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Derek is an idiot and I m glad Eve got professional helpIt s super short so a lot of things get glossed overDerek and Eve lost their baby a few months ago Since then Derek has been seeing a Psychiatrist who has been mind fcking him into leaving his wife Unfortunately there really isn t a lot of info about this part of the story It mostly just gets told to the reader and we never meet the OW I found it incredulous that this had really happened I mean he was texting with the OW about how likes her better than that this had really happened I mean he texting with the OW about how he likes her better than wife etc but later in his head he says that he never was attracted to the OW They never even kiss But he does apologize for being emotionally nfaithful In fact he grovels and feels remorseful all through the story And Eve does have some backbone despite trying to off herselfAfter Derek asks for a divorce after she finds the text messages and confronts him she decides that s the last straw and life isn t worth living and swallows a bunch of pills So most of the story takes place over a month at a mental health facility where they both go to healThere were A LOT of gaps in the logic of the story Like after they ve been in therapy FOR WEEKS he finally mentions that the OW isn t a part of his life any I mean WTF Shouldn t that have little tidbit have been in their first conversationAnd they ve never so much as talked about adoption before even though they ve been doing fertility treatments for years How is that realisticAnyways it was all rather lame and I figure they both need to get out and make friends But especially Eve What does she do all day when he s deployed Safety is not perfect of course view spoiler He never touches the OW but gives her his confidences There is no OM hide spoiler h has lost her baby in accident she is obviously traumatised Its a tough time so what does the H do He asks her for a divorce plus he s bitching about her behind her back to their therapist who is now the OW h was only holding on for H s sake she loves him God knows why cos I certainly don t so she snaps and swallows a bottle of pillsH had an affair with OW but we don t get to see details of his emotional intimacy with OW There are no rich shades of grey to nderstand the transfer of loyalty from h to OW Or the transfer back to h just bcos she tried to kill herself Yes it could have been a wake p call for H but its difficult to believe a guy asking for divorce could go back to being deeply in love with his wife overnighth was very strong n liked how emotionally honest she was and not too bitter too She s a very positive person Why did she have no one else in her. Everyone has their breaking point and Evelyn has finally reached hers In an attempt to escape her life and the events that broke her heart and killed her dreams she tries to commit suicide Now at. Corner does she have no family friends Surprised though that she stayed in the marriage so long from the book we can see she was lonely alone most of the timeH is in the military for years and important even when H is there he is is in the military for years and important even when H is there he is distant and they don t do anything together apart from the physical stuff Wonder what kept her in the marriage She should have taken better care of herself I mean she was luckyshe could have just as easily died obviously she couldn t trust the H to do it for herPersonally I don t think h should have tried for baby she says to H it will make her less lonely when he is away but a baby never fixes a relationship A child can actually put pressure on it widening the cracks She should instead have been proactive with H and tried to fix the marriageAnyway its an OK second chance at marriage read Leaves many Testing the Limits uestionsnanswered A short light read for such a heavy subject in To Honor you have a military wife who has been dealt a really bad hand the loss of a child combined with a misbehaving spouse wife s pain and frustration and ang Too "shortI would have liked to see of what happened Woman to kill herself over his "would have liked to see of what happened Woman tries to kill herself over his affair with his therapist He asked for a divorce and they had just lost their baby in a car crash and she just snapped The therapist was not a good person I guess and she manipulated his emotions and made him think she was the only one on his side It was odd The writing is very amateur and this might have been the authors first book I read this before in KU I guess because my rating was already in the book I didn t remember it Very sad story about two people trying to overcome some pretty tragic circumstances and likely said it was too short and could be fleshed out I liked this novella The subject matter while not gory or graphic is not for everyone Marriage in trouble is a favorite trope of mine along with some of my other shelves listed This one also has a marriage counselor who takes advantage of a very vulnerable couple definitely an evil OW So why not a higher rating The books suffers from the novella length With the weighty subject matter the story needed time in the build of the Hh relationship early days of courtship marriage the separations due to military life etc 35 stars FOUR STARSThis story totally filled my angst craving Wish it was longer though I didn t realize this was a novella when I dove into it Could have been even amazing had it been a bit longer That being said I totally enjoyed this story Wish I could find of this kind of themed storyline Rating 35 starsThe hero cheats. RR Resort she must find the strength to love and trust again But can she trust the person who betrayed her the most Derek made the wrong decision one that damn near cost him everything he ever lov. .

To Honor RR #1Emotionally for a month with a therapist that is supposed to be helping him instead she tells him everything is his wife s fault and he allows himself to be manipulated and asks her for a divorce after his wife sees his text messages The heroine tries to kill herself and it is a culmination of many things her loneliness
Because Of Her Husband 
of her husband deployments the fertility treatments to have a baby and then their baby s death We get the hero s POV he is devastated over what he has done He didn t leave her to be with the OW hell he admits he never wanted her but his counselling makes him see that somewhere along the way with his freuent absences and years of treatment he and his wife stopped communicating He works hard to win her back and make her see that she means the world to him I felt the book was too short though I did enjoy the author s style and the heroine s spunk with the doctor in the facility Very emotional book but it was very shorti wanted to read about what happened between themthe night of their fight when Derek lashed out which made Eva to take that stepThis story covered the recovery part of Derek Eva s marriage and her healthOverall i liked the book very muchRecommend it This was a nice little angsty book with the marriage in trouble trope I do think that the short length kept the story from going deep enough to resolve all the problems I thought the H did a good job of realizing his mistakes and he apologized but I wanted The fact that his purely emotional affair was with his therapist makes it easy for him to lay some of the blame at her feet and for The Reader To Forgive Him She Was reader to forgive him She was professional who took advantage of his vulnerability and exploited him But she could have just as easily been a neighbor or coworker that he confided in and then where would he be It just made it a bit too convenient to blame her yes she was evilI wish we could ve seen them talk through their issues especially the emotional affair The h gets a few good jabs in but we never see them hash it out It felt glossed overLastly I was annoyed with the way the author vilified therapists as control freaks who get off on manipulating and being controlling Yes there were good examples of therapists and nurses but we didn t need 2 jerky therapists in a 78 page book The author exceeded the The Prodigals Return uota of evil therapists to page count ratioOverall this was a nice angsty read with 2 MCs that I liked I m glad they got their glossed over HEA A veryick read but a book with a lot of triggers There was adeuate groveling but the OW situation was left only slightly resolved in the sense. Ed When his wife attempts suicide his superior officer recommends a military only health facility called RR Resort His wife is alive but can he heal the wounds that are tearing their marriage apar. ,

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