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The Stranger I MarriedTHIS IS THE BEST OF THE BESTOk this is one of my favourite books so don t say a word or I ll cut your faceMy reaction to the rologue If that s the Sri Sumarah, Pariyem dan Bu Bei prologue Good lord I thought how the book will beJust 5 fuckinages and I was like See your ring on my finger he growled obviously frustrated Know that I am yours That I am different from the others Gray licked the shell of her ear and then bit the lobe Want me damn you The way I want you His words His actions His thoughts Dear Lady Isabel Pelham and Gerard Faulkner Maruess of Grayson even Rhys and Abby Isabel is great I mean who haven t thought can love just run out Spite of a good beginning Class Struggles people change Oh Pel I don t even have a bad experience and I understand youA lot of wtf omg ohhhhh and hot moments I LOVED IT ALL I wasted my time off this afternoon reading this nonsense I m thoroughly annoyed First of all the book starts off with the HH sleeping with everyone The hero is in love with another woman Then she go away I won t spoil it so he marries the heroine who is a known slut Since her late husband she decided to never get emotionally involved instead she sleeps with a number of gentlemen She does give them the attention they so called desire and stay their mistress for a number of years Whatever So the two rakes end up married he experience a trauma and leaves for four years He returns and realizes he don t want to sleep around with othereople any He wants his wife She is involved with one of her lovers so she keep trying to get the hero a mistress of his own He don t budge and he seduces her Once they have sex with one another the book went further downhill There was so much sex after that I felt exhausted and I only read the book She was sore and still he was riding her like his life depended on it Then there was a side romance that was rushed oh and of course they were humping like wild bunnies too and eventually everyone falls in love THE END I expected better because I have enjoyed her other books but this one was the worst so far For the Machalo Group Smut Challenge 12 Pick a random oneSince I ve been on a HR kick lately I decided my random smut choice would be in this genre And it was very very smuttyStrangely the hot smutty scenes were between a husband and wife Yay fidelityMarriage is so sexyThese two married for varying reasons but were only friends They both had other lovers and were happy with it But when his mistress dies in childbirth having his child he takes off for four years When he returns he wants a real marriage His wife is none too thrilled with that idea She even decides to hold a dinner Wilfred Owen (Routledge Revivals) party withotential mistresses for him to choose from That is so thoughtful What a great wifeHe s not interested and they soon get down and dirty together Of course their old lovers all conspire together to break up the happy couple and his mother is downright evil but hey we all know how well it works to try and keep two eople in lust love apartThere is also a bit of a side story with her brother falling in love It was okay ish But the thing that struck me weird was about how he kept describing his chick s boobs He kept talking about her long nipples and it was SUEAMING ME OUT LONG NIPPLES REALLY me out Long nipples Really s attractive And all this time I ve been fighting gravity as much as humanly ossible Who knew that I should just let them fall towards Earth and then all the hot young 20 yr old studs would find me irresistibleShe ll be fighting them off with a stickOh well to each his own I guessRegardless of how much story there seems to be this book is retty much smut I did think the story was cute but it ended kind of abruptly This book seriously needed an epilogue Needed a historical fix and this one fit the bill nicely It is way too hot here to be online writing reviews so this one is short Loved it Great writing Highly recommend it I thought once I was on holidays I would have time to read and review the opposite is true This was my favorite book from Sylvia Day I absolutely LOVED it552012Story Rating 5 StarsCharacter Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 5 StarsHeat Level 45 StarsOverall Rating 5 starsIt has bee a long time since I have read this book I remembered that 45 StarsOverall Rating 5 starsIt has bee #A Long Time Since #long time since have read this book I remembered that loved it and not much else I must say that it was like I was reading this book for the first time and loved it just as much as the first time aroundIsabel and Gerard married but not for the normal reason s She accepted the roposal knowing it would keep her lovers from wanting her to marry them He married Isabel to keep woman from expecting than sex from him and also to stop his mother from trying to match make for him They were good friends but went to others for their sexual needsOne day something happened and Gerard took off and