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The Evolution of Technology lOu would want to play it You get to walk around in cities doing ordinary things Yay All in all this was a fairly competent attempt to hold my attention Each of the ideas in the book could have been a central element in its own book or even series This is not a point in its favor though Every individual element in it has been done before and done better by other books and series even that of a story that takes place partially in an MMORPG It is not painful to read most of the time but I feelike all the ideas floating around crammed out things Objective PET Students Book with Answers [With CDROM] like story and characters with depth than a puddle in the middle of the Australian desert Doomed is a kick butt awesome young adult novel Iove the three main characters Doomed is told from Pandora s point of view but the two gorgeous *stepbrothers Theo and Eli are right by Pandora s side to protect her and help her save the world *Theo and Eli are right by Pandora s side to protect her and help her save the world yeah I ove these two guys help her save the world yeah I ove these two guys is dark and broody and Eli is a total charmer and both are seriously hot Tracy Deebs knocked my socks off with these fantastic characters their swoon worthy and fun banter and the action packed storyline Deebs writing style grabbed me from the first page Her way of telling a story reminded me so much of Rachelle Mead and Becca Fitzpatrick Yep Deebs writing talent is that awesomeIt s Pandora s seventeen birthday and her father who she hasn t seen or talked to her since she was seven has just sent her one heck of an email catching up for Matti In the Wallet lost time But even when Pandora unknowingly releases cyber Armageddon against the world there s still a silverining in this doom and gloom that woul booknook Young Adult book reviewsI was nervous about starting Doomed I m a computer nerd gaming nerd web design nerd and all kinds of internet geeky I wanted Doomed to rock my universe I wanted it to knock my pants off I was afraid that perhaps I had overhyped it for myself and that it would disappoint meWho was I kiddingDoomed RIPPED my pants off and Raised in Captivity left me buck naked hair blowing in the wind happy tears streaming down my face Cards on the freaking table DOOMED ROCKED MY NERDY GAMER WORLD Holy mother of computer hacking sex gods I was totally unprepared for the epic awesomesauceness of this book I m still completely wide eyed and in shock We have computer viruses that take over the world a strongikeable main character named PANDORA hello awesome a sweet smiley guy a strong sexy silent kickass hacker guy and one insane Greek mythology apocalypse game to beat Can you imagine a amazing book I cannotEvery single character in this book is absolutely AWESOME They re all so uniue and I ove them for different reasons Pandora book is absolutely AWESOME They re all so uniue and I ove them for different reasons Pandora I adore her name But also she s kind of uirky spunky but still has her HOLY SHIT meltdown moments Don t we all But she remains super strong and kickass throughout the entire book most of the time Her best friend Emily is the classic awesome sweet upbeat best friend character Those are my FAVOURITE Emily is only in the very beginning of the book but still she plays that role perfectly Then there are the guysFans selfI absolutely LOOOVE THEO He s the insanely smart techcomputer genius I Two Brothers, One Tail love tech nerds Iove Woman Much Missed love LOVE THEM My boyfriend is an amazing elite programmerweb developer so in some ways I feltike I was reading about my boyfriend Theo is some sort of accepted early into Harvard computer genius He s the strong sexy silent type who hides secrets of a dark sketchy past behind his conflicting eyes That my friends is sexyThis is what I do he answersPlay video gamesHe Why Americas Top Pundits Are Wrong lifts an eyebrow Hack systems Iook at him standing there in his button down shirt and khaki pants and can t imagine him as anything but a rule follower of the highest order I mean even his shoes are perfectly polished But then I make the mistake of meeting his eyes and they re not cold any Instead they re totally bad ass Filled with confidence and the thrill of the chaseIn some ways the story of Doomed reminded me of Ashfall and I totally wasn t expecting that But it makes sense In Doomed we have a complete technological blackout This causes complete mayhem chaos Citizen Cain looting pillaging murder and Pandora Theo and Eli are on the run from the FBIHomeland Securityetc but also have to watch out for people stealing their survival supplies crazy biker gangs andook five times at every intersection because the traffic Trail of Secrets lights don t work There s a complete breakdown of humanity Survival instincts really kick in to the point where people will so easilyeave someone else to die in order to save themselvesThe How to Train a Cowboy lines between black and white are blurring with every second we re on the road on the run until distinguishing the varying shades of grey has become next to impossible for me Fleeing the authorities breaking and entering stealing And even worse is the knowledge that there s nowhere to go but downAnd IN ADDITION to all that other craziness Pandora has to solve a puzzle She s driving from state to state trying to piece together clues that her fathereft behind for her It s an AWESOME combination of a real One Special Moment life adventure and gaming The two go completely hand in hand and she has to Us that plunges the whole world into panic suddenly there's no Internet No cell phones No trafficights hospitals or aw enforcement Only Pandora's Box a virtual reality game created by Pandora's father remains up and running Together with her neighbors gorgeous stepbroth. .

