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Or should I say what good relationship ever lasts without a little fighting The times that Julie allows Rafe into her life shows the reader the potential for this family Tina Leonard did an amazing ob with this book and with these characters From the first page I was drawn into the never ending feud between the Callahan s and the Jenkins I also found myself wishing for the best for the rest of the Callahan family These boys have had a difficult past and they deserve the perfect women and the absolute perfect futureThis being the fourth book in the series does not matter I mean #Obviously You Would Know About The Callahan #you would know about the Callahan Jenkins families but there is no need to read the first three books to be able to read this one With non stop action and unending possibilities His Valentine Triplets by Tina Leonard takes first place in my heart This heartwarming American romance will leave you yearning for originally posted at Night Owl Reviews This book probably would have been enjoyable if I hadn t already read the next installment in the series I didn t realize then that it was part of a series this was book 4 I liked it but it was confusing in parts due to the somewhat mystery surrounding the Callahan family The book would make "sense if I read the first three books first and waited until after this book to "if I read the first three books first and waited until after this book to number 5 Anyway the hero Rafe Callahan made up for the confusion Who doesn t like a good looking cowboy who is also a romantic at heart I loved this book Rafe is a really cool guy and a typical Callahan He saw what he wanted Julie and he went after it He Didn T Mean didn t mean start with the babies first then the marriage but he was willing to work with it Julie was very loyal to her father but definitely had a blind spot where he was concerned I loved seeing Rafe take care of Julie and the babies when they arrived I also found Aunt Fiona s departure interesting I am definitely looking forward to all the secrets coming out The secret of the boys heritage was revealed in this book More conversation with the Chief raised some uestions I am beginning to have some suspicions but have to wait through two books for the answers I love Rafe but hate Julie Rafe deserved better all Julie did was bitch and whine and blame everything on Rafe when all he tried to do was make her happy Julie is a bitch and deserved to end up alone while Rafe deserved to end up with so one who deserved him. Lean cowboy But Rafe’s still a Callahan and if she says “I do” she’ll be dealing with an army of bad tempered in laws and out laws Rafe’s promised her it wouldn’t be forever ust until their baby girls are born. ,

200 pages of filler before the author finally decides the book is over and the characters are together now There s one perfunctory love scene near the beginning after that the two main characters spend most of the book apart telling other people why they can NEVER be together over and over It s needlessly repetitive and several of those scenes could ve been removed to make room for a little detail We know that Julie and Rafe both have dark hair that she s a udge and he works on his family s ranch and that they ve known each other most of their lives THAT S PRETTY MUCH THE SUM s pretty much the sum of what we learn about either of them With so little information about the main characters it s impossible to care whether or not their story ends happilyThere are some bizarre authorial choices too Rafe and Julie s first encounter takes place before the opening of the book for instance Presumably it happened in an earlier book in the series but why not put it in the book ABOUT Rafe Julie I d like to know for instance if they ever talked about the fact that she s a woman in her late 20searly 30s again no character detail at all who lives with her father and is still a virgin In addition no one seems to be that worried that the eponymous triplets arrive 25 35 months early I get that Leonard wanted them to be Valentine s Day triplets but why not ust make them due in February or March loved be Valentine s Day triplets but why not ust make them due in February or March loved the callahan brothers are sexy hot cowboys i cant wait for sams and onas books plus the "TWO NOVELLAS RAFE IS ONE OF "novellas Rafe is one of infamous Callahan Cowboys There has always been a war raging between the Callahan s and the Jenkins When the words I m Pregnant came out of Rafe s one and only love Judge Julie Jenkins mouth a slight breeze could have knocked him over Little did they know they were about to become the parents of not only one baby but THREE Hello TripletsNow Julie and Rafe have a long heated history These two are not prepared for what lies ahead in their futures but one thing is for sure The future is one thing that they are going to have to shareNow who doesn t absolutely love cowboys and babies Doesn t that ust warm your heart For me His Valentine Triplets was a true American romance I completely adored Rafe and Julie s relationship let alone the relationship Rafe has with his three beautiful babies Julie and Rafe s relationship isn t always on calm waters throughout this book but what relationship. Nd as for saving his family’s New Mexico ranch with three brothers married off Rafe’s in fourth place But that doesn’t stop the die hard bachelor from proposing feud or no feudJulie always had a soft spot for the long. .
Definitely a book that will put a smile on your face This book was such a disappointment I received it as a Harleuin gift on Valentines Day and am Aprendiz de Homero just getting around to reading it I had assumed it would be fairly light fare but had much higher expectations of the story My biggest issues were with the lead characters Rafe and Julie Maybe the first three books in the series may have had about their earlier encounter the story begins with them having already had one sexual encounter but that s no excuse to not develop them for their own story I learned nothing about these two other than what they were dealing with in the present Julie comes off as mean spirited and unintelligent she makes lots of uestionable decisions and Rafe though a really nice guy too affable to take seriously even though he s the thinking brother Next was all of the secrets that are still needing to be unearthed Rafe claims he s going to Ireland to confront his Aunt Fiona but never does nor do any of the other brothers The dialogue wasuvenile and I "tired of Julie s inability to think clearly and give the man "of Julie s inability to think clearly and give the man was willing to support his family and LOVE her a break It got to the point where I wanted to tell Rafe to runThis story had so much potential and it was suandered If I wasn t so committed to finishing books I would have ditched this one about halfway Needless to say but I will anyway I have no plans to read the earlier books or continue this series An entertaining book Their aunt has always been there for them When she suddenly returns to Ireland her adult bachelor nephews are left to run the ranch and even cook Now what can they do The hero has been sleeping with the heroine whom is also a Tourism judge and Bode s daughter She will be hearing the court case against her fathers claim and the Callahan brothers When she turns up pregnant the hero is shocked yet delighted He doesn t care about the ranch he isust in love with the heroine The heroine is frightened frightened of the hero the marriage her triplets and losing her father By the end of the book they both have it Together Pretty Well However pretty well However the heck is with the triplets names Gah The three J sI thought the book was alright certainly not as good as the first two but it was enjoyable at times At others it s been I read this for Heaving Bosoms It s pretty flimsy the characters are poorly fleshed out and there s not so much a plot as. You could knock Rafe Callahan over with a feather He and the very prim very proper Judge Julie Jenkins are having triplets Rafe doesn’t expect their precious news to end the bad blood between the Callahans and Jenkinses His Valentine Triplets

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