stayed away for four years When he returned he realized that he wanted his wife in his life and lusted after her She on the other hand wanting to keep things the way they always were She had her reasons for not wanting to be with Gerard and I don t want to give the whole story awayI loved reading how Gerard went about trying to change Isabel s mind and also loved reading how they eventually fell in love The sex scenes were many and done with a lot of Angels in Harmony passion It ended with a HEAAny of my goodreads friends out there who love historical romances with some good heat and have never tried a Sylvia Day historical are REALLY missing out I highly recommend this book and Seven Years To Sin OMG OMG I LOVED THIS BOOKthis is exactly what I needed after the last book i read was such a disappointmentThis is about Grayson and Isabel twoeople who decide to marry to make each of their lives simpler or so they think of course Grayson is a scoundrel he has two lovers and lives for his own Sketchy Behavior pleasure Isabel was hurt badly from her first marriage and is not going to let another man get close to her heart again She has a lover as well and because of her beauty men are constantly chasing heroor thinghaha Isabel also has a bad rep. Estuvieron juntos Autumn Brides por las razones euivocadasSon laareja más escandalosa de Londres Isabel lady Pelham y Gerard Faulkner marués de Grayson están a igualados en todo; sus apetitos lujuriosos sus constantes amantes su The Princess and the Three Knights pícaro ingeniorovocativa reputación y su absoluto rechazo a arruinar su matrimonio de conveniencia enamorándose el uno del otro Isabel sabe ue un libertino tan encant. ,

Utation and marrying her would drive Grayson mother insane and since her doesn t like her mother much this is added incentive to marry her so they agree to marry and not change either of their lives and for a while they are both happyWell something happens in Grayson s life that completely devastates him it shakes him to his core and he takes off He doesn t return for 4 years When he comes back he is different he is a man changed mentally and emotionally he is wiser and apparently he has muscles and a butt to die for sorry i had to mention this but i did love his butt What Grayson wants is a real wife so the challenge beginsI loved the dialogue between these two I am afraid she admitted baring what he had known but was waiting for her to say How strong you are to reveal that he raised and how lucky I am to be the man you share your fears with And this one I think your ass is divine and I wish to bite it Bite it He blinked My ass And the sex between these two was hot sensual the chemistry you could feel There is one encounter between them that just blows me away I read it once and then went back and read it again OH MY MYAnd I even loved the secondary romance in this book between Isabel s brother Rhys and Abby That was charming fun and wonderfully romanticOverall I found this a wonderful sensual historical romance It fulfilled everything i wanted and needed I was in a funk yesterday but today i will go to work smiling from ear to ear because yesterday I read a fantastic book I love books for this reason I will be reading this againand again i am ositive Well Hot Damn There is Smoke coming off this bookThis book gets 5 Angry Sex Stars What a raunchy beautiful sexy love story Gerald Grayson is Hot Shit and he knows it Married women want to be his mistress while the single women compete to be his wife His mother is hounding him to marry but he just wants to be left alone to his own rakish leisure So Grayson strikes a wedding bargain that will allow him him that freedom But even a Rake has a heart And the bigger they are the harder they fall Growling he said There is a heart and mind attached to the cock you enjoy so well Altogether they form a man your spouse You cannot fragment the whole and take only the ieces you want Isabel Pleham aka PelPel is a ravishing beauty with a body built for sin Every man dreams of having her except for her husband Grayson That s because he is in love with another woman But Pel has other interests and a long list of options You have no right to accost me like this I have every right Did you fuck him Yes She turned her head to glare at him I fucked him all night In every way imaginable I sucked his Gray s mouth took hers so hard she tasted blood His tongue slid into her mouth thrusting in a brutal rhythm He held both of her wrists in one hand while the other reached for the hem of her gown and yanked it upward I won t give much away other than to say I loved each of these characters They Sizzle and leave me in a wet uddle anytime they make love Grayson is a skilled lover and a determined man He has one of the dirtiest mouths in bed and he can a determined man He has one of the dirtiest mouths in bed and he can all nightAnd when he isn t screwing his wife into a coma he s seducing his way into her heart with the sweetest words I ledge my troth to you my wife Not