Ut them together in order to BEAT THE GAMEMy one criticism is with the game itself It s written exactly Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, like realife with characters talking touching each other and just acting as they would in the real world I felt The Mommy Makeover like it wasn t a very realistic representation of a game which isimited to keyboard and mouse movements I mean surely there isn t a keyboard command for Put hand on other character s The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives lower back andean in to speak but that s exactly the kind of thing that went on all the time Even though it wasn t very realistic at all it didn t bother me I got so immersed in the game that I mostly just pretended that it wasn t a game and that it was actually happening Then it stopped bothering meThis book is just so uniue on so many different A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, levels I was screaming and suealing with complete and utter joy and awe as I was reading itThe gaming AWESOMEThe main character HILARIOUSThe circumstances DEVASTATINGThe sexual tension HOTThe action scenes INTENSEDoomed called to the total nerd inside of me and did not disappoint me in the slightest until it ended I wanted I NEEDED I am fully prepared to start stalking Tracy Deebs on her Doomed book tour in January It s just THAT good I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination but I could easily envision my nephews and nieces getting trapped in this way Ioved the real world overlapping with the game and the mythological monsters found inside it I wouldn t mind a get away car trip with those boys They seem to have it all under control which is something I d reall The entire modern world is useless when every modern convenience has been turned inside out Our main character has family issues especially with her non existent father and when he sends her a birthday present that she opens on her computer she realizes it s not just photos that she s seeing it s a worm that has worked its way into the Internet that disables all technology Mass chaos ensues and if Pandora wants to save the world she has to play by the rules Beat the game and save the worldAs far as science fiction novels go I wanted to First Blood love this novel It screamed favourite to me when I read the description I m sad to say it wasn t what I expected I couldn t actually believe the world would go crazy after only 7 days of no technology It just seemed way too unrealistic Also I couldn t help but giggle when the characters would be in mortal dang Really 15 StarsTo see full review click here I received a free ARC of this book from Netgalley This has not affect my view of the book Doomed will be available for purchas Pandora is justike any other teen hooked to the Internet and spending way too much time on her aptop Her mum is barely around often than not on a business trip somewhere and she hasn t seen or heard from her dad in years That is until her What can I SAY ABOUT DOOMED OH YEAH THAT about Doomed Oh yeah that was freaking amazing The world that Tracy Deebs has thrown us into is a new and exciting one One where it is half a video game and half a real ife story but it is sometimes hard to tell the difference I really Men And Gods In Mongolia loved what Tracy put these characters through and all the twist and turns of the storyCover So I had the cover where it was actual people on it and I reallyoved that one It captured the story and showed the technological aspect of it too The new cover which I have no idea which one they will end up using is a power button with the shadow of a finger and that one kind of creeps me out in some unknown way Plot WritingThe writing was amazing as always She put us through so many twists and turns almost seamlessly and you never stopped guessing She really integrated the story of Pandora s Box really well and the use of what every kid has now some type or form of technology and what would happen if it suddenly died out That was a concept that was foreign to me and now with Doomed and the TV show Revolution it has been explored in different ways and both ways are very interesting to read and watchCharactersPandora was a very interesting character to say the Hunter Killer (Pike Logan least She was very driven and well due to her namesake curious She went on this adventure without knowing what the outcome would be and well it was interesting to see where it took her Pandora was one of those girls that you eitheroved or hated because of her personality and I Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, loved her She risked herife for this and she was brave Really really braveWhere did these boys come from Theo and Eli amazing That is all I can say about them For a while I thought they were some kind of god because it was a story about Pandora s Box and I wanted them to be gods but sadly they weren t They were just normal teenage boys with a really good sense of survival I had no idea how they managed all the things they pulled off in *The Book But The Somehow Did And *book but the somehow did and it was amazing I have no idea where they got these talents and they made them perfect Oh and Team Theo all the wayAll in AllI ove Tracy Deebs writing and stories and Doomed was no exception to the amazingness that is her story telling Doomed is reality meets cyber space and everything in between Pick up Doomed and you will not be sorry BLECH. Ers Eli and Theo Pandora must follow the photographs from her childhood in an attempt to beat the game and track down her father and rescue the world Part The Matrix part retelling of the Pandora myth Doomed has something for gaming fans dystopian fans and romance fans ali.

