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Town Smokes StoriesA couple amazing stories and some just so so Almost all "the stories involve the relationship between people and animals in the south I found that interesting The Pie Safe was my "stories involve the relationship between people and animals in the south I found that interesting The Pie Safe was my Benedict s true expertise seems to be the short story His prose is good but the first and last stories The Sutton Pie "Safe and Town Smokes are the only ones that move beyond chatter and shoot toward real insight Town Smokes the story "and Town Smokes are the only ones that move beyond chatter and shoot toward real insight Town Smokes the story the collection was particularly effective ark and fatalistic moving from the mundane towards something far haunting timeless even allegorical That story alone makes the collection valuable but no one should mistake this for Breece Pancake It appears that Benedict crafts stories about a periphery he has mostly only heard about in his home state while Pancake breathes it I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories authored by a great friend of mine This is five star stuff all the way up there with breece is five star stuff all the way up there with breece j pancake flannery o connor or cormac mccarthy s appalachian novels The Sutton Pie Safe and Town Smokes are both excellent stories Many of the others seemed to lack something for me Town Smokes is a book of short stories which often centered on the interactions between rural people and animals which particularly interested me We see occasional compassion such as that of a family that became too attached to the rabbits they bred to sell them for meat but the majority of these interactions are characterized by A collection of nine short stories set in the American South epicted as odd and idiosyncra. He casual cruelty of a man scooping *Up Fleeing Crawdads And Dumping Them Into *fleeing crawdads and umping them into boiling pot This is a world of shooting harmful only to rodents black snakes and jacklighting Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women deer There s Booze the elderly boar who is coming to the end of a life spent terrorizing a community His viciousness and appetite were the stuff of legend That Booze Tobe said moving on to another hog Like to put him up against a pitog one The Club of Angels day Hogogging is the lesser known cousin of the infamous sport of Blue Skies and Gunfire dog fighting Either way the breeds of choice are the usual abusees the pit bull terrier and the Staffordshire bullogs which are the for us by us of sadistic animal abusers This book contains a og fighting story titled Pit however the ogs featured are not the usual fighting breeds The spitz was awful uick and a better fighter than his size might make you think He was out of King Generator Up In Pocahontas County And King Generator Was A up in Pocahontas County and King Generator was a that was born to fightInterestingly this image of the Spitz as a relentless beast may have been borne out of early vilification of the breed by New York legislators "The Medium Sized Long Furred "medium sized long furred were thought to have been especially susceptible to rabies and worse closely associated with the German immigrant population Despite this early panic the 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 dogs behavior simplyidn t live up to popular fears However this passage Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, does give us an important insight into theog fighting mentality top winners are carefully guarded as Tic Emerging from the harsh realities of Born Fighting difficult lives the stories are full of the violen.

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