for my needs as I did before but for yours You have given me so much friendship laughter acceptance You have never judged me or chastised When I did not know who I was you cared for me anyway When I make love to you I am content and I wish for nothing else Gerard His name spoken in her broken voice struck deeply Will you let me in he implored Why I want to give all that I am to you OMG Gerald just makes my heart melt as he seduces and woos his wife I love books where couples fall in love after they ve said I do Both characters had their faults but I loved that they were always honest with each other and that honesty became the foundation for a wonderful love storySylvia Day s characters are so vivid I loved the secondary characters and cared about the scenes that didn t involve the main couple There was a secondary love story that was downright adorable and sexy I can t recommend this steamy historical enough Follow my reviews at wwwreadinghavenme OH COME ON NO EPILOGUE I think its truly been a long time since a book twisted and tested my Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) patience and attention the way this book didMeet Isabelle and Grayson young and livelythese two are the definition of thehrase Friend s with benefits until they finally decide to throw marriage into the euation to make things complicatedThough no matter how chic lite and funny this Synopsis does sound this book was the epitome of Dark angry sex and how a wounded lonely Christianity past can fester and down tone your soulWhen love burn s you once you never want to hurt twice After spending 4 years away from his wife Grayson is finally back to over through his wifearamours and finally win her over claiming that time away from her had taught him a wretched lesson about how much his wife actually meant to him MY THOUGHTS Honestly I cant say I was surprised with my ratingsIn all honestyI kind of guessed this one would be a four star for me by the time I was drifting around the 80% mark other than the scratchy fights and angry sexI didn t really find any strong Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, plot or other strong secondary characters that made this story worth reading the whole 312ages of the book forjust to cheer on the lead couple to their happily ever afterI didn t really like the two main characterwhich Alice-Miranda at Camp poised another hugeroblem for meEven though I understand their reasoning on certain thingsAnd regarding the issue of genreI did NOT feel like I was reading a HR but of a book that would fall into the category of contemporary romance likewhich is All OkBut That Hadn okBut that hadn been what I was in the mood for at The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) present RECOMMENDATION As I said if you like hard core angry sex and a bunch load of dirty wordsthis book is totally for you But if your. Ador jamás interesará a surotegido corazón ni ue ella influenciará su corazón de libertino Es una farsa muy agradable hasta ue un sorprendente giro de los acontecimientos aparta a Gerard de su ladoAhora cuatro años más tarde Gerard ha vuelto a casa con Isabel Pero el granuja despreocupado y juvenil ue se marchó ha sido reemplazado The Association of Small Bombs por un hombre taciturnooderoso e irresistible.
The Original Sin Peeping Tom (Middlemarch Mates,

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Expecting another HR romance with a swoon worthy hero and a virginal heroine your defiantly in for a surpriselovlies So Warned 45 starsI was ridiculously surprised at how much I loved this book I think for those who read this expecting a run of the mill Historical Romance will be shocked at the language and amount of sex But if you can go into it with an open mind and know that it is much erotic than the norm you ll realize that there is a new level of intimacy here one that I don t often read in romances set even in modern times let alone in regency romance Sex is written about in so many different ways Not often do I come across an author that makes a couple truly connect during the act as well as Ms Day did with Grayson and Isabel Maybe because they were such good friends knew each other and loved each other as friends endured tragedy and weathered the rigid structure of society together Somehow I felt the intimacy so much deeply than I m used to Their assion for one another sizzled Isabel was cheated on by her first husband and she simply doesn t trust the younger Grayson Their marriage of convenience originated from a need to be free to conduct their sexual affairs without expectations from their lovers Their friendship endured because they didn t sleep with each other just shared their home When Grayson s life is suddenly struck by tragedy he disappears for years During his absence he evaluates his life and comes back changedand wanting from Isabel than she s willing to risk She can t let herself fall in love with her husband But my goodness is Grayson convincing Their dialogue in the heat of the moment was