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T she needs He is only to happy to oblige So we have a budding xploration of mutual needs and desires threatened with forced separation through work completion Again I love the Englishness of this and the prior story Would love it to have been longer Portia Da Costa writes well and about topical kink and subjects she knows a lot aboutHas to be another 4 stars from meJust reread this short story and again I find it an motive story considering it s a short story it surprised me how much it imparts I yearned lusted laughed and criedGlad I reread it. Is Caught In The Act By William caught in the act by William the state's ruggedly handsome steward Can he give Maud another chance to xperience the pleasure she cravesThe highly anticipated seuel to Portia Da Costa's Chance of a Lifetim. I really njoyed this short story I thought the author fit a lot of story and a lot of sex into 32 pages I do think the blurbteaser describing the book was a little confusing I wasn t totally sure if I was buying a contemporary or historical set story And honestly for the first few pages I still wasn t sure if it was Set In The Past in the past present I think the author must still wasn t sure if it was set in the past or present I think the author must written it that way on purpose and it didn t bother me at all This is definitely a contemporary though and a I loved itVery good and very hot and it ven had a HEA which is a bo. The Chance of a LifetimeAgainIt's been a long time since Maud Piper has had a lover particularly one who can give her what she really wants the masterful hand of a strong powerful man The sting of pain that turns into. ,
Nus for me I definitely recommend it Saucy This is a follow on but independent short story to Chance of a Lifetime and although we now find that Christian and Rose are married and still njoying their spanking kink the main characters in this story are Maud a middle aged archivistlibrarian and William Greaves the states manager to the Maruis Here a chance observation a middle aged archivistlibrarian and William Greaves the states manager to the Maruis Here a chance observation memories of her own past love and fianc Then she finds William is observing her and helps her to her release Maud has the courage to be forthright and ask William for wha. Pleasure Only Maud's late fiancé had been able to SATISFY HER NOT EVEN WATCHING HER

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AT BLAYSTOCK Not ven watching her mployers at Blaystock the Maruis and Marchioness in their own rough love play brings her the release she longs for until she.
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