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Aby I loved this Story And I Now Want To Read and I now want to read last and the first one f I can find them I hope I do This was a great read Recently widowed hero needs a wife so she can take care of his baby girl Mollie has loved him since forever so she accepts his marriage proposal Her dream s that someday Deke will come to love her the way she loves him Sweet and romantic love story t warmed my heart and made me swoo. Arters the marriage s purely a business arrangement And now for the bargain price of one wedding ring Mollie has gone from bargain price of one wedding ring Mollie has gone from struggling student to wife and momHas she married a manor an employ. Instant Mommy

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Sweet romance The synopsis didn t sound Rock and Riot Volume 2 interesting but I read this book because of the reviews and I m glad I did It followed the usual mills n boon plot butt was better The heroine wasn t a doormat by any means and she was realistic about what she was getting herself nto We were given the hero s POV a few times which made him vulnerable and adorable I enjoyed this one even though t didn t have much ang. Recently widowed and burdened with a baby he can barely look at Rancher Deke Crandall's Life Deke Crandall's life capsizing
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when Mollie pounds on his door Deke realizes he's found the answer to his baby. ,
St After the death of his wife hero has to raise what he s has to raise what he believes s his kid cause his wife was sleeping with other men He wanted nothing to do with his baby and he marries the heroine just to keep house for him and to raise his daughter That s how t was going to be until he saw her and wanted her They have a short but sweet honeymoon where he get busy with her and she ends up pregger for his next Problem he just needs a new wife Easy peasyWhen Mollie was seven she decided that she wanted to marry Deke Thirteen years later she gets the proposal she dreamed ofwith some vast differences For st. ,
A Rift In The Clouds Persinette The Vulgate Cycle of the Holy Grail The Defeat of Paragon Lad

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