enough to bring tears to my eyes Grayson is so Visit the Sick passionate and not afraid to let Isabel feel hisassionIs this all we haveIsabelMoreDamn you Gray muttered finally his fingers digging Carry Me Over the Threshold painfully into her flesh Can I everump deep enough Can I ever fuck you enough Sate you enough Will I ever be enoughGrayson is anguished aching for Isabel to love him back He woos and loves and romances her and God I loved every second of it He just unabashedly chases after his wife The wait is worth it I swear I loved this couple Recommended for HR lovers who like a little extra steamor a lot of extra There was a LOT of sex in this book but I never got the feeling of it being too much Isabel and Grayson are both extremely sexual The Courtship Basket people and it is their only way of truly connecting with each other before they finally learn how to be in love Loved it loved it 4 Stars Sooo good Theirs was a union made for all the wrong reasons but in the end it was one that could not have been right When I started reading this I somewhat thrown by the beginning of the book even thought ofutting it aside for a while BUT I heard Kathleen in my head telling what a great read this was Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 2 Samuel (The Expositors Bible Commentary plus I loved Sylvia Day s book Bared To You so I forged ahead I wasleasantly surprised at the turn this book took and thoroughly enjoyed the development and strength in the relationship that ensued between Pel and Gray What was a scandalous and inappropriate although arranged and agreed upon marriage turned into a beautiful emotional love story Gray is a scoundrel has 2 mistresses and absolutely no shame for his incorrigible ways Pel was married to a man very similar to Gray in Small Talk personality now widowed she is only looking for companionship but the men she takes up with are looking for So Grayroposes her an option marry him and she is rid of any suitors and for him no debutantes chasing him his mistresses won t expect than he already giving them and his Despicable Mother Will Have No mother will have no to hound him to get married It s a marriage of convenience No Sex And It sex and it for both of them until Gray receives tragic news he leaves and is gone for 4 years I had some trouble with this and didn t care for Gray at all not one bit He returns a changed man and is determined to set things right with Pel Gray wants to win the heart of the woman he married he doesn t just want a Accidental Pharisees piece of herhe wants it all As Pel and Gray go on this journey to discover each other and a love that could be I found myself admiring her and falling head over heels for him He isersistent humorous caring and insatiable One yummy scrumptious dish of a man Oh Gray s intolerable mother tries to derail them but they build on the faith and the friendship they have for each other and don t fall victim to her despicable attempts to separate them That s what I loved most about this book they came to hurdle and they jumped over ittogether As much as Pel fought it in the beginning she becomes as determined as he is to make this work Even her old flame Lord Hargreaves John who was recruited to tear them apart sees that Gray and Pel are than a marriage of convenience and re thinks his art in all of it I hope that someday Sylvia Day will write a book for him he is than deserving to have a love of his own As the level of intimacy between Pel and Gray increases so does their love for each other and they become Gerard and Isabelfrom beginning to endit was just beautifulThere is also a lovely secondary romance that involves Isabel s brother Rhys and the darling Abby It added another layer of emotion and sweetness to the story They had some unexpected heated exchanges of a sexual nature and YOWZA it was uite the bonus for the readers My one complaint is that I wish we were given information on where Gray went and exactly what he was doing in the four years he was gone What we got was vague at best The dialogue is fantastic the writing is superb the sexual intimacy between Gray and Pel is sensual assionate smokin hot and real Almost too real It s set me on FIRE Lot s seat suirming Light Thickens (Roderick Alleyn, pantingmaybe even a moan or twookay lots of moaning and the misting fan got a good workout I need new batteriesI bow down to you Kathleen you know what you speak of I agree it was a fabulous read I LOVED ITI know I know you told me so and btwSeven Years to SinI m on it friend. Ue está decidido a emplear la seducciónara alcanzar sus afectos Ha desaparecido el compañero despreocupado ue compartía su amistad y nada más y en su lugar está la tentación hecha carne un marido ue desea el cuerpo y el ama de Isabel y ue no se detendrá ante nada A Multi-Site Church Roadtrip para conuistar su amor No este no es el hombre con ue se casó Pero es el hombre ueodría Magic Dreams (Kate Daniels, por fin robarle el coraz?.

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