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Ies Where has that Pendergast goneAnd don t get me started about Corrie Swanson What was the point of her plot line I wanted to skip those chapters if she appears again I may just do that I am intrigued by the twins and by Constance s child so I will read the next book But I am not as impatient as I once was What the f % indeed Agent A X L PendergastOne thing I can say for where this series stands and what this book stressed to me pay attention to every detail from every book you never now series stands and what this book stressed to me pay attention to every detail from every book you never now something Is Going To Come Back going to come back be an important element Remember that hobo that sneezed in book 5 Yeah that s probably important in book 15 Seriously Preston Child weave uite a webI cannot say too much about this book without spoilers Just mentioning a character at this point could be a spoiler I was talking to a friend who has already completed the series and I remember him saying that a book farther along in the series seemed to be all about a certain character At one point

this book I was certain character was going to die I thanked him for ruining that suspense for me I am in the middle of discussing the earlier books in this series Hello Ginger and Terry and I have to be very careful about what I sayThat all being said this book is great this series is great you cannot go wrong if you like mystery and suspense Where you can go wrong is starting in the middle Go back and start from the beginning you will not regret itHere is a fun spoiler it is pretty big stretch but is a big clue to one of the ey plot points of this book CLICK IF YOU DARE view spoiler hide spoiler Ok Preston and Childs are not stretching my imaginationrather they are beginning to make my imagination balk at the continued twists and turns that the personal life of Special Agent Pendergast is takingI went along with the uasi horror elements in the earliest books in the series I can do monsters it matters not a whit to me if they are real or not as long as the story is good Then in Still Life with Crows he combined the horror with a good investigative story which made me a real fanNow however we are going back to his long dead and long mourned wife who is suddenly alive And too Pendergast discovers himself to be the father of twins part of a Nazi eugenics experiment Suddenly I m just irritated by the whole thingThe series is beginning to remind me of an old boyfriend you Carlyle Marney keep around way beyond the sell by date Even if he is fun to have around you really should expand your horizons and get on with your life I might be really missing out on a great new series if I stay with Pendergast much longer I got rid of the boyfriend and moved on Maybe it s time to move beyond Pendergast An excellent conclusion to the Helen trilogy as well as a continuation of the overall Pendergast story Again another book filled with thrilling action great characters and a fun mystery that had me all over the map trying to figure out For me just the right amount of fun both the book and the terrific buddy read with Ginger and Matthew toeep me coming back for I can t wait for the next installment What a great conclusion to the Helen trilogy 5 STARS Two Graves is the 3rd book in the Helen Pendergast trilogyWarning Warning Do not start with this book at any time unless you ve read the rest of the series and especially the Helen trilogyThe amount of details and plots in the Penderg. Who seems to have an almost psychic ability to elude capture NYPD Lieutenant D'Agosta asks his friend Pendergast for help Reluctant at first Pendergast soon discovers that the Shameful killings are a message from his wife'sidnappers But why a message And what does it meanWhen the idnappers strike again at those closest to Pendergast the FBI agent filled anew with vengeful fury sets out to track down and destroy thos. ,

