut so they can talk she gives in She doesn t tonjoy their dinner out so much and is reminded of why she loved him so long ago out so and is reminded of why she loved him so long ago also doesn t Reggie expect tond up in bed with him again She is dismayed to discover that she still loves him and once again has no idea if he loves her too When she Switchback ends up pregnant and he proposes again just like the last time she has to decide if she can trust him with her heart againI kept waiting for the Missing Mogul part of the book to come up which didn t happen until near thend I like what I saw of Alex and am looking forward to seeing how this storyline plays out this is a strong 35 but I like the TEXAS cattleman series so i rounded up Good story Reunion story Had a few Texas goofs like trout in a Texas river that isn t right on the coast Never gave any hints at all about where this town is never Marrying Marcus (Virgin Brides, even said West Texas or anythingxcept there were live oaks which don t really grow in West Texas And there was this wild river with spray that jumped up on the bank That started in the wild river with spray that jumped up on the bank That started in the Which basically none of Texas s rivers do Belonging (Temptation, except maybe Devil s River which is a private short river Out by Del Valle or Del Rio maybeAnd there was no mention of how much water was in the river A true Texan never crosses a bridge without looking to see how much water is in the river or creek or bayou or whatever Nor do they stand beside a river without noting the water level and since this latest drought started 3 years ago it s always low the bayous in Houston look pretty good though Anyway I liked the story Just got thrown by the weirdness The TCC has been and on and off ongoing series which has started to annoy me a bit because it never frickennds The romance between hero and heroine was just written to me I didn t feel any If Im Found (If I Run emotional connection to the characters despite theirventual happy nding This is not the book you read for swoon worthy romance this was a soap opera waiting to unfold Nathan wins an award for unlikable hero a guy who after his fiance miscarried their child decides to be. 's back and Nathan has to get over her once and for all But his plan to seduce her say goodbye forever and focus on his job isn't working too wellUpon returning to gossipy Royal Texa. .
Very good book with plenty of heat Seven years ago Nathan had proposed to Amanda when he found out she was pregnant While he was away at the police academy she suffered a miscarriage Rumors had the reason as something lse and Nathan believed them Amanda broke their Assignment engagement and left town Now she s back and the attraction between them is just as intense as itver wasOkay let me start out by saying that as nice a guy as he basically was Nathan was an idiot when it came to Amanda When she got pregnant He Proposed Because It Was proposed because it was right thing to do He never told her if he loved her he just told her the way it was going to be When she lost the baby all those years ago he believed the rumors and didn t ven bother to ask her about them He just accepted the nd of the ngagement her about them He just accepted the nd of the The Spirituality Revolution engagement walked away He s never really forgotten her and now that she s back he can t get her off his mind So he decides to sleep with her one time to get her out of his system Instead she s just getting deeper under his skin Nathan is the kind of guy who makes plans and when things don t go according to that plan he gets a bit testy He doesn t like not being in control I reallynjoyed seeing the Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) effect that Amanda had on his life and how it blew his control all to pieces I also loved seeing the way he had to deal with the gossip and realize that there was nothing he could do about it It took a long time for him to accept the fact that he still loved her and he still had trouble actually saying the words I did like the scene at the Fourth of July celebration when he was winning teddy bears for the little kids It showed that there really was a nice guy thereven with all his idiocyAmanda had come home to help her sister run the diner She missed the small town while she was off in the city and is glad to be back The gossip is an irritation but she can live with it It s a small town and she knows she s going to run into Nathan sooner or later When they do sparks start flying again At first she wants nothing to do with him but when he comes to her and invites her. Something to HideSeven years ago wealthy sheriff Nathan Battle proposed to his pregnant girlfriend But Amanda Altman ripped out his heart left town and suffered a miscarriage Now she. Lieve rumors that she lost the child a different way It s pretty obvious who started the rumors and that was one reason I stuck with the story It s pretty obvious who started the rumors and that was one reason I stuck with the story also later dates the Heroines sister which makes you dislike both of them All of these make for the super soapy story along with a rampant rumor mill and the mystery of who the missing mogul will be I kept thoroughly ntertained through the book Love with the Altman sisters story about their relationship n Individual love I xpected a lot from Maureen Child for I do love her books However this one was too predictable too boring and just tedious for me to read I did not like the main characters at all and their chemistry was too forced according to me Sigh it makes me feel really sad to give such a low rating to a Maureen Child book I just couldn t get myself to give it a one although there were times when I wanted to but just could not do it to this author for I really love her books So two stars from me but I won t recommend it to anyone I don t Designing with Web Standards even like Nathan I mean he s an asshole He finally realize that he s been wrong all along yet he didn tven apologized to Amanda I was like whaa I don t like Amanda too I mean if she really is that strong don t come near him I don t know why she did that though looming around him acting like he didn t hurt her Pam s a bitch she deserves a freaking hard slap on her cheek Seriously the story is kinda okay but there s some part that I want to give up the book I give 35 stars out of 50I love the series but this one is kinda predictable story This is the 2nd book of the series I "ve read and I m not impressed by any of themI d like to know the reason for "read and I m not impressed by any of themI d like to know the reason for author taking the series into Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, eternity since she s short on inspirationIn this book all the leading couple cares about is the gossip Despite their painful past the main theme of the story is just gossipWell I got sick and tired of themAfter all these years I finally get itRoyal is just a village with bored to death peopleThere is no otherxplanation for their gossiping obsessio. S Amanda's determined not to show Nathan how much she still loves him Yet resisting the gorgeous lawman is impossible Especially when she discovers she's pregnant with his childagain.


Rumor Has It Texas Cattleman’s Club A Missing Mogul #2
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