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Doomed Author Tracy Deebs35 starsHonestly I really just *have a few issues with book1 whole star was ost because our main *a few issues with book1 A whole star was Flying Scotsman Manual lost because main Pandora is an over dramatic childYes yes I understand you don t have Google and you can t text your bestie that you coincidentally forgot all about once you ditched her with the herd of cops homeland security and FBI agents2 Typical hate relationship between two completely different newly brought together stepbrothers that both oh so fell inove with our main characterrolls eyes3 I felt that there was a deeper secret about Theo and Eli not just the bland one the author gave us I needed a Alpha (Shifters, little insight in why Theo says to Eli I always clean up your messes What messes I was thinking the worst things possible but sadly the author seemed to forget about the whole dialogue And the the whole There s to Theo you don t know about that Eli said than once to Pandora 4 I never really understood the purpose behind the game I understand the reason the author gave but this all could have been done without the game 5 All the agents that were after Pandora view spoilerall died except Pandora Theo and Eli hide spoiler Please be advised that this review contains spoilers though I have tried to keep some big ones out You have been warnedThis is a fairly standard post apocalyptic novel in which the main character Pandora is faced with a world without the Internet communications advanced than radio or any of the amenities that first world countries deem necessary for survival with the help of her two oversized boy friends Eli and Theo Shortly after the catastrophe the Internet comes back online but the only thing that will work is a popular MMORPG Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game called Pandora s box who s name unsurprisingly is actually a play on Pandora s name Its creator designed a very complicated computer worm that would allow him to control everything hooked up to a computer the game was to be the means of ending his control while teaching a valuableesson to the people using up the planet s resources The phrase Beat the game save the world that flashes on the screen is an allusion to this For some reason society collapses after a matter of hours and rather than keeping a Whalerider level head and attempting to find the person responsible It isater revealed that the Pandora s Box Worm has hacked nuclear power plants which does give people something to be worried about but this is established after society has already gone nuts Pandora is tasked with ending the so called apocalypse by traversing the country Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex looking for clueseft to her by the person responsible for all the chaos While doing this she must also plant the seeds for a new future by completing trials in the game which symbolize the proper path the world should be taking Not that anyone would actually Graphic Design For Everyone listen to the madman who threatened the entire world by hacking nuclear power plants and threatening to blow up the world if they don t reform their ways As if this weren t bad enough there is a timeimit of ten days before the world goes nuclear so Pandora and her merry men must complete their tasks uickly This was probably put in to add a sense of urgency and give the characters something of an impossible challenge but I was sorely disappointed with the fact that the characters seemed to be singularly unchallenged I thought there would be some race to the finish that would end just in the nick of time As per story clich I assumed there would be one challenge per day but there turned out to only be about four and the final confrontation with the bad guy took place several days before the deadline making the urgency feel a Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, littleess urgent than it should haveI have a few complaints about this book the big ones being highly personal The first is that of the female protagonist This is a story told from a first person perspective so it was absolutely maddening to me that the person whose eyes you are stuck viewing the world through is utterly uninteresting often grasping plot points chapters after I had thought they were established to be obvious She is just pulled along by her big friends being almost completely useless My second complaint is the Sweetland love triangle I know Twilight madeots of money by portraying a rather forced Art of Laurel and Hardy love triangle but that doesn t mean that every book with a weak female protagonist has to cram one in One thing that really bugged me was that it wasn t even played out subtly It was obvious from the opening scenes which boy she would choose at the end My third complaint is also a taste issue During the segments in which Pandora was controlling an avatar in the game world the author kept using inconsistentanguage describing her feelings She kept describing how Pandora could feel whatever her avatar was feeling which is not even remotely how that works in real Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, life The only thing I could think of to explain it was that it was some sort of virtual reality machine which begs the uestion of how she managed to play while being chased by hungry dogs I also don t understand how it became the most popular MMO in the world because I honestly can t think of a reason Beat the game Save the worldPandora's an average teen glued to her cell phone andaptop until the day her The Intelligent Entrepreneur longost father sends her a The Summer of the Ubume link to a mysterious site featuring photos of her as a child Curious Pandora enters the site unwittingly unleashing a global computer vir.

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