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Ast series amazes me It can be so complex and I m not sure what to say in this review that is safe This whole trilogy is full of spoilers m not sure what to say in this review that is safe This whole trilogy is full of spoilers it would be terrible of me to give something away to new readers Trust me the shock factor is one of the best things about the Pendergast seriesThe action was just excellent in Two Graves along with the reoccurring characters The character of Pendergast has come a LONG way from the beginning of this series starting with Relic I ve really enjoyed his journeyThe series even added a few new characters that I could see coming up again in the plot with upcoming books I M Looking Forward To m looking forward to you like suspense mystery and just bad ass action check this series outIt s been a fun and crazy ride This was definitely one of the sour tasting Pendergast novels I had several upsets along the way Some of the wording in the book was very repetitive not just used often but used close together as well For example As he dove under the water the propeller missed his head by inches He breached the surface and a gunshot rang out missing his head by inchesThere were a lot of missed by mere inch moments I feel overall revelations in this book jump the shark perhaps even a few times Also if the Dr Felder and Corrie Swanson side stories were deleted altogether this book in the series would be uite short Those little jumps in the story were extremely boring to me and provided absolutely no forward movement for the plot If they are going to be expounded upon in subseuent novels the authors should have just put those elements into the next oneI usually enjoy finishing a Pendergast novel and comparing notes with my sister Discussing which parts I enjoyed which parts I had unanswered uestions on and we deliberate our hypotheses With this one now concluded and I look back on it there really wasn t too much to really enjoy compared to earlier works One statement that stuck out like a ugly grotesue thumb was when D gosta was looking into this serial iller and he says to himself in an inner monologue how that he and Pendergast had worked on several cases in the past but this one was the most strange When that line came out I had my own inner monologue that went something like this Wait hold up Seriously the strangest Some douchebag serial Sacred Landscapes killer is murdering people and leaving body parts at the crime scene and a message That is weird but remember that case where something wasilling people and removing their brains and taking a large bite out of it Or when some guy was stalking people and removing sections of their spines and creating some bizarre formula to slow the aging process Or when there was the possibility of zombies roaming the streets of NY Or even stranger still people being murdered by a possible demonNow those cases were strange but this little serial Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, killer didn t seem very interesting at all and even less interesting was who the serialiller turns out to be That individual would be the flying leap over the shark I mentioned Further I just don t think the concept of the whole Nazis being involved grasped me I m hoping they fix their formula for the next Pendergast novel and give us another top notch stand alone Overall the wait for this newest edition seemed very anti climatic This book continues the impressive Pendergast series A very splendid tale I had to stay up and finish it More on this later Nigh. E responsible His journey takes him deep into the trackless forests of South America where he ultimately finds himself face to face with an old evil that rather than having been eradicated is stirring anew and with potentially world altering conseuencesConfucius once said Before you embark on a journey of revenge first dig two graves Pendergast is about to learn the hard way just how true those words still ring. ,
Two GravesYou ever had a garbage plate It starts with a starchy base think mac and cheese fried potatoes or baked beans topped with protein hot dogs cheeseburgers eggs or whatever and then covered with meat sauce onions mustard and etchup served with some white bread to sop up all the leftover sauciness onions mustard and etchup served with some white bread to sop up all the leftover sauciness s an absurdly over the top study in American excess that s by turns enchanting revolting nonsensical delightful and prone to inducing heartburn and regret And in eeping with my grand tradition of using food metaphors for Pendergast books the eating euivalent of reading Two GravesLook I m all in on Pendergast I M Twelve Books In And Not About To I m twelve books in and not about to now I long ago recognized that willing suspension of disbelief is to this series what Instagram is to Kylie Jenner namely the foundational construct upon which everything else relies and without which existence would immediately cease Generally I m fine with that especially because it allows Preston and Child to play with supernaturalextranormal angles that blur the edge between reality and fantasy in a very compelling wayand then came the secret children Nazis in remote Brazilian strongholds genetically engineered super twins and Rambo esue paramilitary shenanigans Willing suspension of disbelief More like total abandonment of the frontal lobe Or in the case of the garbage plate total lack of regard for the descending colonAnd yet it s still entertaining It s still Pendergast I didn t tear through it uite as uickly as normal but I blame global pandemics and a subseuent utter lack of reading time for that than I do shortcomings in the story though there were a higher number of those than usual for a Pendergast book I confess that I m a little weary of the Helen storylines I ll be glad when we can get Pendergast back to investigating crimes that don t involve people with whom he repeatedly fornicated or who were unknowingly produced from his apparently exceptionally strong swimmers So onward ever onward We ll call it 35 stars but round up because Preston and Child are just so damn good at what they do I think my crush on Pendergast is over for the very simple reason that the authors deviated too far from what every gothic writer worth her salt nows less is Especially when you are dealing with a gothic hero Like Pendergast I miss the enigmatic Pendergast of earlier novels the man of mystery the unexplored countryI Hunted know too much now and sadly much of what Inow has me saying meh In this book I see where the authors tried to take that extra step into somethi mild spoilersLike many of the other reviewers I am pleased that the Helen trilogy has concluded The last book was a cliffhanger and I was impatiently waiting for this final installment I read this one as I have the others in about two days While it was a fast and fun read I find the antics of AXLP to be rather obnoxious these days I firmly believe that a reader can and should suspend reality in favor of a good book however I find that my suspension of reality is exceeding even the most avid reader when it comes to Preston ChildWithin the first few chapters I laughed out loud at a most inappropriate action scene and promptly announced that my favorite special agent had jumped the shark Indeed all of the adventures are starting to disappoint I miss the agent from Still Life with Crows I miss the weird family stories from Cabinet of Curiosit. After his wife Helen is brazenly abducted before his eyes Special Agent Pendergast furiously pursues the idnappers chasing them across the country and into Mexico But then things go terribly tragically wrong; the idnappers escape; and a shattered Pendergast retreats to his New York apartment and shuts out the worldBut when a string of bizarre murders erupts across several Manhattan hotels perpetrated by a boy. .

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